What Happened After Monday’s RAW, Update On Big Show

WWE RAW Results (11/25/13) With VIDEOS

Credit to Bryan Blade (@SuperBlade) for sending in these live notes from after Monday’s WWE RAW went off the air:

RAW went off the air with Randy Orton standing over a fallen John Cena, holding up both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight championship.

Randy Orton put the belts down and walked to the corner, setting up for a skull punt on John Cena. Cena moved out of the way at the last moment – and then tried getting Orton up for an Attitude Adjustment. Orton got free, jumped out of the ring and ran away.

Joh Cena then stood in the ring and held both belts up.

After Cena exited the ring, he and a referee helped Big Show to the back. Our live correspondent said it appeared that Big Show was legitimately injured. We’ll post an update when it becomes available.

There was no dark match main event.

Here’s a photo of Joh Cena helping Big Show to the back, courtesy of  the one and only Solomonster:

Brad Davis

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  • Y2J

    Well there goes 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

    • Aperture


    • Joe Hundley

      I fast forward my dvr most of the time. Every now and then they get lucky and fall into some good stuff and Ill watch the whole thing. After SS last night I knew boring things were coming.

  • pwnez

    Aside from the Shield (mainly Roman Reigns) raw was pretty horrible. The Strahan/Miz/Titus segment will go down as one of the worst segments in WWE history.

    • Kevin G. Wolfe

      You must’ve forgotten Diva musical chairs.

      • GN-0015

        Don’t blame him, I’m sure only less than 10 people remember that crap.

    • BMPunk

      let’s not forget Kosher Butcher!

      • Minor League Twerking

        It isn’t bad when you got a Long Island crowd loving it :/

    • IKeepsit100

      I called it first MONTHS AGO! Roman will most likely be the first star in the Shield but they all aren’t that far behind

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      Yeah, it was pretty horrible. The Shield and Punk/Bryan vs Wyatts was pretty much the only good stuff on the show… Not surprisingly. Cena back in the main event spot – didn’t take long. I don’t hate on the man, but it’s hard to defend him against the haters when he’s so attached to the main event… Was really looking forward to him working a bit lower on the card with some fresh faces… NOPE.

      The Shield taking out Punk is fun… Probably ties in to The Authority and Punk’s comments on them (I love how announcers pretend to be stupid… Don’t insult me. If I can figure it out, you can figure it out).

      Also, what are the odds Bryan comes back as Corporate Bryan and aligns with The Authority… Those Wyatts are just DI-A-BOL-I-CAL!

      • fuzzy

        I cant even lie if DB comes back and joins the authority I might honestly take a break from watching WWE for a while. Ive hated this authority story from the get go and I feel lie they just spit in this dudes face every single week as it is just because of his size. If he joins the authority I will stop watching for a while

      • YES

        The 6 man tag match with The Shield was good to it seems like the only thing that saves RAW now is The Shield, Bryan, and Punk everything else besides the tag team divison just gets worse and worse .

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi


    • fuzzy

      this Raw was horrible I hated the entire show. I’m not a huge fan of this Wyatt family Punk and Bryan feud because I feel like they are just throwing him somewhere to move him away from being at the top. Its honestly just making me mad watching what they are doing to these 2. And even though I believe Punk is falling off wrestling wise because of his health, I still think he has arguably the best promos of all time above everyone else. Daniel Bryan is a lightning rod in the ring. No one gets me more excited every single night than this dude and I just hate what they have done to Punk and Bryan.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I feel for the people who paid money to see this crap tonight. What a joke. You see all them people leaving as Raw was ending? Sad Sad Sad.

    • Marshall Mathers

      who was leaving i enjoyed the show quit complaining

      • A Realist

        He’s not complaining. He’s telling the truth. It’s garbage.

        • ay28az

          Mr A Realist, I thought you quit

          • A Realist

            I’m done watching RAW.

    • Deante320

      Withdrawing my question

      • pwnez

        I think he’s talking about the people who paid to go to the show live.

        • Deante320

          Ahh sorry then. I withdraw my question

      • Andrew Campbell


    • superturbo

      What was so blatant of that ending shot of people leaving was the fact, the TV crew couldn’t cut away abruptly without making it look so terrible via editing unless they zoomed in on Randy face in a close-up which they didn’t do. But yeah that shot of people packing up and going and not even staying for the *dark bonus* matches only those in the arena crowds would’ve seen. And which wouldn’t have gone out live, is a subtle clear sign of people slowly rebelling against WWE.

      Even if its very minor like folks walking out at the end and not the middle (where it would’ve counted far more) its a sign things are bad in the WWE. And if they don’t start to change their tune, in this digital age where word-of-mouth spreads much faster because of; Tweeter, Facebook and the Internet/youtube at large. Their Cena and Orton bias attitudes, and ditching of Bryan and CM Punk from the main event spots, will surely and painfully backfire quite badly on them in the long run.

  • Marshall Mathers

    I love dislikes plz thumbs down this comment fgts

  • Derringer Duo

    Boy, glad I just watched the recaps, I had a feeling this Raw would suck. What’s crazy to me is the fans are chanting like crazy for Bryan in the faces of Cena, Orton, and HHH. So, I’m guessing they’re going to have the Wyatts take him off TV in hopes his heat with the crowd dies? What, will they have him debut as The Corporate Dragon?

    • JaffaJoose

      I’m thinking possibly Bryan’s gonna become a Wyatt family member.

      • Derringer Duo

        Yeah, and we thought the same thing of Corporate Kane, too.

        • JaffaJoose

          Fair point.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      Hahah…Had the same thought Re: Corporate Bryan. Would be kinda lame… I mean… THAT, is what the Wyatt’s are doing? lol.

      I loved fans chanting for him in the opening segment. Hope it keeps happening and I hope it happens big time at TLC during the main event. WWE dropped the ball and they deserve to get $hit on for it.

      I do think taking him out and putting him with the Wyatt’s would be a relatively effective way to get people to stop chanting for him. He can play a good heel. It’s just a damn shame they’re killing his buzz this way.

  • WhoGonStopMe1303

    i slept through it…..

  • Matt Gallagher

    The two best parts of Raw: Roman Reigns spearing half the roster and the second best part was when kosher butcher and the circumsicion

  • Justin

    Please get something else than a spear. This Reigns just does around spearing people. Its boring, and been done way too many times already. Just bring back Goldberg already, I mean really please do. They want to make this spearing idiot more involved, c’mon. Bryan and Punk are not sideshows but taking a backseat to the shield. I am not saying Reigns is bad but the spear has to stop and let him wrestle and talk. He is not good with the mic and needs to improve. If you want him to develop and get better to be the headliner than stop having him spear everyone every night. It is the same crap.

  • Mr_DJ

    who’s Joh Cena? :)

  • elizabeth

    Raw was great last night love the authority script! great 6 man Tag match. The Hamptons match between ziggler and Sandow was awesome. Minus the Divas I give this show a 9. I love the fact that TLC is having Champion vs. Champion. Can’t wait for that. Big E and Mark Henry was another great match. And just knowing that Big Show may legit injuries is priceless.

    • Dennis

      I like you. Everyone on this site are morons except me and you. I agree with everything you say