Vince McMahon Furious At RAW, Backstage Interviews From RAW & More is already selling the new Triple H “Tremble Before The Hammer” t-shirt that he debuted last night on RAW.

– Vince McMahon was irate backstage at Monday’s RAW when CM Punk gave John Cena a piledriver during the main event. The piledriver is a banned move in WWE and the only reason Vince did not take disciplinary action was because it was CM Punk and John Cena performing the move. Here’s a video clip of the spot:

– Matt Striker interviewed the Prime Time Players, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, backstage at last night’s RAW for a exclusive video. Young mentioned he’s been away for a while but now he’s back.

– Striker also spoke with Damien Sandow about his tag team match against The Undertaker at Saturday night’s WWE live event form Waco, Texas. Sandow acted shaken up and said he was still feeling the effects from facing the Dead Man.

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Brad Davis

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  • L@NCE

    these “sources” that say vince did this n vince said that love making these articles up every week dont they. seems like vince is angry dad.

    • Gallagher

      lol just been watching the simpsons on sky?

    • orton is god

      Its well documented and verifies by many superstars that vince is and angry dad and has banned the piledriver. Watch a mick foley interview…. or any shoot with any former wwe star. Plus when have you seen anyone do a piledriver? Yeah. Now go watch an indy match your garanteed to see a oioedriver brain buster and backbreaker in every match. Asshat.

      • L@NCE

        lol u can not read, where did i say the move wasn’t banned. idiot.
        Vince was happy with what was a great match I’m sure he was uneasy about the move but irate?nah

        good luck trusting all these articles though, guess you have been believing takers been retiring since 2005.

  • Reality

    The piledriver made the match even more awesome. And it was well executed. But if I were Vince, I’d be pretty pissed off too

    • dae

      Outside of ‘Taker and Kane, that move was banned?

      I must say, that was the match of the year on Raw, for sure… PPV quality!

      • Pozessed

        I thought that the Tombstone was able to do since like.. You have time to move up or down if you are on the receiving end of it since the guy just drops to his knees where as in a normal piledriver you have to estimate whether you are in the right position and the other guy jumps and lands on his ass so you haven’t got much time to adjust your position.
        That’s what I thought anyway.

        • Vince Alvarado

          the tombstone is banned, only taker and kane are allowed to do it since its part of their characters

      • dgaho

        Well I have noticed when they do it the persons head doesn’t even impact the matt. So maybe that’s why.

      • Hitmaniac

        The tombstone isn’t banned because it is much less dangerous. The receiving person’s head has to fall below the knees for them to be injured on a tombstone, and the person executing can control them with their back muscles. In a normal piledriver like that the head only has to go below the thighs, so an inch can in theory be fatal, and the giver is basically falling onto their arse, so they aren’t in a position to protect the other person if it goes wrong. The only reason the tombstone is banned for most people is because it’s Taker/Kane’s move, just like the GTS is only to be used by Punk.

        It;s not because it’s ‘Taker and Kane that they’re allowed to, it’s because they use a much less dangerous version of the move.

    • mrchopper

      Piledriver vs. Powerbomb. Or was it Piledriver vs. Hurricantrana?

      • willie smith

        who use to use the Frankensteiner

        • Abz

          ken shamrock i believe

        • Ronald J Riffle

          Who use the Frankensteiner????? My guess is Scott Steiner lol

        • mrchopper


  • Spike_Spiegel

    Cm Punks a pro. Im sure hes done it plenty of times and trust Cena.knows how to take one. If its coming from your veterans Vince should chill. These guys were just trying to put on a good match.

    • essinodub

      very well said… I personally enjoyed it… I got out of my seat on the piledriver

      • YOUR_MOM

        how many times have i told you not get out of the toilet seat. there is small turd lying on the toilet floor. put it back

        • brucelee321

          Nugget! Nugget!

    • Jason Kaetzel

      Own Hart and Steve Austin were veterans too…

    • tiran66

      History has shown that it doesn’t matter if your a pro or not. Owen broke Austin’s neck with a piledriver and noone can dispute that Owen was one of the most technically sound wrestlers of all time. That being said I loved the piledriver spot. I understand the need to ban such a potentially dangerous move but it added so much to that match. On another note Vince needs to calm down. Taker and Kane bust out the Tombstone a few times a year and I don’t recall seeing any news on a Vince freakout over that.

  • NWO blood

    Raw was actually good this week. An the Piledriver was the icing on the cake

    • Leonard Jackson

      Oh yes raw was good this week. Piledriver!!! Piledriver!!! Piledriver!!! And BLOOOOOOOOOD !!!!!

      • Darren King

        Don’t forget HHH shitting himself…huehuehuehue

        • scootaloo

          As long as you’re aware that it was from his entrance and not actually him shitting himself.

        • Leonard Jackson

          Hahaha yeah

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I call BS. I just don’t get the logic here behind banning moves like the piledriver when you have other moves performed that aim at the head. The Great Shit has his little chop to the head. Big show has is punch. Rey has his 619 that could in fact do damage if done wrong. I mean the list goes on and on.

    • shooka4768

      Well all those moves are fake (as you should know) the piledriver can potentially brake someone neck,thats the reason Stone Cold broke his neck

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Yeah, If the top of your head smacks the mat, you’re through, basically.

      • Vince Alvarado

        like stop his neck? like car brakes? how would he stop the neck?

  • Stephen Wadelin

    Bullshit story.

  • 5er

    I thought is was pretty cool seeing some new moves from these 2.

    I figured the Piledriver was alluding to Punk’s possible match with the Undertaker at WM.

  • Tad Govey

    Cena’s hurricanrana was priceless!

  • qwertyboy619

    More chance of Cena breaking his own neck botching a hurricanrana (?) than from Punk piledriving him.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Lol I give Cena props for trying something new though.

      • Pozessed

        Definitely, when he faces somebody like Punk I think he is forced to try something new otherwise he would be outshined. Hopefully he continues to try new stuff.

        • IKeepsit100

          YES! i thought the same shit

      • JonzoNYC

        Have to disagree. He did that terrible Cena-Can’t-Rana to Ziggler at TLC and it looked terrible than as it did Monday. Cena’s the worst

        • noname guy

          oh shut up what a hater. Even if Cena does new moves you still don’t give him credit. I’m not a Cena fan but I give him credit for trying something new, you on the other hand would probably hate him no matter what. You’re one of the IWC rebels aren’t you

  • Zach Darrah

    piledriver banned? what is this? A 1970’s Jerry Lawler match?

    • Randy James Crawford

      Jerry “The King” Lawler is allowed to use it.

      • haywire

        Stop misinforming people you idiot. If he were allowed to do it, he would have actually done it in his only Wrestlemania match or even in his match with CM Punk.

  • Roger Penland

    idk why he was so pissed, i figured McMahon would be more against Lesnar being busted open. this whole show was great, only because of the opening, and main event. loved it.

  • Stranger

    Is it really banned? that sucks…

    • newsflash

      It has been for years.

  • AVPredator4985

    I thought the piledriver was AWESOME! it’s nice to have some nostalgia on RAW every once in awhile

  • who me???

    5 star match loved it

  • JuanCabrera

    I would be more worried about the John Cena hurricanrana/frankensteiner because he always seems to be landing on the back of his neck or very near it.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    The only thing that was bad about that match was Cole calling the crossface the STF, a very bad call

    • SOBI

      how could he call it the crossface when The “Guy” who called it that orignally ,doesnt even exist according to wwe.

      • Randy James Crawford

        Yeah but he never came up with the move in the first place the man who taught him the move was Dean Malenko so he could have called it the Crossface the move Dean Malenko invented.

        • raVen

          of course the way cena does it..or doesn’t do it really, there is NO reason to associate it with either Dean or Chris.
          Cena does a stfu, it should not be called anything else because it’s not anything else. just like the peoples elbow isn’t an elbow drop cause it looks fucking terrible and has zero impact.
          Cena couldn’t do a cross face if he was paid to

      • Oreial

        its so stupid, benoit was a legend. like in the ring he was, im not alluding to the other bad things he did, he was a wrestling legend

      • butterpecs

        There never was anything wrong with saying “Crossface” after the Benoit incident, but saying “Crippler Crossface” on the other hand is banned for sure since it’s a direct reference.

  • cena still blows

    Another “4 star” cena match … he has a long match with a good wrestler carrying him and gets over by doing sloppy moves and lots of false finishes…. entertaining match but still not technically good. And never a flawless 5 star perfect match for cena. Daniel bryan vs punk maybe.

    • cena still blows goats

      But that piledriver was amazing. Im surprised cena didnt take it sloppy.

  • JamieEvsxx

    wait the piledriver’s banned?…I swear Taker and Kane use it?…=S

    • haywire

      That particular version isn’t banned, and isn’t nearly as dangerous.

      • JamieEvsxx

        I didn’t actually realise there were 2 different versions tbh…yup, my attention to detail sucks tbh lol…=P

    • scootaloo

      Have you ever noticed that when they perform the tombstone piledriver that the opponent’s head rarely ever comes close to touching the ground? Not even the same move.

      • Randy James Crawford

        it is the same but at the same time it’s different verison of it.

        • Hershey Maxwell Barber

          Tombstone is a lot safer of a move.

        • rayearth


        • Reality

          no wonder some people mock you on this website….

      • JamieEvsxx

        I noticed that before but I didn’t notice there was a slight difference between the tombstone piledriver and the piledriver Punk used until now tbh (my attention to detail isn’t great tbh lol)…=P

  • Trevor

    Punk and Cena don’t give a fuck. They run that shit in a small way. Not totally of course.

  • Juan Sobalvarro

    it’s banned becauuse owen hart use it on stone cold years ago and broke his neck they saw it was too much much danger

  • Jason

    All of you are blood thristy morons.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Piledriver made the match for me… . until Cena pulled out the predictable upset. That match was great, but that ending was weak. I was hoping for something that would’ve let us see a triple threat at Wrestlemania… that would at least redeem the main event at Wrestlemania IMO.

    Now I have no reason to tune into Wrestlemania 29. HBK/Lesnar 2 (yawn; because their last match was so entertaining) Cena/Rock 2 (yawn) Del Rio/Swagger (double yawn) and still no word on the deadman? Yawn. Without a Money in the Bank match, I don’t care what they put on this year’s card, it just ain’t worth the money or time.

    • Jesse Johnston

      Didn’t know Shawn Michaels was coming back to face Lesnar… Thought it was HHH…

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Oh noes, I spelled the wrong assclown’s acronym. I fixed it, sorry to upset your Asperger’s.

        • G.I.R.L.

          LOL this was funny.

        • Jesse Johnston

          No problems man — sorry to interrupt your feggatry.

    • Randy James Crawford

      You just suck if you don’t know that Triple H vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam was their first time facing off, as well as The Rock vs John Cena it was their first time, matches are usually alot better in rematches, so don’t judge because of their first matches and Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger will be awesome, and you must not be a real fan because if you were you would know that Undertaker is never healthy but he always makes it to Wrestlemania, and a MITB Match doesn’t make sense when Dolph Ziggler is already Mr. MITB.

      • raVen

        you don’t think big time matches get a walk thru before the big show?
        it wasn’t their first match, it was too old, no chemistry, and god-ah.
        also mitb makes perfect sense becasue ziggler has to cash in by the nights end and the stipulation for mitb is you get a title shot up until mania when the contract is void.
        aka having it at mania gives you one full year to cash in

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Oh you’re an Asspie too, huh?

        What’s it matter if it was their first match or not, HHH vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam was fucking boring. I doubt a rematch will be any better.

        And Rock vs. Cena 2. Twice in a lifetime? Not what I want to see. Sure it will probably be the money maker match, but I’m tired of Cena’s quest for gold. He’s held the WWE Championship so many times he’s literally tarnished it’s meaning.

        Del Rio is a bore, Swagger is a snore. Their match will be painfully hard to watch. The storyline around it is a unique take on America vs. Foreigner, but Del Rio hasn’t sold me as a face yet, and Swagger hasn’t sold me on being more than a Mid-Card talent. Nothing to see here.

        And if Undertaker is going to be at Wrestlemania, then they’ve already lost plenty of opportunities to start building up any match.

        Personally I don’t see why Undertaker should comeback at all, I doubt they can round out his streak with a better number than 20-0. 21-0? 22-0? No other star will break that record, not for at least a few decades, and he won’t make it to 25-0 so why keep pushing the old man?

        And I don’t believe for a second that the WWE would end the streak for anybody. They’re going to keep that legacy untainted.

        As for a MitB match. What are you, New? The MitB match was a long time centerpiece of Wrestlemania, it’s only recently that it’s become its own PPV. My point’s have apparently all gone over your head.

  • coldfront14hit

    that match was better than all of the other cena vs punk matches

    • Stranger

      I wouldn’t go that far. Their money in the bank match was a masterpiece. The match quality was great for 30 minutes, had more drama, also had an amazing crowd, had more on the line…

      But the Raw match was incredible nonetheless.

  • Shut your pie hole

    I enjoyed the Cena/Punk match, but since I’ve seen it before I wasn’t as into it. Once I seen Cena deliver a powerbomb, I was more invested. Seeing Punk do the piledriver made me smile as I happen to like that move. Vince being angry about it is shit. This is the same guy reported to be fed up with seeing Cena and Punk face off when the two of them know each other well enough to put on a good match as we seen last night.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    I was damn glad to see that move again. Very happy Punk can defy the rules and still have a job. lol

  • G.I.R.L.

    Can Taker still perform the move? I mean, it is his defining finisher. Knowing that they can get away with it, Cena and Punk should test the waters a bit more.

    • Sisisi!

      Kane and Taker have special permission I believe.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Yes since it’s a Tombstone Piledriver he can use it.

    • MissyH316

      I think Taker can pretty well do what he darn well pleases – and I don’t say that lightly. GIven his tenure, his status, his company loyalty, and his popularity, as well as his excellent professionalism and well-earned respect, I think he’s probably more than earned the WWE’s trust in his judgement.

      Besides, I don’t know that he’s ever injured anyone with his Tombstone Piledriver; he does it very precisely. Now when Kane first came on the scene, I always though his Tombstone Piledrivers were done somewhat sloppily in comparison and was concerned that HE might injure someone. But no – if *I* had to ever take a piledriver, little ol’ me, I’d trust no one else to do it but The Undertaker. :-)

  • Hotskull

    hmmmmm McMahon irate……. i thought it was a nice way to set up the undertaker and punk match at wm…… i love punk segment all nice set up to the match and with the piledriver like that other guy said icing on the cake!

  • raVen

    wrestling is supposed ot be power bombs pile drivers hurricaranas and blood dammit!

  • raVen

    to you morons that don’t understand why the piledriver is banned watch
    owen hart vs steve austin.
    a piledriver from two of his most trusted workers almost put austin in a wheel chair and wwe in the dirt.
    yes owen hart is the reason wrestling is shit. he is the reason cena does the wwe main eveter 5moves of doom. why we don’t see high impact moves liek power bombs piledrivers etc more often. owen hart is to blame

  • Y2J

    Vince can try to fight it all he wants, but this is proof that in the end people just wanna see great wrestling matches.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Hopefully Vince realizes we wanna se more matches of this caliber in the future

  • Mike C

    if u wanna know why the tombstone isnt banned, check wrestlemania 8, Taker didnt even let jake the snake hit the ground, it can be easily done without hurting someone….a piledriver is too dangerous just ask stone cold about that owen hart summerslam 97 botch

  • Landry Reavis

    Vince should b furious to what to do with sheamus

  • yes

    Okay I kinda miss JR commentating now.

  • dadda

    Cole and Lawler marking the fuck out to the piledriver really sold it too

    • GMpunk

      I also “marked out” for such a classic move!

  • comic_book_fan

    vince was thinking damn it they had a real wrestling match and king and cole called the match and not talked about twitter every other word now fans might expect this every week.

  • dizzle24

    by far the worse match in raw history

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    The piledriver was f’n awesome to see again. I can see why he wants it banned but, if you’re gonna ban the piledriver, ban the tombstone too. It’s basically the same f’n thing.

  • Dan Kincaid

    I would have assumed that was approved before they did it, the fact that it wasn’t is hilarious

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    ” I don’t want anyone to hurt my precious Cena before mania, so NO piledrivers” Sincerely, Vince…….blah blah blah