WWE WrestleMania 29 Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 29 Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 29 Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 29 is less than three weeks away and the card is finally starting to take shape. Despite the fact that several of the top matches are rematches, the big stage of WrestleMania (including the 70,000+ fans who will jam pack the MetLife Stadium) will ensure this is a show to remember. This is the official SEScoops thread for WrestleMania 29 Predictions – we’ll list our predictions below and we want to hear your own predictions in the comments section. Without further ado, let’s get started with our WrestleMania 29 Predictions:

WWE Champion The Rock vs. John Cena

It’s the rematch of the century – the “Twice in a Lifetime” bout that not everybody wanted to see, but was inevitable due to the tremendous box office success of their first encounter. Since his loss to The Rock last April, John Cena’s career went into a tailspin. Even though he had a victory win over the returning Brock Lesnar at Elimination Chamber, he suffered several high-profile losses and went through a messy divorce. Cena promised that 2013 would be his year – and at the Royal Rumble, he started off on a great note, winning the annual 30-man battle royal and securing his spot in the main event of WrestleMania 29. On that same fateful night, The Rock defeated WWE Champion CM Punk to end his historic 434-day title run and set the wheels in motion for the WrestleMania rematch most of us saw coming a mile away. It’s John Cena’s Redemption vs. The Rock’s Legacy – and our money is on John Cena. The Rock had his moment in the sun last year in front of his hometown crowd of Miami. He fulfilled his destiny by recapturing the WWE Championship one more time. He says he’s back for the fans, some would argue The Rock is back to make big money working a light schedule – but in reality, The Rock is back to shine up WWE’s most valuable full-time asset – and that’s John Cena.

  • Prediction: John Cena defeats The Rock to capture the WWE Championship

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

The Undertaker looks to extend his legendary streak to 21-0. After a lengthy WWE title reign, CM Punk looks to solidify his place in wrestling history by being the first man to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Prior to the tragic passing of Paul Bearer, CM Punk would have done a tremendous job convincing the WWE Universe that he actually had a chance to break the streak. Now that Paul Bearer’s death has been incorporated into the feud and CM Punk is disrespecting Bearer’s memory by taunting the Undertaker’s with the urn – it’s quite apparent that The Undertaker will get his revenge on Punk at Wrestlemania. Expect drama – expect plenty of near falls – expect CM Punk to come “this close” to getting the win. But in the end – they all fall victim to the dark side.

  • Prediction: The Undertaker extends his streak to 21-0

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Since capturing the World Heavyweight championship from Big Show earlier this year, he’s gotten over well as WWE’s much-needed Mexican hero babyface. Enter right-wing extremists Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter – the perfect foils for Del Rio. A month ago – “We The People” began taking off, WWE was getting mainstream media attention for their new “Tea Party” characters it looked like Swagger had at least a 50/50 shot at winning his second World Heavyweight title. Then Swagger got arrested for drug posession and DUI. Speculation swirled that WWE would suspend Swagger, remove him from the match or let him go entirely. None of that happened – and they’ve stuck to their guns, building towards the Mexican Hero vs. Mexican Hater showdown. While there’s probably more money in Del Rio chasing Swagger for the title, it’s hard to imagine WWE putting the World Heavyweight title on Swagger right after his arrest. Here’s what we think (and are praying for) – Swagger wins and “I’m Here To Show The World” hits. The place erupts, Dolph Ziggler cashes in his Money in the Bank contract, defeats Jack Swagger for the title in a quick match, effectively turning babyface.

  • Prediction: Jack Swagger wins the World Heavyweight title
  • Prediction#2: Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank wins the World Heavyweight title

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred, Triple H’s Career On The Line)

Another big rematch at the top of the WrestleMania card. These two met at last year’s SummerSlam – with Lesnar going over in dominant fashion, “breaking” Triple H’s arm in the process. The Game is back – putting his career on the line in his return match. The No Holds Barred stipulation means this one is going to get messy – with lots of weapons and possible run-ins. The match will resemble a fight more so than a wrestling match – which favors the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar just signed a 2-year contract extension, doesn’t need the win here – and you know Triple H would love one more epic win on the WrestleMania stage. However, we’re looking ahead to WrestleMania 30, when WWE will want to pull out all the stops. Triple H is still a draw and it makes sense that he’d want to wrestle next year as well. For that reason – we’re going with The Game.

  • Prediction: Triple H

Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

This match was thrown together at the last minute, but at least the tag team titles are being defended at WrestleMania. We know what this one will entail – solid wrestling & some comedy from the champions, crazy bumps from Dolph Ziggler, power moves from Big E and a whole lot of hotness (and probably some interference) from AJ Lee. In the end – Daniel Bryan gets paid back for last year’s embarrassing 8-second World Heavyweight title lost by getting a WrestleMania win.

  • Prediction: Team Hell No retains the Tag Team Titles

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The battle of the monsters. This one’s been rumored for quite some time – and it’s going to be a total slugfest. Mark Henry is great in his role and could be Ryback’s toughest opponent to date. In the end, Ryback gets his big “WrestleMania moment” by hoisting Mark Henry on his back and delivering Shell Shocked for the win.

  • Prediction: Ryback wins.

The Shield vs. Randy Orton, Big Show & Sheamus

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have been one of the best parts of WWE television since their debut at last year’s Survivor Series. They’ve proven themselves to be very strong in the ring and on the mic – and work together tremendously as a 3-man unit. Orton, Big Show and Sheamus have a lot of star power, but not a lot of direction with their characters and limited experience working together. The Shield soundly defeated the team of John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus at Elimination Chamber, and we can’t think of a good reason why the weaker team of Orton, Big Show and Sheamus will be able to get the job done.

  • Prediction: The Shield wins
  • Prediction #2: Randy Orton turns heel during or after the match

And there we have it. We’ll update this thread with more predictions in the event that new matches are added to the card. Now, it’s your turn. Hit up the comments below and tell us what you think will go down at WWE WrestleMania 29 on Sunday, April 7th.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • wwetnadudez

    You guys nailed it but I don’t think Swagger will win. I think Swagger will lose. Ricardo could return at the end of the match to beat up Zeb and distract Swagger who is then put into the arm bar by ADR to win. Swagger pounces on ADR after the match with a steel chair and a ankle lock. Out comes Ziggler and Bigge, Jack tries to stop Ziggler but is cut off by Big Ziggler cashes in and wins setting up a ADR Vs. Ziggler(c) Vs. Swagger.

    • Pozessed

      That sounds good to me. There would be quite a lot to run off too since Ziggler and Swagger used to be friends.

  • pillowpants

    I’m never going to understand why we should care about Mr. 561’s thoughts on anything.

  • thaanimal03

    Im with you guys on this, But I just dont believe WWE will let Ziggler get the title.. At one point and time yes but now I believe they will let him take the tag belt and that will be that…

  • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

    It doesn’t feel like it’s WrestleMania season and I’m not really excited for this card at all which is a shame since this is the first WM I will be attending live and in person.

    We’re just over two weeks from ‘Mania and this past Monday’s RAW was one of the most boring episodes in recent memory, and did absolutely nothing to make me excited for the show. The only match I’m really looking forward to is Taker vs Punk.

    I really hope WWE proves me wrong and delivers a solid show.

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      I agree.I hope they throw us a couple of swerves with all of these matches being so predicable.Kinda like Swagger picking up the win @ EC.I somehow think its gonna be a good PPV bcuz ppl have so low expectations for it.That’s whats great about low expectations if it sucks u expected 2 suck.If its a great show ur gonna be impressed with the outcome.All in all have fun @ Mania dude at least u know Taker vs Punk will be a great match XD

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Typically the most underwelming cards on paper delivery the best shows live

    • vadertime33

      you aint lying andrew!!! shows have been real weak.. you would think with 3 hr shows they could get this shit right but it looks awful.. the fact they have to use paul bearer death as a angle so the lack of creativity on the creative team.. how would they have built that match up if paul didn’t die??? no cesario but fandango mite make the ppv!!! REALLY??? i hope to god y2j doesn’t wrestle him at mania.. i love the fandango gimmick but he does not deserve that match this soon in his career.. Antonio and Y2j would be a sick as fuck match

      • Chris

        I’d rather see Skinhead Jenn and Randy Orton eventually team up and actually wrestle in matches in WWE. I’d love nothing more than to have those two physically get to kick ass and beat the hell out of:
        John Cena
        The Rock
        Big Show
        The Shield
        Wade Barrett

        I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while now!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

        Problem is this is at least a 4 hour show. What are they going to do with the rest of the time?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1538260037 Ryan McQueen

      Well see here’;s where I disagree. There is loads to be excited for, the build has been good and it has not all been bad. You need to realize that they can’t build a match when one of stars, who is meant to be building HIS match at ‘mania IS NOT there.

    • Ste

      WWE is going to suck. For now. Due to how these matches are set up and are happening! Look at this nonsensical B.S.!!!! Instead of letting or having Randy Keith Orton individually kick ass on and defeat The Shield and mess with their minds he’s relying on teammates that can’t wrestle or fight worth jack shit. He’s also being forced to have to not be WWE Champion on Raw. Same goes for Triple H. What’s going on with Triple H’s new look?! It’s stupid and totally sucks! It was like when he was The Game…the Cerebral Assassin…the majority of IWC smark guys believed in and liked him. Now….it’s like they can’t and don’t really seem to feel that he’s behaving as they’d like him to. Sort of like how Randy Orton’s not being allowed to be the badass guy who kicks ass on the bad guys like John Cena, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Vince McMahon, Wade Barrett, The Sheild, C.M. Punk, etc.

      John Cena is supposed to and is going to win at WrestleMania 29. So if you were thinking of buying this pay-per-view it’s most definitely not going to be worth watching at all. Spending your money on something you don’t want to watch and aren’t looking forward to doesn’t make sense and isn’t any fun.

      Cena sucks as champion and is only champion because of Vince McMahon not caring about having a real champion like Randy Orton, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Skinhead Jenn, or Ryback !

  • http://twitter.com/iKing92 Initializing….

    Cena, Lesnar, Taker, Del Rio(Ziggler cash in), Team Hell No, The Shield(Orton heel turn) & Ryback so far…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.williams.545 Steve Williams

    Even Borat can make those easy predictions. Wrestle Mania 29 sucks.

    • http://twitter.com/KimboHalf88 General Disarray

      Wrestle Mania 29 is not even worth streaming. LOL!

  • http://twitter.com/ZackStinson Zack Stinson

    Suprised The card didn’t look like this…

    CEO Triple H vs His Ego (His Ego Wins, Its time to play the game!!)

    Triple H vs Bret Hart (Triple H Wins, Average Match 4/10)

    John Cena vs NYC Haters (1 on 40,000 Handicap Match)(Cena kicks out at 2, and wins)

    Undertaker vs Sheamus (Streak on the line) Sheamus wins in 18 Seconds, Triple H comes out, and Celebrates celebrates with his best friend!

    New Age OutLaws vs Team Hell No (NAO Wins! New Tag Champions!) (Triple H, Michaels, a drunken Scott Hall, X-Pac, and Kevin Nash who tears his quad on the way to ringside, come out to celebrate. The Celebration last 45 Minutes.

    John Cena vs The Rock for the WWE/WHC Unified Title (Cena Wins by forfeit, because Rock was busy filming G.I. Joe) Ziggler comes out to cash in, but is AA by Cena, the Show ends with Cena holding the Titles, and all the children smiling doing the You Cant See Me pose.

    • JaffaJoose

      You’re my hero.

    • Lord Spliffmeister


    • Dicknology

      Hey what a surprise an IWC hater hating on Triple H. You might as well stop watching WWE because Triple H is taking over for Vince very soon. Triple H has done a very good job with NXT and development, just look at Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, The Shield & Big E Langston all were brought up to the main roster since Triple H has been in control of Development. I’m sure you’ll try to hate on Triple H somehow for that too.

      • http://twitter.com/ZackStinson Zack Stinson

        I don’t even hate Triple H. Its a joke. I actually like Triple H alot, I think hes doing a fantastic job with Developmental, and the younger talent, and i consider him one of the greatest heels in the history of WWE. I hate the fact he has so much pull backstage, and i think he really has no business in a rematch with Lesnar.

        • Dicknology

          I knew it was a joke, but it’s just that mentality of the IWC to hate Triple H just because he had some pull backstage. I’m not his biggest fan, but I can sit back and see that he really did a lot for this business and will continue to do a lot for the business with the way he is handling developmental.

          • vadertime33

            how much has he done for the biz?? just cause he made a few guys means he’s done tons??? what about all the guys he held back or buried ??

          • Dicknology

            As I said I’m not his biggest fan and I know he screwed RVD back in 2002 and I’m sure there are other examples. However, I say he did a lot for the business because of a few things. First, he is one of the greatest heels in company history. Second, He was apart of and was a focal point of the WWE’s greatest boom period, the Attitude Era.Third, he was apart of one of, if not the greatest factions in WWE history, DX. He has also put on many great matches in WWE history. Triple H is selfish and egotistical however, he knows what is good for the business and if you don’t agree with that just look at WWE Developmental and what is has produced over the past year- Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and the Shield, just to name a few./soapbox

          • vadertime33

            no you’re right i can’t argue that at all.. to me when it comes to hhh and you say the greatest guys of the 90’s /2000 he’s not even in my top 20 …. i’m talking the whole package not just world titles…i some what agree with bret.. i wont disrespect hhh and say he’s that low

          • ertosi97

            Orton and Triple H aren’t egotistical or selfish.
            John Cena isn’t always egotistical and selfish though he has been for several years now. Maybe he has had to be. So now he is getting to take a break from that. Despite him always saying—“I’ll never quit!”
            Well he shouldn’t quit being like that but if he does, and it appears that he is going to have the advantage. Since no matter what anyone says, does or wants…he always gets to do and have things his own way.
            People who watch WWE…regardless of if they like or don’t like Cena are definitely sick and tired of him always enjoying himself but they don’t get to enjoy themselves!

        • puzzlebookgame

          Looks like to me that Triple H is supposed to face against Brock Lesnar to re-establish himself to the IWC smark guys who have been backing him…all I know is, they’ve definitely liked him a lot and have admired him tremendously.
          I can understand them wanting him to go back to wearing his hair longer but maybe he got bored with it so he decided to go with having a shorter haircut for right now or something.
          The IWC have definitely done a lot for the WWE and have been helpful in many ways that they have been. They contribute to story lines and are able to hate on wrestlers in such a way that makes people care about them at times. When things are going right in WWE. Likesay—in how things were during the frosted days side of WWE from late ’07, then from the beginning of January to the end of December of 2008-2009 and at least half of (6 months worth) of 2010.
          What isn’t making sense though is that Triple H should have to leave WWE if he were to lose to Brock Lesnar. Why? It doesn’t bode well for WWE if that were to happen anyway.

    • http://twitter.com/AbdoShAdoW1986 Abdelrahamn Sedik

      Whoever wrote this ..I F’Kin love you man !

    • 7 year old boy

      Awww the love you showed for Cena. You sir are too good :D

    • Ste

      I have a better idea! Check this out:

      What I’m even more surprised about is that the wrestling card doesn’t look like THIS:

      Randy Orton and Skinhead Jenn vs. John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback!

      I’m about to stop watching WWE if Randy Orton and Skinhead Jenn don’t and aren’t allowed to be teammates and side with each other vs. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus!

      I would really love to see a Skinhead girl who’s in good physical shape step into the WWE ring and have her and Randy Orton team up vs. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus!

      I don’t like Cena either and I’m completely sick and goddamn tired of him always getting his way.

      The only way that all the kids are going to smile and laugh is if John Cena gets his ass handed to him like he’s been deserving for a LONG time!
      AND IF John Cena gets defeated. But not necessarily by The Rock. Since that lameassed match is only another damn repeat of the same stupid nonsense that people who are watching WWE continue to have to see. Over and over and over and over again. They don’t want to see that. But they are being forced to see it.

      I’ve told my family and friends not to watch WWE as much. That they should also petition for Skinhead Jenn to be alllowed to get into WWE and for her and Randy Orton to team up and kick ass on guys like Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, Barrett, etc,!

      Thankfully, so far my friends and cousins, uncles and aunts aren’t watching WWE
      as much. They too want to see Randy Orton and Skinhead Jenn team up and fight against opponents in WWE and win against them! But….without eliminating Cena…they have to accomplish this. They also have to show that they are good and that Cena has gotten away with bad, negative, unfair, wrongful, unjust, bullying, dishonest, disloyal things and that he should have to apologize and get into trouble and be punished for those things he has said and done to disrespect Randy Orton, Skinhead Jenn, WWE fans, haters and non fans, other WWE Superstars, Divas, Announcers, and so on.

      Unfortunately….not enough people seem to agree about that. It appears that no matter how much the IWC smark guys or even the female smarks are BOOING John Cena and no matter how much they don’t want him to get away with behaving in ways that are lousy….he gets more of a push and more support.

      Maybe by appearing to be a good guy he is actually allowed to get away with being a bad guy and a heel. Or something. Maybe he has to do things like he is. I don’t know. I do know this: I would love and appreciate seeing a Skinhead girl get to FCW, train there, and get into WWE…then, she and Randy Orton kick ass on and
      beat John Cena and defeat him. In WWE.

      Thanks so much for letting me post!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16734450 Brandon Sco??

    No way Swagger wins….

  • http://twitter.com/sugarkayne6 Kayne Corey

    Only prediction I have at the moment is that Punk will get a visual pin of more than ten seconds on Undertaker (Like he did at Elimination chamber over Rock) because the ref will get knocked out or something and then Undertaker will win.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Cena Wins ADR Wins (Ziggler cashes in) Team Hell No retains HHH Wins (wish it was Lesnar tho unlikely) Taker wins Ryback wins & Sheild wins with Orton turning heel Oh n Fandango Wins

  • Wheel

    I think Wrestlemania 28 will be seen better than 29, it’s just not enough hype, Dont forget to add (even though it’s not confirmed yet) Miz vs Barrett – New IC Champ, Miz, Miz goes 4-0

    • y2j

      Miz lost at wrestlmania before .. .when he was teaming with JoMo .

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.fuller.961 Kyle Fuller

    Cena, HHH, Taker, ADR Ziggy cashes in and wins, Team Hell No, Ryback, Team WWE then The Sheild splits up

  • http://www.facebook.com/jj.vaness.1 Jj Vaness

    Rock retains, Taker wins, Brock Wins, Ziggler/Big E, Swagger wins. Henry wins

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=672385037 Michael Szewczyk

    OMG! Future Spoiler! Wrestlemania 30 – Ryback VS. Cena main match, RYBACK will win the WWE title.


  • Guest

    I think you guys are right on the money with these pics. I will be at the HOF/WM (promising to send ypou pics/video)…

  • ADementedJim

    I think you guys are right on the money with these picks…I will BE at both the HOF/WM…promising to send you pics/video if quality is good.

  • http://twitter.com/marios_g1987 MariosG1987

    Cena // ADR & cash in // HHH // Ryback // SHIELD // Team Hell No // CM Punk {no fudging need for 21-0}

  • Dicknology

    The build up to WM and WM itself are two entirely separate things. WM itself looks like it’s going to be going to be a great event regardless of the buildup. The buildup is there just to get people to purchase WM and has nothing to do with the matches/event itself. I’m sick of people saying WM is going to suck based solely on the fact that this year’s WM buidup has been lacking. Remeber, WM 26 buildup was awesome, but the the event itself was nothing great. My point is a good or bad buildup to WM ? A good or bad WM.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      How bout, WM is going to suck because the card is boring and predictable?

      • Dicknology

        First of all, Brrock Lesnar Matches are rarely boring, especially now that the match will be No Holds Barred. Second, The first Cena-Rock match was good, so why won’t the second be good as well. As for the rest of the card, we’ve never seen those matches before so how can you say they will be boring? Lastly, when WWE feels something is too predictable they will often swerve us. So I expect to see a few surprises at WM. Sorry not every comment I post isn’t negative enough for the you and the IWC. Sorry I can be hopeful that this year’s WM will be a good event.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Lesnar vs. Triple H was boring as fuck the first time around. Two different styles that clashed more than anything. I would hope they’ve been training together, but I really doubt it.

          Cena vs. Rock was okay, but I’m not interested in Cena getting any more chances to win the WWE title for an eleventh time. Even if he doesn’t win, I’m just sick of him always getting the opportunity. He’s at the same point Hulk Hogan was in 1991. It’s time for him to turn heel or start putting more people over, both seem highly unlikely.

          Maybe I am negative. I like to think of myself as a realist. Wrestlemania is designed to bring in viewers who aren’t regular fans, so it can be expected that the results will be made to appease them, not regular fans.

          • Dicknology

            My point is you need to give the show a chance. Maybe it will suck. I don’t know, but atleast I’m willing to be hopeful that this show will be good and not just look at the card and say “This show is going to suck!” That’s just narrow-minded thinking.

          • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

            Amen. Last year everyone and I mean EVERYONE bitched about how WrestleMania 28 was gonna suck. The show was mostly solid minus the Divas match and Brodus Clay. People hated on the Sheamus/Bryan match but did you hear the crowd after Sheamus beat Bryan? That is should be the goal…..to get that kinda reaction about. The problem with wrestling “fans” today is they want to look at wrestling through the eyes of a fan but with the mindset of someone that is in the business. You can’t do that. You will always be pissed off. If a heel is being a heel then todays smart marks think that he sucks and take him off TV. If you think about it….the heel is doing his damn job. He is making you hate him. What more do they want? Fans today think that if you lose a match…or a couple matches then you are automatically buried. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

          • Odin

            Maybe what fans and haters miss is Randy Orton and Skinhead Jenn being more assertive, or aggressive when necessary but also being respectful and polite for the most part and being kind and honest. As they battle against evil and bad. In and out of the WWE!

          • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

            I’m sorry bro but I didn’t understand any of that.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Maybe if I was the average Joe and I only watched Wrestlemania because that’s the only time I cared, I might be inclined to agree that it’s gonna be rad. But I’m an old school fan for some 30 years and more and more I’m watching Wrestlemania gear more away from the true fans and more toward the general viewing public.

            I’m not even sure who’s responsible for selling this year’s Wrestlemania, Vince or Triple H, but the shows leading up to it, as another poster put it, have done nothing to get me hyped.

          • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

            In business….if you lose one regular fan…..and gain 100 new general viewing public and 75 turn into new fans…then wrestlemania will be a success. it sucks…but its good business.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Yeah, those huge ppv numbers for Wrestlemania 28 drove RAW’s rating through the roof, right?

          • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

            There is so many ways to watch Raw or anything in particular that its unreal. Some stream online….some download it. Me…I personally download it online the next day so I can watch without commercials. I know abunch of people that do this. Its hard to pinpoint how many people actually watch Raw on TV anymore when it happens. Not everything is ratings. WWE cares about buyrates and live gates more than ratings I’d say.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

          Best thing he did was the superplex on the Big Show when they broke the ring. Otherwise, he is stiff and boring as hell. Thank you for Heyman!

  • D-BryNO

    I actually think punk will have a clean win,Turn face. HHH will win,The shield with randy orton will attack him after,Leaving brock lesnar as the dominate one.And I have two results to the Rock/Cena Match! The rock will win once again,And cena will attack him out of frustration. The match will go to a double count-out,vince will coe out and restart the match,Then ring the bell to screw the rock and turn cena heel,Making him his new corporate champion,and setting up a rock and stonecold type of feud with him and CM Punk! It could be totally different,But growing up in the Attitude Era gives you a very creative mind when it comes to wrestling storylines!

    • deezdoe1004

      How is it creative if you are rehashing the Rock/Austin feud…?

  • http://twitter.com/johnjohnson444 Johnny Johnson

    I Have the Winners Being Cena, Swagger/Ziggler’s Babyface Turn Undertaker, Ryback, Team Show Sheamus and Orton the next night Orton Turns Heel

  • http://twitter.com/johnjohnson444 Johnny Johnson

    I Forgot Team Hell No Will Will and Ziggler turns Face Later in The Show

  • jb16

    I would think Y2J, the Miz, Barrett and Cesaro need matches. Hopefully Y2J doesnt get Fandango

    • WWEFan4Life

      Y2J v Barret,2 out of 3 falls match for the Intercontinental Title
      Miz v Cesaro v Truth, triple threat Steel cage match for the US Title

      Fandango v Dallas/ Conner O Brian (Anyone from NXT, its all he is good for)
      Personally, thats what I want to see, but allas, I will never see it :(

      • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

        The triple threat sounds good but it doesn’t make sense for Miz to be apart of it since he has been chasing the IC title.

        • WWEFan4Life

          Yeah, but my guess was that Miz in the IC title match on Raw was just a 1 of and that he was going to keep going on chasing the US title… even if WWE are making Miz go for the IC title, he could easily be replaced.

  • WWEFan4Life

    SESscoops, a few weeks ago, you were saying that Swagger will lose out on the title because of his recent arrest. What changed your mind?

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      My prediction is that the only way Swagger wins the title is if he’s dropping it 5 minutes later to Ziggler .. There was talk a few weeks ago of a Swagger vs. Del Rio Submission Match at Extreme Rules on 5/19 – so you’ve gotta factor that in somehow .. But I just don’t see Swagger getting a World Heavyweight title reign after his recent arrest .. Who knows though – anything is possible, and WWE likes to work the audience and be unpredictable sometimes

      • WWEFan4Life

        Yes, I suppose you are right…. WWE could do this the smart way and make the fans think that Del Rio was going to win… but, if Ziggler did cash in his briefcase on Swagger, this would most probablys lead to a Swagger/Ziggler feud… but for this wouldnt Ziggler have to turn babyface? And about Del Rio after WM, I dont really see what WWE could do with him if he loses the title unless he wins MITB again. Idk, but as you said WWE sometimes (however rarely it may be) likes to be unpredictable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732542390 Donte Shoshona Gopual

    WM 30 The Miz (4-0) vs The undertaker (21-0)
    both streaks on the line!!!!!!!!
    Miz wins with the figure 4!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      God no.

  • WWEfan

    WWE is boring without BATISTA!

    • Kris Mystery

      WWE was boring WITH Batista. I never saw the allure of that guy whatsoever.

      • trident5

        WWE is more boring with Cena than it was with Batista.

        People have wanted Cena to leave WWE or to at least get defeated by his opponents. Which does not appear to be allowed to happen.

        I predict that eventually in the future….Randy Orton and Skinhead Jenn both team up inside of a WWE ring and stay together and become a couple who turn into a formidable but just and fair force against evil and wrongdoing.

        Them two not doing that totally f**king sucks!

        I would definitely be thankful and absolutely love to watch those two kicking ass against those in WWE who’ve intentionally done wrong to and by Randy Orton and others in WWE if need be!

  • matt

    John Cena v Rock – Cena pretty obvious
    ADR v Swagger – Swagger wins, Ziggler cashes in
    Hell No v Ziggler & Big E – Ziggler & Big E – Dolph holds 1.5 belts
    Ryback V Henry – Henry should win, but he’ll put over Ryback
    Show, Shaemus, Orton V Shield – Shield wins, Orton turns heel
    Punk v Undertaker – Punk breaks the streak, Undertaker goes away forever
    3H v Lesnar – Lesnar wins, 3H goes away forever

    • Joe

      If Randy Orton’s going to turn heel then he should be allowed to divorce Samantha Speno and not have a daughter Alanna then. They should not remain married.

      Instead Randy Orton should marry Skinhead Jenn and if, by chance she has any companion animals or any dog, or dogs—Randy Orton should be allowed to take them into his home and take Skinhead Jenn into his home in St. Louis, MO. Also he should be allowed to take them on the road with him. In a WWE tour bus. Even if it’s a private tour bus. They should also be allowed to get married and be husband and wife. They deserve to be happy and to be able to do fun things together in the now and in the upcoming future!

      Just my opinion, man….thanks for letting me share it and have a say!

  • http://www.facebook.com/BNB248 Brian Bird

    wins after kicking out of 7 Rock Bottoms 4 peoples elbow and wins with
    an AA after a 40 min match. Undetaker wins goes to 21-0 after kicking
    out of 3 GTS and wins with a tombstone. Triple H wins cause he Triple H
    shovel time. Del-Rio wins after the match Swagger attacks Del-Rio then I
    hope Ziggler comes out and doe not cash in MITB . Orton will go heel
    that’s how WWE wants to book this show

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I think because everyone expects Cena to win, he won’t. I expect Orton to turn heel and show that he’s the leader of Shield. I expect Triple H and Lesnar to suck it again. I expect Swagger and Del Rio to be boring and I expect the streak to go on and on. Otherwise, the only match that’s up in the air is Ryback vs. Henry. Personally I’d like to see Henry win and go on to challenge whoever for the WHC.

  • GMpunk

    I think a triple threat two falls match for the intercontinental and us championships like at wrestlemania 2000 would be cool Jericho vs Barrett vs Cesaro!

  • jccox01

    I have Dolph and Big E winning the tag titles and dolph winning the world title at wrestle mania. Then on the next ppv or even raw the night after they lose them.

  • RomBuster

    Has anyone noticed that for the past 10 years for every great Wrestlemania, the next one following that would always either suck or wouldn’t live up at to the previous WM?

    WM 20 : EPIC
    WM 21 : Meh
    WM 22 : Way better
    WM 23 : Good but not up to par
    WM 24 : Freaken great
    WM 25 : Sucked
    WM 26 : Better
    WM 27 : Total Disaster
    WM 28 : Great
    WM 29 : Looks to be lack luster

    • http://twitter.com/Shaddy_esc_617 Rashad Jackson

      WM 20 was ehhhh bro…few good matches…with taker returning wit bearer was epic..all undertaker matches at WM has been good!..so yeah his best was with edge and shawn michaels by far…21 was ok….22 was horrible…23 was great!! 24 ehh cud of been better but takers match was great….25…amazing…26 amazing…27 ok…28 ok..

  • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing


    • RandomAssPost

      cause they think they’re dedication will get them somewhere lol and they can’t think of anything else to watch rofl
      Haven’t watched in a while, twitter fills me in on everything haha

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

      We hope for it to be once what we used to love and watch. Since 1983, I have watched this product. It was great, the wrestlers had skills and could talk. Now, they are the same and I just want that to change. For me, it was a huge part of my life and now I wish the old days were back and wrestling was good, not this entertainment crap we call it today.

  • KngViv

    I think you need to get your facts correct first, Daniel Bryan’s loss at WM28 was in 18 seconds not 8 seconds.

  • battletoads

    Still won’t ever realize why we should care what Mr. 561 thinks, or why he is so insecure that he deletes criticism. While I’m at it, why don’t you promote anything Solomonster does off the site like his Layfield Reports? Oh well, let’s see if this comment sticks and if not, I’m sure I’ll just keep visiting while he blindly links us to other sites like defsounds or 24wrestling every once in awhile. Promote yourself, not others.

  • Mike C

    its pretty predictable this year. Cena gets to win, rock shakes his hand they take a picture of them holding each others hands in the air. ziggler cashes in on swagger and del rio. taker beats punks, retires on raw.

  • Bswayn

    While I do agree for the most part, I disagree that Jack Swagger wins and Ziggles cashes in on him, I think Del Rio retains and Ziggler cashes in on him, seems more logical IMHO!

    Also a Randy Orton heel turn just seems so cliche and predictable, but lately WWE has been cliche so who knows. I don’t think Orton or The Shield benefits from him joinin them though

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      I don’t think Ziggler will cash in.

  • Zach

    Cena beat Lesnar at exteme rules not elimination chamber get it right

  • Jax

    i was planning on ordering the ppv until john cena won the royal rumble. I lost all interest in it when that happened.

  • http://twitter.com/coypumikey Michael Cannon

    Its so predicatble this years wrestlemania… Although will WWE suprise us? Forgetting backstage politics will The Rock defeat John Cena AGAIN? Will Triple H lose to Brock Lesnar AGAIN to end his career? Will CM Punk be the first man to defeat The Undertaker? Will Mark Henry defeat Ryback to extend the rivalry? Will The Shield finally lose to a mismatched team?
    No to all of the above because its Predictamania

  • Shane

    –Rock v Cena – Cena wins. I would assume tht since vince decided to go with a rematch that theyve planned a much better match than last years WM.
    –Punk v Taker – Guaranteed great match. Undertaker takes the W. Can see Cena v Taker at WM 30 for takers last match. Who wld win that, to me, would be a toss up.
    –Brock v HHH – Brock has a lot more to do, and trips is not needed in-ring after this. doubt hed be in the ring putting over the young stars. He does that behind the scenes. Brock Wins. Same standing O for HHH from their last match.
    –Orton/Show/Sheamus v Shield – shield has been great all-around. Shield wins. The 1st superteam w cena couldnt do it, why would these guys. Orton turns heel, feuds w Sheamus.
    –Henry v Ryback – Dont like ‘big man’ matches normally, but i see a dq. feud continues to extreme rules.
    –Del Rio v Swagger – Not all interested in this as a WHC match, Swagger wins, Dolph hopefully cashes in
    –Hell No v Dolph/Big E – No idea where this match came from. THN wins.
    –Jericho v Fandango – ……..why?

  • CM Punk is God!

    Honestly, I believe Brock can take The Game down, but it’s Triple H’s career on the line so he’ll win. CM Punk and the Undertaker? Two of my favorite superstars. But my heart is on CM Punk. The streak will end. The Rock will beat John Cena again. Orton turns heel. The Shield wins. Team Hell No retains. Del Rio wins, but Ziggy cashes in the MITB and becomes WH Champion. Ryback wins.

  • http://twitter.com/SnydeX9 André Snyde Lopes

    Ziggler for WHC and Tag champ!

    …and then I woke up.

  • James

    If the Shield does win who will stop them. I have a suggestion. Barrett turns babyface and reunites Nexus w/Ryback and take down the Shield. You never know.

    • Lee

      That idea totally f**king does not make sense!
      The Shield shouldn’t win vs. Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus but then…who the hell are Randy Orton and Skinehad Jenn supposed to feud against when she does get into WWE???
      I want to see them two face against Cena and Sheamus or Cena and Ryback. Or Cena and The Shield!
      At least THAT DOES make sense!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      WTF? Thats kind of random. LOL

  • newgeneration

    Sad but True Fact: The last time the United States Championship was defended at Wrestlemania was Wrestlemania 22 when JBL beat Chris Benoit.

    Now a prediction: Bold as it may be, the drought of United States title matches will end this Wrestlemania.

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      Benoit defended the belt at WrestleMania 23 vs MVP.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaddy_esc_617 Rashad Jackson

    NO ONE!! in this WWE current era/roaster should end the streak…NO ONE!!…there is only 3 ppl left for taker to fight…punk…cena…lesnar…out of those 3 ppl the only 1 who shud end it is lesnar…but again NO ONE!! in this current era/roaster of WWE should end the streak…punk should not!! win…i HOPE he DOES NOT WIN!…after the disrespect he has shown to paul bearer….

    rock vs. cena….dont get me started….i HATE!!! the fact that cena is getting another title shot….he has had the title 49543523 times he doesnt deserve to win and i hope he doesnt win…i will be PISSED if he wins…i wud love for the rock to win but i doubt that will happen…am i the only 1 who doesnt want to see this match??…lol

    hhh and lesnar….i can see lesnar winning as a way for HHH to leave the wrestling ring and start following the foot steps of vince and start running the business cuz as time goes by n once vince is gone..he will indeed be taking over..so i can see him losing…but i wouldnt be surprise if he won since he has lost his last 2 matches vs. lesnar…

    Y2J vs. FANDANGO….idk i want y2j to win i am sure that match will probably be the highlight match of WM if they end up facing each other…but i read a while ago y2j doesnt mind losing to the new stars…as for them to get a push…also isnt y2j leaving after WM to go on tour??…if so than yes he will indeed lose but again this match will probably be the best match or a very good match i hope….

    ryback n henry…..idk something is telling me this match will be good but yet boring…and i mean boring as in lesnar vs. hhh at summerslam boring…or lesnar vs. goldberg type of boring…and that is PRETTY BORING!…but i hope i am wrong….idk hpw ryback will win…cuz i doubt he can lift henry for his shell-shock finisher…so idk whats going to happen…

    rio…and swagger….i wud love swagger to win! but i doubt he will…del-rio will win…but he will be very tired…HOPEFULLY ziggler will be man enough to come out n cash his money in the bank in…he only has a few months left to do something…before his time is up..1 year is almost over…but it feels like its been 2 years haha but i want swagger to win but something is telling me rio will win…

    shield vs. orton shemus and big show….omg…this match will be good…i want shield to win…and i am sure they will since this orton heel turn is taking place…so IF the shield wins..it will be becuz orton turns his back on his team..which will start the orton vs. shemus feud…i want big show n them to win though..but i doubt they will…i love the shield i think they r badass…but i am just pissed cuz no one has stopped them yet…who can stop them??? u need to get ryback n goldberg together hahaha naw that will never happen but seriously thuogh…IF they win which i am sure they will…what will WWE do?? who can they get to stop the shield…lesnar??..undertaker??…idk..the list goes on,..they have basically beat up every super star in the back…they only go after the good guys…cena…rock..ryback..orton…shemus…big show?…team hell no…kofi?…they beat up every1…so wwe writers need to start working on a plan to figure out WHO can stop them…cuz as much as i love what they are doing…i want to see some1 or some ppl a team to stop them…

    team hell no vs. ziggler and big E…..i say team hell no only becuz ziggler will hopefully cash in his money in the bank but again i doubt that will happen…i can see ziggler being tag team champion and having the money in the bank with him…then losing the tag titles some where int he future which will lead to ziggler and big E ending their tag team or business as friends…and he will later cash in his money in the bank in the future..becuz he only has until july!..to cash it in..soo hopefully…

    the united states title needs to be defended!!!….and he needs to LOSE!!…but who can fight him??…i am pretty upset that drew is part of 3MB cuz i really wanted him to go places i was looking forward to him being the “Chosen one” but again WHO can face him? the miz…?? r-truth??…and what about wade barrent??…give me justin gabrial to face one of them and WIN! he deserves a little shine..i like him…

    all titles should be on the line at WM

  • http://twitter.com/Shaddy_esc_617 Rashad Jackson

    orton WILL NOT join the shield and he doesnt need to…the shield is good with just those 3 guys…all 3 of them are leaders…it wud be cool to see orton join them since hes been in so many groups…IF he does then yeah that group wud be the best…i def. want to see the shield going places…give them a tag team title shot IF they win then any one of them can be the tag champs…or make them have the main beats..like the US title..etc…idk but orton will not join them wud be cool if he did

  • goku the cena

    hey homo ste i know cena will defeat the rock and taker will defeat the homo cm skunk

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

    This is the biggest problem with wrestling today. We see it all. We have a good idea on what is going to happen and that sucks. I remember going to a WWE card in the 1980s where all the good guys beat the bad guys. It was the worst event I ever went to because of that and this Wrestlemania sounds similar. I agree with everything written here except for Swagger winning. Del Rio wins and then loses.

  • phil

    im not getting the show now because, after reading all these comments of how sick and tired everyone is of cena( i dont like him either, wish hed go back to thuganomics cena) i CAN NOT BELIEVE that people still want to see the undefucker win!!!??? hes what like 70 yrs old? cm punk and the rest of the roster should unite and say we ALL quit if we have to loseto this elderly person….vince is just a faggot now the pg era sucks balls..if the rock wasnt on there every now and then id never watch… i do like swagger and zeb only bc they are telling the truth. heres hoping that undefucker strokes out on his way tothe ring and cm punk chokes him with his nuts while ems are trying to work on him…

  • ssStyles313

    Wow cena wins the title what a shocker.Its so predictable that he is going 2 win and the fact that their playing up the whole poor john thing is sickening . its hard 2 feel sorry for a guy who has won the title 11 times .What a joke

    • Anonymous

      Yep and all his little 9 y.o. Cenabite (yes, it is intentionally spelled like that) fans will celebrate with him when he holds the strap high.

  • Anonymous

    I’d disagree with Ziggler taking the strap from Swagger, that makes no sense; they’re both heels and somewhat allies. I have a feeling the writers are going to re-start the Cena/Ziggler feud up once again by Cena winning the strap and Ziggler cashing in and winning it from Cena. An interesting note is how it would be interesting to see a money in the bank cashed in and the “Mr. Money in the Bank” loses but I don’t see that ever happening.

  • Bam Bam

    I agree with all the predictions in the article. I do think Dolph will cash in his Money in the bank briefcase, after Swagger wins. One reason is cause of the DUI he will drop it soon. Also Kinda hopein that WWE uses Dolph to be a huge star. He is one of the most talented performers on the show. I also think Randy will turn heel after the match or during the match and that will cost them the win. I say Ryback will win because it helps him considering his career as Ryback is still growing. Rock is gonna lose because John Cena is gonna have anther huge WWE Championship run again, and Rock isn’t there every week like Cena can be. As for the Lesner HHH match Triple will win cause his career aint gonna be over. I mean c’mon he made one of the smartest moves when he married the boss daughter. No, I dont think Zigler will be tag champ and World Heavy Weight champ so they will lose. Undertaker wins or they riot I’m sure. He also better not lose by DQ or the WWE is over. Also kinda wanting to see a good Diva’s match for Wrestlemania, and by good I don’t mean a 3-5 min. win by a clothesline match. I mean like actually a wrestling match.

    • Bam Bam

      Oh yeah also its probably gonna be Chris Jericho vs. Fandango. That will probably be his wrestling debut knowing the WWE and I dunno he will probably win even tho I will be rooting for Y2J.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lin.somers.7 Lin Somers

    I think its going to be Epic! And..yes, I want Cena to win! Tough, we all have our opinions!

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      I hate Cena but I too hope he does win. As much as i can’t stand the guy at least we know as champion he will always be there to represent the company.


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  • Azeem
  • Azeem

    watch wrestlemania-29 live online at http://wwewrestlemanialivestream.blogspot.com/

  • John Scott

    Anyone else hoping for a John Cena heel turn?

    • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

      Shut up. Not gonna happen. Done tired of hearing about it. Sorry to sound like a jerk just getting sick of every other comment being “Cena’s gonna turn heel”. Other words don’t take this comment personal. :)

  • crazymeth

    wrestlemania 29 going to suck all your guys going to cry about it after so don’t waste your money0

  • crazymeth

    wrestlemania 29 going to suck all your guys going to cry about it after so don’t waste your money0

  • tedsmyspace

    I can tell you this has EASILY been the most sluggish ticket sales for ANY Wrestlemania event over the past 29 years! In fact, the WWE website still has tickets available. Granted they are “partially ubstructed seats but usually that means you can’t see all of the staging area where the wrestlers come out from. I’ve been saying for awhile now that I have 2 possible swerves coming up:
    1.) We find out that The Shield has a veteran leader….Randy Orton (now granted that’s not much of a stretch since Orton has been vocal about turning heel again). Of course it could be one of the other wrestlers, Sheamus & Show, but Big Show is just coming off his heel swing. Sheamus has finally been getting some pops as a face so I don’t think that will happen, then again, the WWE writers have recently been struggling so who knows! Of course The Shield could be kicking the crap out of Orton, Sheamus & Show and a bigger named WWE Wrestler does a run in.. When the crowd sees him the crowd is excited only to find out he is NOT there to help those 3 but to continue to help The Shield do more damage to the big 3. (like years ago when Hogan turned). I’ll post the others later