What Happened After Monday’s WWE RAW

After tonight’s WWE RAW in Lafayette ended, Cody Rhodes came to the ring to look at the new WWE Title belt.

The Rock picked on Cody’s mustache and asked several fans at ringside if he should get a look at a Rock Bottom. Cody gets back on the mic and says he made a mistake.

Cody ended up taking a Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow. The Rock grabbed the new WWE Championship belt and celebrated with it to end the show.

* Several PICTURES of the NEW WWE Championship Belt

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ImW33Z

    At least WWE allowed Rhodes in the ring at the same time as the “almighty” Rock.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure


  • TheUndertakerFan

    How come raw doesnt show this stuff that pisses me off

    • A Paul Heyman Guy

      Because they like the arena crowd to leave with a smile on their face so the kids won’t go home crying.

      • Anti-Cena

        Fuck the kids!

        • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.chester.31 Jacob Chester

          yeah.. fuck them

          • Progress_Now

            there’ll be trouble when the kidz come out!!! so ya’ll better watch out hey?

        • EdwartF

          they’re our future, you were once a kid too moron. What a fucking idiot.

  • http://twitter.com/JJayerson Jay Jayerson

    Sooooooo…. no undertaker hunh? Everyone keeps expecting it and it never happens. Lot of speculation on a potential 3 way for the title. Personally I liked it best, when Shawn Michaels interrupted the Wrestlemania contract signing, and added his name to the contract.

  • Harms_Way

    I only watched raw cuz i was hoping the undertaker would come back. Either he shows up next week or he chose to take this year off. Honestly, he deserves it after giving us some great Wrestlemania memories.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeremycounty Jeremy-County Roberts

      and at that moment undertakers music hit and Harms_Way was given a chockslam to hell. MY GOD ALMIGHTY said JR HE BROKE THAT BOY IN HALF as he watched from his house eating some BBQ

    • http://twitter.com/StupidSobi SOBI

      Yeah so much for Sescoops “legend to make a return” on raw
      do they consider R-truth to be a legend??

      • Progress_Now

        he came back? lol I must have missed it between skipping ahead pretty much the entire show because it bored the fuck outta me. new belt is fugly as fuck too. nothing will ever come close to the Smokin Skull belt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jose.cordova.129 Jose Cordova

    why Cody why

    • IWC swings from Ambrose’s nuts

      Don’t worry IWCer – it’s not real…..just a non aired go home house segment. Jeez

  • dae

    Well, not a bad Raw, but not a really great one, either.
    Cena made a huge mistake. I would’ve said either we fight now or we don’t fight at all. I swear, if it becomes Punk-Rock III at WM29, I am 99% sure I won’t be wasting my money.
    I wish AdR would’ve waited for the bell to ring and then hit Ziggler so we can finaly get him off that stupid MITB contract. Watching Ricky split with the briefcase was funny!
    Well, six more Raws and seven SmackDowns to ‘Mania…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.chester.31 Jacob Chester

    I guess wwe is for future generations.. for kids and this generation teen ones.. so we gonna miss our Old School for sure.. WWE Never Going to Change… They RISE above HATE

    • EdwartF

      suck shit grandad, go to the retirement home and die. Wwe is for us, not you old farts, fuck off with u and ur gay attitude era its not coming back, pg is here to stay thank god, fuck off to tna if you want no pg