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Wrestler Gets Mitt Romney Tattoo On His Face, CM Punk Talks Randy Savage-WWE HOF

Published On October 29, 2012 by (WWE News)

- During a recent interview with, WWE champion says he is hopeful that the late “Macho Man” will get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

“I hope that Randy would eventually get inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame.” Punk added, “We don’t get to talk to Randy, share stories anymore and that part really sucks.”

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– Independent wrestler Eric Hartsburg recently had a Mitt Romney tattoo put on his face in exchange for $5,000. Hartsburg held an auction to see who would win the rights to ‘brand’ his face and received $5,000 from the winner in exchange for Romney’s “R” logo, which now adorns his right temple.

Here’s a picture of the awesome, awesome life decision made by Mr. Hartsburg: