Vince McMahon Legitimately Having Hip Surgery, WrestleMania 30 Location, McGillicutty

– WWE announced this week that Vince McMahon will be undergoing hip surgery as a result of Brock Lesnar giving him an F-5 on RAW. Vince has had a bad hip for several months and will legitimately undergoing surgery soon.

– WWE will be officially announcing the location of WrestleMania 30 in February around the time of Elimination Chamber. It’s almost a lock that the show will be taking place from the Superdome in New Orleans, which currently has an indoor attendance record of 73,043 for a New Orleans Saints game.

– The Rock tweeted last week that WWE superstar Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig) was his training partner for the Royal Rumble. Both The Rock and Triple H are strong proponent of the third generation star.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

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    • WWEFan4Life

      This isnt youtube

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        Way to make yourself look like a bigger dipshit

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          only for you bro <3

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    No he won’t. It’s a work.

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      your comment is a work.

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        Your comment is a waste of 18 perfectly good letters.

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          what a good man you are. defending your lover even tho his comment was stupid. good man, good man.

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          Your mothers face is a waste of dozens of money shots

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        I meant his injury via Brock was a work. He needed time off for surgery anyway.

  • Deante320

    Funny Michael trains those guys yet WWE is not pushing him….ok

  • NWO blood

    why cant wrestlemania 30 be in MSG?

    • Darkness

      Attendance Attendance Attendance. Living In NY I wish but MSG holds what about 15-20K people these stadium holds 10 of thousands more

    • Brandon Sco??


    • GodsLoyalSon

      One building holds 20K the other can hold close to 75K. There’s more money in football stadiums then basketball arena.

      • Clare McFadden

        Madison Square Garden is a LOT more than a Basketball arena! they host Hockey, concerts, and The Circus there. Also, they have a dog show I think

    • omega riddler

      1. More money in a stadium
      2. somewhere between wrestlemania 19, 20, 21, Vince wanted to go back to stadiums
      3. They would be in New York twice

    • BallsMahoney

      MSG is lame

      • Clare McFadden

        excuse me? MSG is NOT lame! if it wasn’t for MSG I don’t think WWE would be as world renowned as they are.


      because it only seats 20,000 people and msg already has survivor series

  • Jack McCurry

    They said in the True Story of Wrestlemania after 22 that Vince wanted to go to just stadiums from then forward for Wrestlemania

  • Steve

    McGuillicutty is a solid inring worker, it is a shame, that he has no charisma. That is probably the main reason he has not been pushed. 15 years ago he would have been a solid tag-team wrestler, but nowadays tag teams are same as jobbers most of the time.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      WWE hasn’t really given him the chance to do anything so it’s kind of hard to judge .Ryback isn’t that charasmatic but look where he’s at

  • LemonPopp

    McGuilicutty! I can’t wait to see him go to work. Future champ, without a doubt. I’m glad to see that he’s well recognized. As for Wrestlemania, I still wish it could’ve came to the Rogers Center in Toronto in 28. But oh well, it should be in MSG, keep it’s 10 year trend.

    • Ryan Walker

      He needs to change his ring name though. Not very catchy or memorable to the people who don’t know him very well.

      • Cyber Criminal

        He also need to change that noob hairstyle, not to mention the ugly beard…..his lower-half of head looks bigger than upper-half because of it.
        It isn’t related to Wrestling, but just for personality-sake

    • Meh

      Born and raised in NYC but the Garden isn’t large enough. It’s awesome for Raw because the crowd is always loud, but for Mania it’s small.

  • Felice G

    “Both The Rock and Triple H are strong proponent of the third generation star.”

    Yeah thats why McGillicutty has gotten such strong exposuresince his NXT debut…..if HHH really liked him he’d be midcarding every week….

    Oh and BTW – Kurt Hawkins trained the Rock for his WM28 match. Lot of good that got him too.

    Fuck up dirtsheets.

    • Mr 561

      We didn’t say he’s destined to be WWE Champion because of The Rock & Triple H being fans of his, but it’s a fact

      • Felice G

        Whats your source that HHH likes Joe Hennig?

        “An insider” doesnt count….

        • Mr 561

          We have many sources that work in WWE, wrestlers and members of the creative team. Revealing sources isn’t exactly good journalistic practice

          • Felice G

            Neither is constantly making up news and spreading rumors when you actually have nothing.

            How dare what you do you call Journalism

  • Frank


  • Frank


  • Holliezboy5711

    I want it to be in Pittsburgh, but that will never happen.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Too bad they couldn’t get Jerry’s world in Dallas for it. That stadium can hold 108k people.

    • BallsMahoney

      Did I ask you to speak…?

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Did it look like I gave a fuck?

        • BallsMahoney

          Next time you open your mouth without my permission get your facts straight little girl. 105,000 is the most ‘Jerry’s World’ has held in the past, you imbecile. The extra three thousand you must of pulled from your ass along with your boyfriends sauseege.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

   that’s why you said what you said earlier? Because of a stat you can’t get correct? The stadium can hold 108k people when counting standing room. But, that doesn’t even matter. 90k, 100k, 120k, what difference does it make? Don’t worry. I dont expect you to actually comprehend that shit so keep on trolling and making a fool out of yourself :)

          • askbillmitchell

            and before you open YOUR mouth…. make sure you don’t miss important facts like oh the 2010 NBA All Star Game which just happened to take place at Cowboy’s Stadium and the attendance was 108,713.

      • Mr 561

        You will be banned if you continue talking shit. We’re on a troll killing rampage today and this is your only warning. Don’t talk sh*t to the other readers. Comment on the articles, engage in discussions, but don’t be a dipsh*t your you’re gone.

  • wwetnadudez

    I guessed it would be, kinda a lucky guess but since it is 30 guess I’ll be heading there because it most likely will be a big card.

  • DX FAN

    so sad nobody talk about vince :(

  • KevinW

    With the brand new stadium with all the flashy high end things like those HUGE big screens, I’m surprised WWE and Jerry Jones haven’t contacted each other for a Wrestlemania at the Cowboys stadium.

  • Arafat Zardeh

    Why can’t you do wrestlemania at the Dallas cowboys stadium

    • Dwaylon Bledsoe

      The reason is all the big events happen at cowboys stadium is around Wrestlemania time and hard for WWE to plan a Wrestlemania there right now.

  • Nelson Carvalho

    its just my opinion but i think wwe should go for a bigger stadium that can hold about 100k (michigan stadium,beaver stadium,cowboys stadium and others). Just the number 30 is a significant number.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Make him Joe Perfect and make him similar to his dad. Give the kid a chance instead of him doing nothing…

  • Muzza

    Wembley stadium…. Capacity: 82,000

    plus seats on the pitch. looking at close to 100k

  • BallsMahoney

    New York is Americas asshole

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    I paid tribute to Joe Hennig father and will continue to do so throughout the month of February. He appreciate what he saw so far. Someday he deserves a name change and gimmick.

  • Brad Wilmoth

    They need to host wrestlemania in my hometown of Bristol Tennessee. It’s one of the fastest NASCAR half miles and can hold 160k people.