WrestleMania 29 News: Possible Scenarios For Several Top Angles

With the kickoff of WrestleMania season just around the corner, a scenario that could play out would be for Dolph Ziggler to put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line in a match against John Cena. Cena winning the briefcase pave the way for him wrestling The Rock at WrestleMania for the WWE title if Rock is champion after the Royal Rumble.

Ziggler’s contract is technically for the SmackDown brand’s World Heavyweight title, but WWE can get away with Cena wanting his rematch against The Rock.

If Punk’s title reign ends at the Royal Rumble, he is the likely candidate to attempt breaking the Undertaker’s streak on April 7th, 2013.

* Picture of JOHN CENA Holding NIKKI BELLA On Their Date

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.howells1 Daniel Howells

    Hope this don’t happen. Iv’e stopped watching SmackDown while I wait for Ziggler to cash in.

  • Wing

    That sounds awful. Except for Punk vs Taker.

  • http://disqus.com/LateTrain27/ Late Train

    So they are considering burying Ziggler… again.

    • pwnez

      This would be the ultimate slap in the face. Ziggler deserves a chance to hold the WHC; WWE should just give him a freakin’ chance. Cena doesn’t need the briefcase to get the title, period.

      • TheOneandOnlyRedHawk

        Why not have Ziggler win to boost his push, and have Cena win the Rumble. I mean, as much as I don’t want Cena winning the Rumble, I’d rather have that then them bury Ziggler again. Zigs works hard for the business and if they drop the ball on this, its not gonna reward WWE in anyway.

        • pwnez

          They should have Ziggler win so he comes off strong before cashing in MITB. WWE should also keep Cena out of the title picture at least until after WrestleMania. We all know he doesn’t need the briefcase in order to get a title shot so having Ziggler lose it would be stupid.

        • http://twitter.com/RuthlessRaj Ruthless Raj

          IF they make Ziggler lose the briefcase…IF (they shouldn’t) they do…they should make Ziggler win the rumble…If not, then they are seriously dropping the ball.

          • Cujo999

            Or they can just have Ziggler win the Elimination Chamber right before ‘mania. It depends on what they decide to do with him if he drops it. If he wins the WHC anyways,it’s actually BETTER for him,as it makes him seem like more of a legitimate champion. The typical “cash in when the champ is beaten down,”storyline helps introduce new people to the title scene,but makes them seem weak at the same time.

      • Kjhaltz

        Or ziggler win the RR loose the brief case. He can come out on top at mania.

  • http://twitter.com/SerpentSpeaks Serpent Speaks

    (Punk and Taker is fine but in regards to Cena and Ziggler) WWE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!! Listen to the “universe” for once!

    • Really?91

      They only listen to the one part that is fucked up in this WWE Universe, and that’s Cenation.

      • ewd

        haha yes cenation <3 suck shit dickheads

  • Really?91

    Kill an upcoming guy’s push for an over pushed, overrated guy to do the same shit he did last year, I can’t possibly understand why people don’t watch WWE anymore smh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/J-Rashad-Davis/100000658554444 J Rashad Davis

    As a great man would say…… NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.minshull.336 Alex Minshull

    If it was me i would have Ziggler unsuccessfully cash in his MITB @ TLC him trying the same way Daniel Bryan successfully did last year, only for Ziggler to win the World Title @ Elimination Chamber, Wade Barrett win the Rumble, these 2 fresh exciting young talent square off @ Mania don’t know about you guys but this would be some match! contrast in styles, Zigglers’ ability to very rarely have a bad match whoever he plays, Barrett becoming more & more of a main eventer, this could be the making of both men to feature heavily as main event talent going forward :)

  • The Cunninghammer

    Dolph better not lose his Money In The Bank briefcase. ESPECIALLY To Cena.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    So you take away a great young talent’s opportunity at finally becoming a main event player to give Cena his unneeded rematch against The Rock? I really hope someone is just making this up to troll us.

  • Reality

    Would suck big times. I have nothing to lose stopping watching wrestling. I’ve already stopped for 5 years, I can do it again. If that happens, guess I’ll be done.

  • Two Cents

    Here comes another nasty landslide from Bullshit Mountain.

  • SomethingRhodes

    So who told me it would be WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Undertaker’s streak? So niave. WWE wouldn’t be smart enough to use that idea. I can count on one hand how many people want to see John Cena vs. Rock again, let alone for the title. Come on, get over this idea Vince. Jesus christ

  • Lefty McRighty

    Creative is leaking this to get you to buy more Cena VS Ziggler matches to watch it happen. It wont. Cena wins the Rumble and challenges WWE Champ Rock who takes the belt at Rumble. Seriously, kids, think it through.

  • Trevor Carnage Clark

    No to Ziggler giving his Briefcase to Cena(he deserves the World Heavyweight title),No to Rock/Cena II,Yes to Punk vs. Taker(if he shows up).

  • Jeff

    just have cena win the rumble and chose rock instead of having him get the briefcase

  • zed

    Just don’t do it. Ziggler deserves that title, and we’re really used to seeing Cena get title shots with no build up so yeah, he does not need that briefcase.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jervaughn.stewart Jervaughn Stewart

    Fuck that, just have cena win the rumble. No reason to give him a second MITB briefcase. Having a 2nd rumble win would look better for him and the fans will tolerate it more

    • http://www.facebook.com/jervaughn.stewart Jervaughn Stewart

      Not to mention there’s no reason for them to bury ziggler after all the time it took to build him up

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure

    Damn! Ziggler can’t catch a break in the WWE. Hopefully this is just typical dirtsheet bullshit, which I’m pretty sure it is.

  • http://twitter.com/coypumikey Michael Cannon

    This is just made up “inside news”

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      loos like it wasnt….

      • http://twitter.com/coypumikey Michael Cannon

        it hasnt happened yet…

  • cfghjk,mnbvgftyuikl

    ha this article was just proved true, cena v dolf at tlc in ladder match for dolfs mitb case

  • zed

    Looks true now. It was just announced on Raw that a MITB Briefcase Ladder Match will take place on TLC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jervaughn.stewart Jervaughn Stewart

    Wow and they just made it official on raw, and even Edge just said on his twitter that he’ll have lost all hope for WWE if Ziggler loses

  • ItsProgressNow

    if that’s the case, WM will suck beyond repair

  • OhioMan

    If you do this WWE…..We coming for you nigga!

  • Daniel Delvecchio

    These reports are so silly, Lesnar is obviously putting Taker over at Mania. Him “retiring” Triple H will lead to Triple H coming back and introducing Taker as his next feud.

  • http://twitter.com/dansingsbuzz Daniel

    in dolphs defense, he doesnt need the briefcase to become world champion. hes already over.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      He’s over with us. He’s not over with the general wrestllng fan yet. He needs a win over Cena at TLC. A loss would hurt him tremendously.

  • ._.

    NO! WWE does some really bad stuff, and just before I give up, and stop watching them again, they do something to pull me back in. Ziggler losing the briefcase will most likely push it too far. TNA, you’re looking better and better to me.

  • TheOneandOnlyRedHawk

    In all honesty this is how it SHOULD play out (imo)
    1. Ziggler wins against Cena, solidifying his role as a main card player.
    2. When CM Punk faces The Rock, Cena should finally make is heel turn, and interfere with the match, allowing CM Punk the win and extend his streak. This will set up a huge rivalry between Cena and Rock (again) and create an opening fight for CM Punk at mania.
    3. Have Undertaker win the RR and choose the WWE Champion (Cm Punk)
    4. At Elimination Chamber, have Cena and Rock in the chamber with CM Punk, and have Rock eliminate Cena (To build momentum between the two, but have CM Punk ultimately win.)
    5. Have Ziggler declare that he challenges the World Heavyweight Champion at WM, no matter who it be. And make him the first to successfully declare ahead of time and win a MITB cash in.
    6. We have Rock vs. Cena AND CM Punk vs. Undertaker (I’d love Punk to end the streak. If anyone should, its him after this amazing run, but thats highly unlikely), probably two great matches, plus Ziggy (whoever he faces).

    On a side note: I love the Ryback character and I believe he has potential. I’d love to see him grab maybe the US or Intercontinental Title sometime soon, and to boost him by making him feud with Brock to solidify him and bring him way over with the crowd.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1035219358 Mike Farris

      rvd announced his cash in at one night stand 2006 and was successful on that cash in so if ziggy did that he wouldnt be the first

      • TheOneandOnlyRedHawk

        Your right. My bad. I completely overlooked RVD. Thank you.

  • Jayden53092

    punk vs taker? hell no. Jericho vs Taker. He’s the only veteran left that hasn’t faced taker’s streak yet.

  • 5er

    My guess would be Cena winning the briefcase. Then it is switched so it is for the WWE title. Rock wins the title at RR. Then Cena immediately cashes in and pins the Rock to win the title and sets up the rematch for Wrestlemania.

  • 7 year old boy

    Even I’m against this crap!

  • http://twitter.com/TheErikSays Doug Funnie

    Well…talk about writing yourself into a corner. This is what happens when you announce big matches a year or months in advance. Unlike in boxing or UFC where there are no matches or stories to get swept up in — WWE changes all the time. Guys get hot and they get cold, titles change hands and dream scenarios pop up or are deflated…

    What I would do if I were Chair/CEO and heading booking for WM 29 is this:
    Ziggler retains MITB … have him cash in at the Rumble on the WHC.
    Ryback to WIN the Royal Rumble to challenge for the WHC at WM 29.
    CM Punk to win over Rock at Rumble (Shield gets involved). Cena wins the chamber match for contention.

    WM 29:
    WWE title, 60 min. Iron man match – Punk vs. Cena
    World title – Ziggler vs. Ryback
    HHH vs. Lesnar
    Taker vs. Rock

  • Shockmaster

    Giving Cena the money in the bank shot makes no sense! He doesn’t need it to face Rock. And it would just kill Ziggler’s push. I don’t understand why they don’t just do something like have Shaemus beat Big Show for the belt, and then get knocked out by Show and have Ziggler come in and cash in and win the belt. Why did they give Ziggler the money in the bank shot if they are not going to use it with him? It would just be a complete waste.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

      Think back what happened to Mr. Kennedy. But here’s the difference. One got in trouble for what they did to a Superstar who is up there with John Cena. While the other, is busting their ass off to be the next best thing in Sports Entertainment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

    Everyone doubts Dolph winning this. I still think he’s going to win.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    not taking the piss…I literally face palmed, shook my head and repeatedly said “NO!” when I read this…I hope this is a rumour otherwise I’m probably going to be more fucked off than the time Christian lost the WHC after 2 days! (and to this day that still bugs the shit out of me)…I mean, Ziggler has been working his fucking arse off and he’s proved that he’s ready to cash in and become the WHC…he literally hasn’t had 1 bad match and these past couple of weeks he’s shown that his mic skills are pretty awesome (hell, that AJ monologue was fucking intense!) and he’s entertaining (he’s actually pretty funny on WWE Download)…and besides Cena doesn’t even need the briefcase to cash in!…he could probably take a big fuck off dump in the middle of the ring and get awarded with a WWE title match!…seriously, if WWE are really going through with this then it’s a huge mistake (unless of course Ziggler ends up winning the RR and facing the WHC at Wrestlemania)…=/

  • JDS2805

    I don’t have a problem with Taker/Punk at WM, they have put on some great matches. While I’m not a Ziggler fan, as hard as he’s been working, taking his MITB contract away would be a slap in the face. I don’t even mind Rock coming back, but not winning the title. He won’t be at every RAW or house shows. Put him in high profile matches, just not for any titles.

  • ewd

    you are all forgetting that this could mean ziggler wins the royal rumble and faces the whc anyway at wrestlemania, give and take kinda deal, no way wwe will bury him