WrestleMania 29 Matches: Early Plans for Lesnar, Rock, Austin

WrestleMania 29 is still a year away, but the planning for next year’s top show is already well underway.  While things certainly can (and likely will) change in the next year, the current lineup for next year’s WrestleMania is looking like Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. CM Punk and The Undertaker vs. Jonh Cena.

Regarding the Undertaker vs. Cena match, WWE.com has a video up with several superstars talking about the Hell in a Cell match from WrestleMania 28 and how it was truly the “end of an era.” Cena said this about the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak:

“I know he holds the streak near and dear but I don’t see any reason for him to try for 21st. After seeing the last four matches he’s had at WrestleMania, I am certainly not involved with throwing my name in that hat.”

Comment below and tell us how YOU would book WrestleMania 29.

(Partial source: f4wonline.com)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503351214 Stephen Jarrell

    make it happen wwe and your buy rates from this mania will be blown out of the water next year

  • I’m an EDGEHEAD

    I’ll pee in my pants if WWE make this matches for next year’s Mania

    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      I predicted this would be the card for WM 29 in a previous article. Looks like a great card so far.

      • GodsLoyalSon

        Plus with Brock on that two match deal and with Cena and Punk being non-injury prone, its more than likely that it would happen. But I don’t know, do you think it would be better if it were CM Punk/Cena for the WWE Championship, Brock vs Undertaker, and Rock/Austin “Final Clash”?

        • Callumstewart

          it would be better the way it is just now because cena needs to still prove himself

        • http://twitter.com/FlipCity1017 Jager1017

          the only 1 of the 3 i would like to see is lesnar/ taker. why have punk/ cena again? or rock/ austin again for that matter? the way the article lists it would be decent since it would be some different match ups.

        • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

          I would sell one of my kidneys to see that card. Rock/Austin, Punk/Cena, Brock/Taker – it would be the best ‘Mania of all-time.

          • brockfan

            no we have seen these matches in past i want brock vs austin , punk vs rock and cena vs undertaker that is best

          • Best in the world Cm punk

            Jericho v Rock (history) cena v lesnar Austin v punk taker v micheals one more time.
            Eh or put bryan in a match.

    • Mb20

       No more Rock-Lesnar. Let that one be a fluke. I’m a Rock fan. However, I think Cena should get one after the shit he’s been taking (fair).

  • Drizzydrake

    Of course cena doesnt wanna thrown in that list. Heez such a bitch. I’d find it to be honor to be a victim of ‘taker at mania. Its a crazy oppurtunity to event be in the same ring as taker at mania. But u cant have a wm without jeff hardy. Please wwe GET JEFF BACK, say it with me people…GET JEFF BACK, GET JEFF BACK, GET JEFF BACK.

    • Bakershah

      Trooll! again! ;)

    • Dayglojunglist

       No, just, no…

    • Lil jimmy

       jeff vs daniel bryan and kurt angle vs chris jericho for wm29

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      You come across as being 12 years old. If you’re over 18, you should be embarrassed. As for your comment that WM is nothing without Jeff Hardy: Yeah, I think WM has done just fine without him. Especially, this year’s. If I were running WWE, I wouldn’t think twice about Hardy. He’s where he belongs.

    • http://twitter.com/FlipCity1017 Jager1017

      why are you up hardy’s ass? you like him so much, go watch tna.

  • Franll2507

    I’m not so sure If I would agree with all of those matches. Punk vs Stone Cold was predicted a while back, and I’m cool with that happening. Rock vs Lesnar for the Championship definitely sounds tough and awesome to watch as long as Rock goes full time afterwards and not in movies. The only bad thing about that is that Taker vs Cena doesn’t seem that logical to me. It’s clear Cena would get an extra boost (as if he needs it) by battling it with Taker .. but I don’t see the feud happening. Yet again, as WWE says.. anything can change in the course to WM 29. I would prefer to see Taker vs Kane one last time or Brock vs Taker.. but we’ll see.

    • Fighter

       All of Taker vs Kane matches have been boring, especially the ones at Wrestlemania. You’re one crazy person if you would prefer that over a Cena vs Taker match. Like seriously crazy.

  • Fighter

    Yeah not surprised, as I predicted that upon reading Lesnar making his way back to the WWE just before WM28.

    If that is the three main events for WM29, this could easily turn out to be a bigger event than WM28. You got Lesnar, Rock, Austin, Punk, all on the same card with a Cena vs Taker match (Taker’s record) on that card and I won’t be surprise if WWE try to push for a Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara match on that card as well and if Daniel Bryan’s popularity keeps up, we could see in a top match, who knows Bryan vs Jericho (if he’s still around or returned again) for the World Title. Things could go very well, that is if everybody stays healthy. I can see Tensai becoming a top name by then as well.

    • Fighter

       Oh yeah and I can see a Lesnar vs Punk match at Summer Slam, maybe with Lesnar becoming the WWE Champion, like he did 10 years ago at Summer Slam 2002.

      • 818bull

        What I think would be a better idea is have Brock v rock at summerslam seeing how it was ten years ago when Brock beat rock for the wwe title, then have brock win again,
        Them have Brock win the title at royal rumble and rock win the royal rumble and bam theres our main event

    • Tiran66

      Don’t forget guys like Rhodes and Ziggler will undoubtably be involved with another year now to develop.

  • pwnez

    That card looks amazing. I hope we see those matches take place.

  • brethart316

    MAKE IT HAPPEN WWE! Looks awesome


    Not so sure about cena vs taker cuz what scares me about it is wwe might have cena ending the streak seeing as he lost a huge match to the rock. I don’t know I might just be paranoid.

    • Jmc60

      If that happens im literally just going to turn off my TV throw my remote across the room burn anything WWE and roast hot dogs over the fire I WOULD BE PISSED!!!!!!!!


       that will make Cena HEEL for LIFE and me a TNA fan for LIFE so understand how much it will suck

      • BestInTheWWW

        I’m sure we will be soooo sad to see you go, I don’t know what we will do without fans like you/

        • vega2012

          Your a faggot.go suck cenas cock.

          • Chalkeevthunder

            is this The Lord of the Flies? Has civilization fallen this low? You’re all embarrassing. 

      • GoGoGadget

        no one gives a damn about you anyways

    • mrchopper

      I’m still really flummoxed as to why Rock won that match. I’m sure it’ll play out in the coming weeks, but winning clean over the company’s main man? Did Rock just refuse to come back unless he won at WM? What’s the skinny?

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        If they had planned for him to become WWE champion, it makes sense. It also makes sense in that they knew they weren’t turning Cena so they had to come up with something that made his character interesting again. They did a good job in that sense.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Yeah, that’s my worry too. I

    • http://twitter.com/CieranF cieran fitzgerald

       this is mad but if the streak end’s via john cena i will cry!!

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      if Cena wins the streak…shit will probably go down…hell I even believe the Mickie James Terrorist could re-emerge and the ECW fans will literally riot…=/

    • GoGoGadget

      Stop hatin bi*ch!

  • FOLEY_is_GOD

    This makes me nervous, I don’t see the Rock agreeing to a loss to Brock

  • Game

    Daniel Bryan vs Y2J !

  • Wavy_bigavell

    I would defenitely buy a mania ticket to see this match card happen especially taker vs cena! That would be a great way to bounce back from that lost to dwayne and honestly i believe the two would put on a great fight against each other!

  • Jamesblackford

    yea i know right it will be awesome just like i am awesome and the miz sucks

  • Tiran66

    I can’t see Cena/Taker being a good way to go.  It’s a lose-lose.  Taker’s streak is pretty much untouchable, unless he drops it to an up and comer for his swan song.  So I don’t see anyone believing that Cena has a chance, and Cena isn’t as good a storyteller to make us believe he just might do it like HHH is.  If they are planning on having Cena end the streak that would be the stupidest thing they could do.  Cena is at the top of the wrestling world, there’s no rub involved.  If it’s just a way to turn him heel, come on now, Cena would turn heel if he looked at a top face funny.  No need to end the streak for a Cena heel turn.

  • SiD

    Awesome. Just awesome. 

  • Theasianman01

    if they make these matches for next year..itll be awesome(: buttttt if they make cena beat undertaker.i will never again watch wwe! 


    wouldnt BROCK vs ROCK be pointless i mean everyone will know that The ROCK will win as he said he wanted to be wwe champ once again and how easily Brock defeated the ROCK at SS

    • Fckda World

       He said he wants to, but that doesn’t mean that he will. I respect what The Rock has done and all, but I can’t see him as a WWE champion, or anyone as a matter of fact who isn’t full time. But then again, I have a feeling that Rock MIGHT win the WWE title and then retire…

  • http://twitter.com/TeamAwesome418 Team Awesome

    John Cena vs. The Undertaker (Deadman) on SmackDown in 2004 wasn’t so bad, despite the fact at the time Paul Heyman was there with the Urn. In 2003 they collide at Vengeance, Undertaker was American Bad Ass and sure handed Cena throughout most of the match. 
    In 2007 they almost fought each other but Taker chose Batista after he won the Royal Rumble instead. So It is possible this could be the only match left for Undertaker being that their careers have been distance for years since meeting in 2007. 

  • cappa37

    YES! Rock vs Brock?!?! Good lord. I’m gonna have a nostalgia orgasm! lol

  • BobbyBobBobberson

    I personally don’t see them getting Austin unless its a clear headline event in Texas. The guy has got one big match left in him, if that…and i doubt he would do it anywhere else especially with the chance of being upstaged by Rock v Brock which is enough to carry the event alone

    • Unknownplanet

      Austin has said if he was hurting for money he could come back full time. That doesn’t sound like a man who has one big match in him. He’ll be alright to wrestle mania and then some.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      He’s already been talking about WM 29. Listen, Rock and Austin are good friends. I don’t think either of them really give a shit if the other is on the same card. They both know they’re big enough for that to not matter.

  • http://twitter.com/Vince193 Vince Alvarado

    austin and punk has to be the main event


    Theyre treating cena like shit lately with everyone lways beating his ass lol kind feel sorry for the dude but dont! Cant wait for FCW guys to come to the main roster!!

  • Nikhileshkarnik

    John vs Taker….
    PLz no…
    Rock vs Brock. and austin vs punk….plz make it happen.
    Taker vs Sting is wat i want. Enough of ohhh bobby ohhh bobby…u woke me up baaabyyy…no more…

  • http://twitter.com/DA_Righteous1 Brian Clark

    The Rock VS Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship
    Stone Cold VS CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship
    The Undertaker VS John Cena

    • Greg2935

      The Rock said he has beat Hogan, Austin, And Cena at wrestlemania the only one left is the taker so I think
      Rock vs Taker
      Cena vs Lesnar
      Austin vs Punk

  • Jamesblackford

    yea i want too see kane vs brock lesnar

  • Straightedge Si nation

    if this rumors are true then Cena has lost 3 wrestlemania.

  • PakiUSA

    I dont like Cena vs Taker…it was supposed to be Lesner vs Taker…!!

    I swear if Cena wins and breaks the streak then i am gonna be really pissed and hate Cena for life no matter how good he is in person!!

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    For the WWE Title? That implies one of them will win it sometime before Mania. By the looks of how often they’re scheduled to appear, I would say Lesnar is the one who will go in as champ. With this in mind, I would love for Summerslam to be Punk vs Brock for the title.

    With all this speculating, I’m already pumped for next year’s Mania. I’m from NJ and have friends there, so hopefully I’ll be able to join them at Metlife.

    • Kinnardscott

      I wouldn’t agree with Lesnar getting the title since it’s well know that he’s not going to be a full-time performer. That’s only going to cause tension…

  • Mick Cologne

    How about they plan to have Daniel Bryan in a twenty minute plus long match next time around and preferably ending in him making somebody tap out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KXSXCK63OE2O3CTQDOXYZ7U stoops

    Some of you guys take this way too seriously. “I’ll quit watching if Cena beats Taker.” 2 things. Cena would not win and you won’t stop watching. Cena does not need the win. He has jobbed the last two WM’s, both a surprise to most I’m sure. Taker is VKM’s main man and has complete creative control over his character. So if Taker loses hate him since it will be his call.

  • HHH #1

    Cena vs Taker are you serious, Out of all the superstars in the back why him! That is an insult to Taker and HHH especially if they make Cena Win. Brock and the the rock should be great as far as Stone cold goes I thought he had the same injury as edge and couldn’t compete anymore. O well WWE is still the best!

  • http://twitter.com/1TeamBringIt Brad Hollyhead

    The Rock vs  Brock Lesnar. Oh God. Waiit… WHAT? For the WWE championship? Even worse.

  • Kinnardscott

    While those would be good matches- where would that leave guys like Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus ect? I don’t mind Rock vs Brock but not for the title. I’ve always felt the title should be given to those that work a full-time schedule. The WWE could be taking a risk- Taker, Austin, and Brock all have health issues and if the WWE ties up millons of dollars in those three guys and one of them gets hurt, it could spell trouble. I’d prefer Taker wrestle someone else- instead of Cena, have Taker wrestle on of the younger guys to help get them over- they can do this without having to end the streak. It just shows the WWE doesn’t know how to build new stars when 4 of the 6 guys for these rumored matches are not regular full-time stars- and two of them are well into their 40’s

    • Kinnardscott

      Oh, yes. How could I have forgotten the most underrated and misused guy on the WWE roster- Christian?

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Hey, good card. I’m not so sure about Brock v Rock but the others are perfect I think. I’d like to see Taker retire @ 20-0 but if he’s not done then going against Cena or Rock is the only thing left. 

    In fact, I’d keep Cena and Lesnar away from each other and go with Cena v Lesnar and Taker v Rock but I understand why’d they want Lesnar/Rock for WWE title.

  • http://wrestledirect.com/ Kaos

    Sounds good, although I would like to see Undertaker vs Lesnar in a match, build Lesnar up as unstoppble and undefeated anbd have Undertaker’s Mania streak vs Lesnar’s year long streak. Love the Punk vs Austin match idea as well!

  • Ohbobsaget

    That sounds like it would be an awesome card. I hope they are able to make this happen. I’m just wondering if Steve Austin would agree to wrestling another match.

  • Imhipcatshane

    You think the roster was pissed about Wrestlemania 28? wait til they hear that next years main event will not feature any active superstar nor anyone who even cares about the business itself but wants to earn a few more million dollars while their body allows them too. and on top of that it is going to be for the WWE Championship? Please o please don’t put a title into this match WWE. At least make it a number one contender match and have the rock win it. Use your head if Dolph Ziggler is not in the WWE Championship match then WWE doesn’t have anyone with a brain working for them.

  • Saurabh

    if this really turns out to be the card then 2 million buys for sure :D epic 

  • Nightmare

    I wander if y2j will be at 29. Anyhow This would be an awesome match!

  • Guest

    Great matces but if WWE lets Cena end the streak im gonna scream

  • Paddyr1234

    i thinks that wwe tittle match is too predictable seeing as we all know the rock will win the title at next years mania, 

    cena will lose to taker then redeem himself by beating the rock at a ppv after mania for the title

  • http://twitter.com/ryan1038 ryan

    if HBK could not do it and if HHH could not do it and if cena doea it i would be so pissed

  • 96Fan

    I find the idea of Brock vs. The Rock II for the title at Mania to be a really poor one. We already kinda knew that was coming this past Monday when The Rock said he wanted to win it again. It scares me because I think WWE has done a pretty decent job of building their belts back up to mean something, at least with the WWE  Championship. Miz defended it often, Cena, Del Rio, and CM Punk (who I will admit I mark out for) all have done a really great job defending the belt night in and night out to make it at least look legit again. Do we really want WWE to put the belt on someone who isn’t going to work at least 4 dates a month? I mean, I can see it on Brock if Brock puts someone over (which I don’t think he has ever had a problem doing) considering he is guaranteed to be there. But Rock? Until the details of that new deal he signed comes out, I would rather see Punk-Austin for the title with one putting over the other.

    I think it should also be remembered that Austin has said many times in interviews that if he wanted he could go hard for a good two years. I think there could be a great build between him and Punk if Punk was turned heel (and he’d still get cheered.)

  • http://twitter.com/Shaddy_esc_617 Rashad Jackson

    the only person who deserves to win against undertaker is brock. it should be brock vs. undertaker!! rock vs. cena II ….austin vs. Cm punk and if it does end up being undertaker vs. cena and if they make cena win i will slap some one! just sounds dumb it should be brock vs taker and rock vs. cena for the WWE championship or other way around…then punk vs. austin….we already seen rock and brock fight! brock KILLED him i dont wanna see it again! lol brock vs. taker is the best way to really put the streak on the line!…CM punk vs. Austin will happen!…i think it shud be rock vs. cena for the title! or the other way around…or let it be brock vs. cena for the title and let the rock face undertaker

    • http://twitter.com/FlipCity1017 Jager1017

      while i like what you say my good sir, i don’t agree with brock deserving to win over taker. i’d still like to see barrett win over taker to end the streak. a brock v taker match should happen, but not at wm, i don’t see brock jobbing to taker, nor do i see taker being comfortable letting brock take his streak. rock v cena 2, doubtful, but even more doubtful is cena winning it before rock ties him with 10 wwe title reigns. so i don’t see that one happening. i wouldn’t mind seeing brock kill the rock again. and punk v austin would be awesome.

  • ragreynolds

    I like the Taker-cena idea but would prefer Taker-Lesnar.

    But I would like this:
    -Rock vs Punk (WWE title)
    -Taker vs Cena
    -Brock vs Austin

    Winners would have to be Punk, Taker and Brock

  • http://twitter.com/CieranF cieran fitzgerald

    the streak end’s  >>>> wwe end’s 

  • Hawkeye

    Cena will beat Undertaker next year if anything, hes the paper “wrestler” WWE has. If he can eliminate all members of Nexus from the rumble and Khali couldn’t, Undertaker losing at WM29 wouldn’t come as a shock to me. -_- 

  • Dreamdaydjs

    Rock – Undertaker. The final match.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EO45SUVQJNAX5ZNOYRX2ZXS42Y dae5

    Brock v. Rock and bring back Austin…  I thought there was an “end of an era” and we’re bringing back stars from that era?
    Brock v. Taker would be a better match than the three of these combined.  (Brock v. Rock would probably mean that Brock is holding the title going in!)

  • Jacksonps3

    Nobody’s gonna end the streak ppl

  • Patriclese

    Brock and Rock… that could be interesting right there.. in their last encounter The Rock lost to Brock and also lost the belt. I think that’s when he said he had to go away for awhile.. I can definitely see The Rock calling Brock out on that. Plus Rock got HUGE compared to his previous run. The lineup is looking good for next year!

    • Benh1003

       When he told the arena-only fans(at the moment anyways) that he was done and going away for awhile, he lost to Goldberg. Goldberg came out and speared him on RAW as Rock was announcing that he was leaving then at the PPV after he got beat and they went off the air, Rock said he was going away for awhile but that he would be back eventually.

  • Kevin B 773

    Anybody remember Taker/Brock’s No Mercy HIaC match like 8 years ago or so?   One of the best matches I’ve ever seen – also the bloodiest..  A rematch anywhere similar to that would be outstanding

  • PowRightInTheKisser

    I think Lesnar Vs Rock would be good even though we’ve seen it before. They could really put on a show. The both have the ability for a GREAT match. Stone Cold Vs Punk would be nice to. I wouldnt be to happy about Undertaker and Cena at all. I’d rather see Kane and Cena providing that they finish this Kane and Cena fued write Kane off so he can get in better shape then build it back up for Mania 

  • Creature of the night777

    Lesnar vs taker, punk vs Austin and rock vs cena 2 and this time for the title. Im a fan of cena but i believe cena needs to redeem himself after that sorry ass booking of his match at WM 28. As for why taker/lesnar, anyone remember UFC 121, what a build up that would be if they kept the promos professional and kayfabe. So if the money’s right and brock is willing to lose at mania and keep the streak 21 to zip why not. As for punk vs Austin, match for the ages different styles and attitudes and clash between them would be awesome a ppv I would pay for.

  • Harribo99

    I am not sure about cena v taker because it’s just taking a young superstar and putting him against a legend. Also I have heard rumours of lesnar v undertaker but rock is gonna try get wwe championship

  • Breakfastinbed

    Brock/Rock for the title already happened years ago and since neither of their characters have been repackaged since, I won’t really be looking forward to it. Brock/Taker should be the match for WM 29 since Lesnar’s only has a one year contract and Cena can face Taker at 30. However that’ll also leave The Rock short of a worthy opponent. So yeah, i guess this makes sense in one way or another.

  • http://twitter.com/AXRxOFAV Dean Holder

    Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena

    Undertaker vs Marty Jannetty

    The Rock vs Uso Twins in 2 on 1 Handicap Match

    Austin vs Debra


    • Ccarter8385

      Now thats sum funny shit right there.

      • http://twitter.com/AXRxOFAV Dean Holder

         Haha, imagine.

  • christian

    i would put undertaker vs. randy orton a lot of people want to see that rematch

  • taleisyre

    I think Rock will have the WWE championship going into WM29.  It will be a Rock and Jericho fued starting at Royal Rumble.  Stone Cold should win the Rumble also and set up the classic rematch triple threat for WM29.  Rock(c) vs Austin vs Jericho. 

     Lesnar is there to eventually take on Taker.  So the Streak match is Taker vs Lesnar. 

    Cena is up in the air i think.  Could see him getting into the triple threat somehow or cashing in a money in the bank type thing after Rock wins to stand at the end over Rock with the belt.  So a Cena vs Anyone could work. 

    With Batista in the rumour mill to come back, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in the works.  I’d like to see a Evolution(Batista/Orton/Rhodes) vs DX(Shawn/Dogg/Gunn) set up with both factions aiming to lure HHH.  This could be a lead in to HHH turning on Shawn to set up a HHH vs Shawn at WM29. 

    I love the Punk vs Bryan Face/Face match for WM29.  No titles required here but the World Title would be fine, maybe Bryan champion going in.

    I tihink Ziggler will go far this year and be someone to look out for in the championship matches as well.  If not Bryan for example.

  • G Money

    If they are having Rock vs Lesnar for the WWE Championship, who will go in as champ?  And when will that person win the title?

  • Desi_boy_may

    Austin & Punk should be the main event of WM 29! John Cena has already had his share of main events, and The Rock just mained event this years’s WM w/ John Cena. Stone Cold is a more popular wrestler than The Rock and is more critically acclaimed. Cm Punk is definately more popular than John Cena as well. Let the main event be Stone Cold vs Cm Punk. I think they’ve earned that much. Stone Cold’s reputation & legacy proceeds him & Cm Punk definately earned the right to become a main event player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juwayn-Lala-Lala/100003143658822 Juwayn Lala Lala

    Sorry but right now, The Rock is more popular than Steve Austin, and the people may Hate Cena But Cena is toooo much popular than CM Puke…

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar should be main event easily !!

    • OneandOnly

      Ah I beg to differ. Stone Cold is way popular than The Rock in wrestling. He’s accomplished a lot more than The Rock has in the wrestling industry. Now, The Rock may have more success in the movie area but that’s it. Stone Cold is the greatest, biggest, and most popular superstar of all time, period!!! Even Vince Mcmahon has said that on more than 1 occasion. If the Owner/CEO calls you the best from the company he has built, than you’re the best no matter what others may or may agree w/) Austin broke every record in the WWE. That shows you his popularity right there and it speaks for itself. People paid money to see him in his element, no one comes close to Austin. The Rock right now is just receiving a little bit more attention right now that’s it (b/c Austin is not on the scene).

      Now w/ Cm Punk & John Cena, you have got to be joking right?! Cm Punk is much more popular than Cena. Where have you’ve been at? Cena is done and he’s a joke. He’s tryin to hold on to what little bit of a career he think he has left. Cena sucks (always have & always will). On Cm Punk’s worst day, he would still be better than Cena.

      • Fear No Evil

        Did he day of all time? He said right now. Keyword: RIGHT NOW. The crowd doesn’t go crazy for Austin like they did back in the late 90’s- early 2000’s. Funny how you mention NOONE comes close to Austin. The Rock was pretty damn close to Austin, and that’s despite The Rock starting as a heel, and siding with Mcmahon, and losing to Austin most of the time. The Rock won the people over. Funny how you said Austin has accomplished a lot more than Rock in the wrestling industry like it’s the UFC or some shit lol Oh, yeah cause Vince was giving the green light to the script for Austin to win Royal Rumbles, titles, big matches (against Rock too like their first 2 Wrestlemanias), PPVS (Etc.) Imagine if the roles were reversed and it would have been Rock being a revel and going against Mcmahon all the time and doing everything Austin did… and Austin teaming up with Mcmahon and letting The Rock get the best of him most of the time and doing everything Rock did? How popular would The Rock be then? When Vince said that I believe The Rock hadn’t participated in the WWE for over 5 years and Austin was still part-time with the company making appearances here and there, so knowing Vince I wasn’t surprised by his comments. Again, the guy said NOW. The Rock is making BIG hollywood movies while Austin is making straight to DVD movie. Want to now who is more popular… Now? Check the social network sites like Twitter and Facebook. Who has more followers. Besides the guy never said IN wrestling, he simply just said more popular PERIOD. Like I said everytime I’ve seem Austin return, I still see a big pop for him but nothing like back in the Attitude Era.

        • Fear No Evil


          I got to start proofreading and double checking my shit… This Swype shit be making me look like a damn retard sometimes lol.

    • GBC

      No no no it should be rock vs brock at summerslam (10 years later from when they faced) then at WM 29 it should be brock vs austin

  • Satishwarne708

    It should be Undertaker vs Lesnar.Punk vs Austin and Rock vs Bryan or sheamus for wwe or whc!cena can face a mid carder!

  • Alexa Hewitt

    Ok first of all, why does cena always get to be in these big matches?! I’m tired of seeing him do the same thing in every single match. I would prefer randy orton vs taker. Legend vs legend killer. Makes more sense. And I would like to see cena vs Brock. They are both big men. Punk vs Austin would be cool. Just I know that wwe is all about John cena so they would let him end the streak which would suck….

  • Alonpz0

    we are going the see the feud between  the undertaker and john cena at the end of 2012 or the begin of 2013

  • http://twitter.com/Callagotti Giuseppe Callegati

    Brock Lesnar vs Steve Austin….remember when lesnar said he is the one guy he wants to face get it done

  • Dino

    I would love to see the this wrestlemania 29 match card: the rock vs brock,lesnar for the wwe championship, stone cold steve austin vs cm punk for the world heavy weight championship, john cena vs the undertaker, triple h vs shawn michaels, rey mysterio vs sin cara, chris jericho vs randy orton, any diva match, and finally the money in the bank ladder match including: kofi kingston, sheamus, big show, santino marella, daniel bryan, alberto del rio, christian, and kane

  • Yasir_com

     i don’t think so above matches are decided, because next year lesnar will be brake the undertaker streak at mania29

  • GoGoGadget

    Why in the hell do everyone wants to see Brock and Rocky wrestle? These guys dont even wrestle like they use to. All they want is the fame and money. They can suck it.
    Rocky can go kiss his directors ass and Brock can just go back to sucking in UFC. These guys dont represent Wrestling at all. 

    • Fear No Evil

      What a fuckin idiot. The Rock makes 10 X’s more money making movies than being in the WWE. He’s a big Hollywood actor but he wants fame, right? Please slap your mom.

  • Pye_3

    how about  taker/rock

  • Mel

    Make it Rock vs. Austin and I’m in.  But I thought Austin couldn’t wrestle anymore.

  • GGGJ

    These matches are stupid. Rock v Lesnar @ Summer Slam for the title, Rock wins, drops the title to Cena at WM29, solidifies Cena and let’s the rock move on… Taker goes to 21 over Lesnar, then Cena says there is only one this left for him to do… Taker @ WMXXX and actually wins.

  • Hffmtthw

    if they do do a cena taker match at wm 29 they should make it an i quit match

  • Dean

    Punk vs Austin makes sense.  I think Taker should retire after his 20-0 streak at Wrestlemania.  He has nothing more to proved.  Rock vs Brock is an interesting perspective.  

  • crypt

    Boo. I rather see The Rock vs. Cena II for WWE Championship. Brock vs. Taker would steal the show since it seems they have a real life rivalry. 

  • Michael34

    Stone Cold Steve Austin & Cm Punk are going to steal the show at Wrestlemania 29!!!!!

  • In yo face!

    Daniel Bryan/Kurt Angle = dream match YES!

  • Wilbertrueblue





    • Wilbertrueblue

       isnt cena in his hometown of new jersey? perfect for him to beat rock setting up best of 3 at wm30!

      • Fear No Evil

        Wtf… Cena is from West Newbury, Massachusetts.

  • NightmareFan

    Please don’t feed Takers streak to John Cena. Thanks and bai.

  • Guest56

    Man I am excited to see that Stone Cold is about to put on the best main event ever, of right along w/ Cm Punk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes !!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

    My dream wrestlemania
    Rock v Jericho
    Taker v Kane
    Cena v lesnar
    Punk v Austin
    Bryan v Sheamus
    Rhodes v goldust
    Best wm in my opinion
    En feel free to comment

  • Reality

    I’d love to see this Wrestlemania, man! And If Rock vs Brock is for the WWE championship, one of them (the winner) will probably extend his contract. Which is great. And I’ve been waiting for a long time a Cena-Taker at Mania.

  • AustinCmPunk13

    Stone Cold is the man! I think both him a Cm Punk are the best in the WWE. The Rock is cool too, but he’s just not like my man Stone Cold. Stone Cold is the BEST…PERIOD!! Man I thought I would never see the day that Austin wrestles again. Shoot, he is the main event. When you put Austin into the mix you’ve already have a show & you’ve got your main event. You also know everything will be sold out! CHANTING: “Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin!!!!!!!”

  • Brett Lane

    This card looks awesome! Rock Vs Brock for the belt. CM vs Austin and Cena vs taker (of course takers gonna win) but just 2 see cena try his hardest and lose at WM again! Awesome.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Brock vs. Rock, but leave the title on Punk.

  • Matt

    John Cena Vs Undertaker
    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Whoever the Tag Champs are if they arent already
    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock WWE TITLE
    Stone Cold vs CM Punk
    Kane vs Big Show vs Mark Henry WHVT

  • Hcottom

    undertaker sucks Triple HHH should of won

  • Hcottom

    They need to bring HBK back with Triple HHH. Should let the dead man rest in peace. Also would like to see Stone Cold return.

  • prateek mahant

    i would like to see the return of goldberg in wrestlemania29 and cena vs undertaker,shawn michale vs batista,bigshow vs deiseal,bobylashley vs the rock,randy vs cmpunk wwe championship,shemus vs kane world heavyweight championship,the money in the bank.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mwondrak Michael Wondrak

    if wwe wants to put it that way, how i will book it, start it with cena getting the money in the bank contract at mirb ppv, do have punk/austin at mania 29 without a hitch, lesnar has the belt at mania 29 and have rock win rumble and get wwe title, next have cena/taker go down by having cena passing out from the hells gate submission, that way cena doesn’t look weak against taker, undertaker wins at 21-0 every one is happy, have cena cash in mitb on the rock after the match and cena will be on top as champ, good way to have cena be a heel to the fans