Vince McMahon Injury Update, Jericho To Work House Shows, Jackson Update

– has posted an update on the status of Vince McMahon’s “injury” following the F-5 he took at the hands of Brock Lesnar on RAW. After reporting that he broke his hip, the company website is now saying he will undergo surgery as a result of the injury.

– With Chris Jericho expected to be a regular part of WWE television through WrestleMania 29, he’s currently scheduled to work live events as well.

– WWE NXT trainer Joey Mercury has joined Twitter and can be followed at @WWEMercury.

– Injured WWE superstar Ezekiel Jackson noted on Twitter that he’s been using Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPYOGA program as he trains for a WWE return. He once again told his followers that he’ll be back soon.

– Rey Mysterio was backstage at Monday’s RAW.

* Picture of CHRIS JERICHO’s Huge New Tattoo

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Brad Davis

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  • Late Train

    “I’ve missed seeing Ezekiel Jackson on WWE TV” – No One Ever.

  • Pozessed

    Jericho is a guy that truly loves wrestling. He deserves the most respect out of the legends… He returns and commits himself to the company and puts the new guys over. This is why I put Chris Jericho above The Rock.


      and works house shows!

      • Jacob Rael

        something you will never see the rock do


          if you smellllllllelelelelelelelllll…what the Dwayne…is COOKIN.

        • fatneal

          i wouldnt either if i was gettin paid 5+ million per movie…not worth the risk….y2j band fozzy isnt greenday lol that band probably only gets 50k a show lol…so he can afford an injury


          • Jacob Rael

            He needs to be all in or not in at all all those people at the house shows wont be getting a wwe title match just because the rock has to film crappy movies

    • TheKillingMoon

      Chris Jericho has always been way better than the people’s ass in more than 1004 ways. It’s a no brainer.

  • Pay_Per_View

    Is symptoms of steroids injury’s? lol

  • KAZ

    Most people forgot about Jackson… he’s such a non factor it’s not even funny. And I’m glad Jericho is back, he shocked me big time.. because I had no idea he would have anything to do with WWE at all for a very long time. It’s weird and interesting at the same time seeing him back.. but it’s great! Y2J!!

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Chris Jericho is indeed a teacher at this point of his career.

  • Craig DeBoard

    Ezekiel Jackson is still employed?!?!? If WWE were smart they’d put him with Big E Langston in a tag team. Just two big rough and brutal guys plowing their way through their opponents like the APA or Legion of Doom did.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I like Jericho’s commitment, something i feel is need from Rock. Not downing him since i know he wants his appearances/matches to be special events and such but it’s simply not possible as a champion. If he wants his matches to special and dream matches, WWE should book him that way. Treat him like Taker. Taker does one match a year, which is usually the MOTY. Treat Rock like that. Only use him at the big PPVs (Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania) and book dream feuds/matchs in which he puts over young talent or the occasional nostalgic match like Stone Cold vs Rock 4. Please don’t end his WWE career for good after Cena. Rock still has plenty of talent and is in great shape, we can still get lots of matches out of him before he retires. Matches i’d like to see sometime:

    Rock vs Dolph Ziggler <— Dolph should be heel and should win barely proving he's the future peoples champ

    Rock vs Randy Orton <— Orton as a heel

    Rock (Heel) vs HHH (Face) <— HHH claims Rock doesn't love WWE, Rock (heel) still says this is his life, everyone just turned on him. HHH should lose

    Rock vs Brock <— Rock gets revenge

    Rock vs Shawn Michaels <— Once in a lifetime, Shawn wins