WrestleMania 29 Rumored Matches: Divas Title Match, 8-Person Mixed Tag Match

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn was interviewed by Matt Striker for the WWE App on Monday night prior to her match with AJ Lee. When asked whether she thinks AJ Lee wants the Divas title, Kaitlyn said no – and that their issues are personal.

Following Monday’s WWE RAW, there is talk of Kaitlyn defending the Divas Championship against AJ Lee at WrestleMania 29.

Also rumored for the pay-per-view (likely the pre-show) is an 8-person mixed tag match featuring Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins vs. Brodus Clay, Sweet T (Tensai) & The Funkadactyls.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • WWFan

    I gotta say this years wrestlemania looks VERY weak. The only match that will honestly be worth watching is going to be CM Punk Vs Undertaker. & Brock vs HHH

    • Cm punk mark

      WEAK?! Are you kidding me? As opposed to those 2 matches you have rock vs cena and shield vs randy sheamus big show and possibly a good world title match. This wm is gonna be awesome wiyh a 90,000 person crowd expected. AWESOME!

      • Fighter

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Then again, every year there people who comes on here and post the exact same line WWFan posted, that how the card looks so week. Every year it’s the same thing, last year it wasn’t any different, the year before that same thing and guess what? Next year for WMXXX there is going the same type of people posting the same line about how weak the card is, doesn’t matter who is in the main event or what the card looks like. That is what is predictable.

        This card is looking better than past Wrestlemanias as of late. There is four main event matches with that all has their own cool storyline going for them. Then there is the mid-card matches, that unlike past years, WWE is actually paying attention to them. Fandango vs Jericho, The Shield vs Sheamus, Show & Orton, Ryback vs Mark Henry, a possible Divas Title Match, I don’t remember the last time WWE had a title match for the women at WM and yeah I would like to see AJ Lee wrestle for the Divas Title. The tag titles have a story/feud of it’s own going for it and now the likely pre-show match is a 8 Mix Person Tag Match, which btw, has it’s own build up as well, not a strong build, but way better than some random Battle Royal Match.

        Yet idiots, yes idiots are claiming this is a weak card. Like I said it’s been a while since I see WWE focus (even if it’s a little) on every match on the card and that is pretty much exactly what they have done. We’re not seeing last minute random matches being placed on the card or for the pre-show, we’re seeing everybody involve in a match have something for them. These are the type of people, it doesn’t matter what match WWE put on the card or how it’s build, they’ll have some negative comment to say bout it.

    • http://twitter.com/KimboHalf88 General Disarray

      You forgot Rock vs Cena 2.

    • dae

      I have to agree and I won’t spend $60 to see it. If it was Sheamus v. ‘Taker, I might be a bit curious, but they just can’t sell me on Rock-Cena Twice in a Lifetime, Brock v. Triple H for the third time (gee, will the COO win this time?), Punk (who needs to quit whining and being such a tool) against ‘Taker (my favorite wrestler of all time who I wonder if I’ll get a chance to see him wrestle again?) has been done, SHIELD is a lamer rip-off of NEXTUS and SNORRE taking on three guys which will have one going heel, AdR v. Jack Stutter just doesn’t do it either, nor does the battle of the big guys (how many times have we seen that?).
      Plus, we probably will have to put up with some lame act who think they can sing (like last year’s pathetic excuse for music – mute button worked well then)…
      Not worth the money I don’t have anyway…

  • TangoDown15

    Creative can not be this stupid AJ vs kaitlyn for the divas title at WM 29 got to happen i mean why tease a short 2 minute match on raw with a count-out if they are not going to fight at maina . But chances are its just going to be a 3 vs 3 mix gender tag but then again the tag team titles are on the line

    • Mr_DJ

      They’re just throw it into a blender and see what happens…don’t they keep teasing Tamina vs. Kaitlyn?

      • Fighter

        We saw Tamina vs Kaitlyn already, I believe it happened on Raw for the title and possibly at EC can’t remember. But it happened, Kaitlyn won and they pretty much moved on from the a few weeks ago, by showing 0 indications that they had a feud going for Kaitlyn until now. I think AJ Lee is the right choice, right way to go. Lee is the best Divas heel today in a lack luster divas division and a match between the two at Mania think would be great and probably even better than a Tamina vs Kaitlyn rematch.

        • Mr_DJ

          I am okay with this. Been wanting to see AJ wrestle more than just on Saturday Morning Slam.

  • http://twitter.com/iKing92 Initializing….

    Instead of complaining I’m just going to enjoy WM 29.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      Imagine that

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.kincaid.7 Dan Kincaid

      I envy you man, I’m getting to a point where I just can’t enjoy WWE right now, not because of the wrestlers but because nothing is made to matter. The titles don’t matter, the champions don’t matter, who wins doesn’t matter, who loses doesn’t matter, none of it is made to seem important so why should I care that it’s happening?

      • http://twitter.com/iKing92 Initializing….

        I thought RAW last night was enjoyable, the most prestigious title in the business does matter ( Credit to CM Punk) , maybe WWE are heading in the right direction you just don’t see it yet, Or my other solution take a break from watching it for a few months, you’ll see a difference.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dan.kincaid.7 Dan Kincaid

          I’ve been watching ROH and some stuff on Youtube more lately, I’ll always watch wrestling, maybe just not WWE, but full disclosure, I was at Raw last week (the one from Pittsburgh with the HHH contract signing) and that was genuinely the worst WWE show I’ve been to

          • dae

            TNA has had the better product between the broadcasted shows. Even with the Aces & Eights being a knock-off of the nWo. I won’t be wasting my money on WM29. I agree about the titles: they need to either get them back to the level of prestige they should have or forget about it. It used to be win the US or IC strap, get a WHC or WWF/E title shot.

      • Pozessed

        I do agree with you with WWE. I was watching some random Japanese wrestling in my spare time and you can just tell that being the champion is the best thing ever, the hype, the look, the feeling… It all looks epic.

    • http://twitter.com/fidoriko1 Fido Riko

      I have to admit I didn’t like Wrestlemania. But after RAW last nigh went off the air I immediately bought Wrestlemania realizing just why not it’s gonna be good. I will enjoy it as well :)

  • WWEFan4Life

    I think im not the only one who wants Lee to win the title. That way, if Ziggler cashes in at WM29 and Big E and Ziggler win the titles, the group would have all of the major titles in the WWE (except the WWE title) Divas title, tag team titles and WH title and IMO, if WWE are continuoing with this group as heel, it would really build them up to get massive heat from the fans.

  • the4thwiseman

    Rock is back … HHH is back Brock is back Taker is back. Wrestlemaina baby…

  • Hairzy1990

    Great match card so far for Mania XXIX! But I really do reckon more titles should be defended such as the United States and Intercontinental plus the Divas to give those guys a decent push. I can see one of these being on the Pre Show tbf!

    • Fighter

      Who ever the hell you are, stop using my name IDIOT!

    • Fighter

      I would like to apologize for my post. below. I’m guessing it’s something with the site, when I first look at your post your name was “Fighter” and I knew I did not post that message. I also know there is some who like to post as somebody’s name or act like that person, so yeah I quickly reacted. But now looking again, as see a different name. Guessing it’s Sescoops messing with me. Sorry about that, I apologize.

      • Yeah…

        Chances are that he did not even acknowledge either of your comments. Not everybody revisits these pages like an addict… I know I don’t

  • Hudson

    It’s too bad it’s not PTP w/ the Funkadactyls (they’d fit better with PTP) against Rhodes Scholars w/ the Bellas instead..

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    AJ vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship…urm…yes please!…and besides…if my memory serves me right I’m pretty sure they haven’t had a title match with the Divas since Wrestlemania 23 (Ashley vs Melina for the Womens Championship)…WM24 was a tag match, WM25 was that huge battle royal that Santino (urm, sorry…Santina) won, WM26 was a huge tag match, WM27 they just had Trish, Snooki and JoMo vs Ziggler and LayCool, WM28 they just had Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres…so this year would be a nice change…=P

  • G.I.R.L.

    Called it.

  • Progress_Now

    aren’t the Scholars supposed to be finito or something?

  • candykidjade

    It’s a good thing I’m going with friends to a sports bar to watch mania. $20 is better than $70

  • http://twitter.com/GodsGiftToWWE Quilter

    I hate this angle they have with Tensai Soooo much he is a monster he should be treated seriously not like a dick

  • Chioke Hassan

    I think Alicia Fox should fight for the title along with Layla.