What Happened After SmackDown, Ryder’s Hoeski Song, JR At NXT, Kamala-HOF

– Zack Ryder made the following announcement this week regarding his song Hoeski:

– Jim Ross noted on Twitter that he will be headed to WWE developmental this weekend to evaluate talent at WWE’s latest tryout camp. He will also be at Thursday’s WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University.

– As previously reported, WWE has reached out to Kamala about a possible induction into the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013. No word yet on whether he has accepted, but WWE reportedly has a backup inductee in mind if Kamala does not agree.

– After Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings from San Diego, CA concluded, Big Show came out and cut a promo running down the Spanish fans in the audience. He talked about how he hires “people like them” to clean his pool and cut his grass. Show talked about Alberto Del Rio’s stereotypical love of burrito, which brought out the World Heavyweight champion. The two brawled at ringside, with Del Rio attacking Big Show with a steel chair to end the show.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Elgwyn

    I don’t know but I find Alberto’s face turn awesome. If he could be paired up with an equally awesome heel, I think we’ll see a great feud. I just hope WWE uses ADR right and we all know how great WWE is screwing up their people’s push.

    • bigroo006

      Yes, the E is good about ruining a push…but you already knew that- Del Rio voice.

    • WWEFan4Life

      I hear you, brother. Maybe, a heel ryback turn and then ADR v ryback feud would be awesome, i figure tht if ADR can work well with the big show, he can work well with ryback

    • Reality

      well he’ll possibly feud with Ziggler on the road to WM. If that happens, everything will be alright

      • LueHaakon

        Oh yes… A face who gets booed out of the building by all the marks in the audience. Everything will be peachy keen!

    • wwetnadudez

      It’s not like the Big Show is bad or anything, I feel like this is one of Shows better roles even though I want ADR with someone around his size.

  • 12th Man

    I wonder how the “WWE Universe” is gonna react when the WWE goes to a place where there’s not a large population of Latinos living there. Ever since he’s become champ, WWE’s been to Florida, Texas and California. All of them have their share of Latinos. Before u say i’m being racist, I’m hispanic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OF2JDUTXED6KFOPHEVMJ2ZYBA raVen

    i have tried but i just do not like del rio at all.

  • http://twitter.com/MrEubanks82 Eubanks!!

    He also said things like “Go back across the border where you belong.” “That ADR was one of you people and isn’t worthy of the title.” ADR, Rey, and Sin Cara were super over last night. A Lucha Libre chant broke out also..lol