Vince McMahon Suffers Broken Pelvis, RAW Social Media Score Up 87%

– Monday’s WWE saw a huge spike in social media activity. RAW Roulette from Las Vegas, Nevada had a social media score of 389,815, up a staggering 87% from the previous week. RAW matched the social media score from the recent 20th Anniversary RAW (389,756) and ranked #1 on cable for the first time this year.

– has provided a storyline update on the injuries sustained by Vince McMahon at the hands of Brock Lesnar on RAW. The WWE Chairman reportedly suffered a “broken pelvis” in a storyline that will undoubtedly lead to Triple H’s return to television.


It’s worth noting that Stephanie McMahon also at Monday’s RAW from Las Vegas and was one of the people accompanying Vince McMahon to the back while he was stretchered out after the show went off the air.

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Brad Davis

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  • Holliezboy5711

    why do they do a stupid fake injury angle for HHH to come back

  • Ace

    Instead of triple H returning I wish we could hear “Here comes the money” Shane Mcmahon returning to avenge his father, but hey Shane has moved on!

    • Seth Bob

      ching ching bling bling

    • Roger Penland

      I would pop huge for that, but i don’t see it happening ever.

      • pwnez

        Shane found success outside of the WWE, he’ll never go back lol. Good for him though.

    • Steve

      i think a lot of us would like to see Shane return for a surprise visit, but as i understand he had some falling out with Vince buisnesswise and he will never be back :(


      i like how the headline insinuates that because he has a broken pelvis the media score went up 87% hell, Kurt Angle should raise the media score 3000% with his broken freakin neck!!!

  • jccox01

    They always pull the injury card. Even whenever someone does their finisher on someone or just kicks them around a bit, they’ll be like “omg i think they broke his back, this is so serious!!!!”

    • cenasucks

      it is a more believable story when its a 65 year old man

  • Nelson Carvalho

    raw #1 cable show last night.the show sucked.i was disappointed since it could have been really promising show.the only parts i liked was punk and rock, chris jericho,mcmahon and heyman and the shield «killing» cena ryback and sheamus.

  • Orestis

    1 go to google translator

    2 type broken pelvis

    3 watch the 1st image

    4 Puke… (just thought i might comment that) :P

  • nightmare from hell

    the only question that’s running in my head is who will The Undertaker face at Wrestlemania

    • Roger Penland

      i’m gonna say punk. or Ryback, if they don’t put Ryback up against The Big Show.

    • Darren King

      Hmm… good qs, I’d say… Rock, Brock & SCSA in a FATAL 4 WAY!

  • 7 year old boy

    Just goes to show that the Rock being the champion does draw MASSIVELY!

    • wwetnadudez

      Or Lesnar returning..o.O

      • J Rashad Davis

        Or both! o___o

        • wwetnadudez

          Dudeeee…Mind = Fu*ked!

  • morrisonfanone

    I think they mean Vince “suffered” a “broken pelvis.” It would be amazing to hear someone got legit hurt.

  • EasilyDuped

    There’s not an iota of doubt in my mind that his injury is completely legitimate.