What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

After Monday’s RAW from South Carolina went off the air, WWE Champion CM Punk continued celebrating his title defense against Alberto Del Rio.

Mark Henry came out (wearing his ankle boot) to face hometown hero the Big Show. Booker T was the special referee for the dark match main event.

The two monsters had a staredown and a very short match before Henry nailed Big Show with the World Heavyweight Title belt to get disqualified.

With the Big Show hurt, out came The Miz and Alberto Del Rio , who joined Mark Henry in a beat-down of the 7 foot Giant. The place erupted when CM Punk and John Cena ran down to even the odds.

Booker T announced a six-man match with Miz, Henry and Del Rio vs. Punk, Show and Cena.

Big Show ended up chasing Henry to the back while Punk and Cena pinned Miz and Del Rio at the same time to end the show.

Overall it was said to be a hot crowd all night – with a strong finish to the show.