Vince McMahon Wanted To Fight UFC President Dana White At WrestleMania 27

UFC President Dana White did an interview with Canada’s RDS sports network to hype tonight’s UFC pay-per-view and revealed that WWE Chariman Vince McMahon once proposed that the two of them fight.

Radio host (and former NHL player) Denis Gauthier, Jr. asked Dana White who he thought would win in a steel cage match between him and McMahon. That’s when Dana White revealed that the half-joking scenario almost came to fruition a few years ago:

“Let me tell you something, and I’ve never said this before ever in any interview anywhere. If Vince hear’s this, he’s going to go nuts. Vince is too old, which he won’t think he is, and he’ll go crazy. And he wanted to [fight] one time.”


“Vince wanted to fight me. Swear to God. Called me up and said, “Let’s do it.” We can either do it in the UFC, or let’s do it at WrestleMania. And I said, “You are crazy.”


“I always have said it, and I’ll say it again; I respect Vince very much. But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed that McMahon wanted to fight Dana White at WrestleMania 27 back in 2011, in what would have been billed as co-main event, along with The Miz vs. John Cena.

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  • comic_book_fan

    vince would have kicked his ass lol.

    • Andrew Campbell

      …or broken his hip lol

    • Dan Kincaid

      not a chance

      • Dan Kincaid

        the person who disliked that was Vince

    • The Guest

      Actually, Dana has a boxing backgeound. I know you’re a fan of WWE and all, but Dana would have won this “fight” with out a doubt. Vince is an aged man and has no fighting background or training. If it would have happened, Dana would have taken it seriously and he has access to the best trainers in the world.

      • Don

        Their fighters are not the best in the the world.

        • Lexingston Steele

          Pretty sure the UFC are the best fighter in the world, you muppet.

      • Daniel Delvecchio

        If Vince fights the way he wrestles…. he’s in trouble.

      • cm2012

        AND even if it were not a shoot. Vince would set it up to get his ass kicked regardless… for business’ sake


        agreed that Vince is old, but he was a state wrestling champion, no matter how long ago

    • Darren

      Either way, it would have been better than Cena vs Miz. =)

    • Daniel Delvecchio

      Or made him kiss it.

  • Puppet H

    Geez Vince, you would have gotten your ass kicked. Will Dana even allow you to script his loss though?

  • General Disarray

    Vince would kick Dana Whites bald headed ass.LOL

  • IKeepsit100

    I think vince would have came out victorious..

  • Andrew Campbell

    Dana is right, Vince is too old to be fighting anyone. This is a guy who tore both of his quads whilst trying to climb into the ring on a episode of RAW many years ago.

    I still would’ve loved to have seen this fight though.

    • Christopher Negron

      actually it’s from trying to slide into the ring at the royal rumble, he smacked both knees on the ring causing him to tear his quads

  • Randy James Crawford

    In a real fight a healthy Vince McMahon would win but if it’s scripted then Dana White would win just like Donald Trump did lol.

  • Kris Mystery

    Dana White is a real fighter. Street fighter from his earlier days and trained in jiu jitsu. Vince McMahon is a body builder. No contest here. Dana White would demolish him.

  • Seachai Chan

    Yes Vince, you would win.. or even have torn him apart.

  • Nightmare

    Vince would win no chance in hell Dana couldn’t even hold his strap. l0l

    • mr meow

      is it hard to hold a jockstrap?

  • Steve Williams

    Never mix a scripted soap opera with real combat sports

    • qwertyboy619

      Speaking from experience Dr. Death?

      • Progress_Now

        that’s Stone Cold.

  • qwertyboy619

    Vince would tap out on the way to the ring / octagon with pulled quadriceps.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Actually, Dana’s background in aerobic boxing. He hasn’t been in a fight since he was a kid(words from his mouth). Let Dana fight so he’s finally legit. I’d still put my money on Vince.

    • Kris Mystery

      Dana White was a brawling bellhop. When he worked at the Boston Harbor Hotel in his early 20s, he and other hotel employees used to settle their problems with their fists. “We would argue about tips all the time. So we used to go into the bellman’s closet and punch it out until we decided who was right and who was wrong.”…………. White certainly didn’t mind street fights in his early years. “He’s always been very tough,” Joe Cavallaro, a former boxer and friend of White’s reinforced in an MMAFitness article. “I think Dana could have fought pro. . . He’s got a real nice jab, and there’s nothing you’re gonna do to outgut him.”

  • Scott Kinnard

    And you all need to realize that Dana is a talker. He acts all tough. My cousin use to do PR stuff with UFC and said Dana was a tough guy until someone got in his face.

    • Daniel Delvecchio

      As most high ranking officials who make millions of dollars are. Who wants to get sued over a fight?


    wwe is a retirement package for ufc fighters……once they can’t handle REAL fighting, they go to the PRETEND fighting

  • 1991awest

    WrestleMania 27 could’ve definitely used that match. It had such a weak card.

  • darkness

    Vince knows he has HHH to back him up

  • TheUndertakerFan

    Vince Would of owned Dana White, Dana WHite is a Fucking Idiot, Doesnt want his to watch UFC

    • Kris Mystery