WWE Announces SummerSlam “Kickoff Show” Match, Final Card For Sunday

WWE has finally announced a SummerSlam “Kickoff Show” match for this Sunday, as Rob Van Dam will take on Cesaro during the 30-minute pre-show that airs prior to SummerSlam on the WWE Network.

With that now known, below is a look at the finalized card for this Sunday night.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
– John Cena (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE Divas Championship
– AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige

WWE Intercontinental Championship
– The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lumberjack Match
– Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Flag Match
– Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Harper & Rowan Banned From Ringside
– Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

– Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

– Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Kickoff Show Match
– Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

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    • Dusty’s Discarded Polka Dots

      I would have thought, seen as they are debuting the new logo, they would of had ALL the titles on the PPV … Oh well

      • raVen

        Next event is Night of Champions… I believe that’s why us and the tag titles are not on this show

        • Dusty’s Discarded Polka Dots

          Good Call

        • rudy

          Yeah keeps the action at Night of Champions fresh. . Could be a positive move

    • Cloaker

      So no tag match? Shame. I was looking forward to it.

      • Brody

        I couldn’t STAND him on SmackDown. “AND NOW…. we’re going to have… a TAG TEAM MATCH!!!!!!!……… featuring THE UNDATAYKAAAAAAH!”

    • rudy

      I know the card is stacked but Its a travesty the tag titles aren’t being defended (its Summerslam for goodness sake; its almost like WM!), specially considering the tag division is hot right now (its getting lukewarm as we speak). Is this a case of wwe not wanting them to steal the show like they did at battleground? Who knows. I doubt they would have been able to steal this one since there are a lot of good to great matches this card is going to produce (I am hoping). I dont see the logic but then again I don’t see the logic in Bryan being an adulterer so soon into his honeymoon phase. Sighing.

    • rudy

      In a way, I’m looking forward to all of the matches. All will deliver in a form or another. I am being optimistic. But in a way, I am looking forward to only three matches on the card, Lesnar’s of course, Jericho vs Wyatt and Dean vs Seth. These are the matches I hope wwe gets right. Jericho and Wyatt need to redeem themselves badly (and they can), seth and ambrose need to come close to stealing it (although I dont see how a lumberjack match is supposed to help that effort) but the beast and cena need to take that honor. They get paid millions to earn that distinction. I hope they come through (please, nothing like the 2012 ending!). The entire event is riding principally on these bouts.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      i blame roman reigns

      • guest

        It’s not Reign’s fault that Cesaro has the charisma of a brick.

        • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

          and reigns has charisma ?

          • guest

            Yea he has charisma and alot of intensity. Reigns reminds alot of Goldberg and I think it would be better if Reigns were pushed as a Goldberg-like face instead of the number one guy like Cena since his mic skills are lacking.

            • Scott

              Thats the silliest thing i’ve ever read. You gotta have power moves to be like Goldberg something Reigns has none of

            • rudy

              Goldberg was a beast compared to reigns. Reigns is a prettyboy jock. Goldberg was the real deal.

            • Scott

              1000% agree. It’s a joke to compare the 2. Goldberg has an intimidation factor, a hype factor, an entertainment factor, a beast mentality factor, and a moveset factor all that Reigns lacks in. Who’s Next vs Believe That get the hell outa here. Who’s Next all day

            • Tom Wing

              Goldberg had a moveset? Powerslam, underhook suplex, suplex, spear and jackhammer. THATS IT.

            • Scott

              Damn thats twice as many moves as Roman Reigns

            • ibeBrave

              You mean reigns reminds you of rhyno lol goldberg >reigns by 10 fold

            • Scott

              He aint even on Rhyno’s level

        • The Man From Jonestown

          No, it’s not. It’s the WWE’s fault for not having a clue (as usual) about how to properly create a star, anymore. If a guy is a heel that’s starting to get huge face reactions, you take him all the way. You don’t say: “We wanted this guy to be a heel” and then decide to kill his momentum by taking him even MORE heel, when he should be going face. They even had him stop the giant swing.

          They’ve gotten so big and full of themselves, they don’t listen to the fans anymore. They get their 1-3 year plans, and they only adjust for injury, never for fan reaction.

          Which is why Roman Reigns will be a mid-carder in a three-man team with the Usos by WM32.

          • NMMrocker

            Don’t know how to make stars? Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns, Wyatt. Yeah you’re right

            • The Man From Jonestown

              Are you new to this? None of those guys have even had one WWE title reign. Let alone a successful WWE title reign. None of them have become household names. None of them have cracked the top 50 all time greats in the industry. These are the barometers that require you to be a STAR.

              I like all of those guys (though Reigns’ stock is falling with each passing week in my eyes), but they haven’t done anything to be declared a star yet. Will they? Who knows. But Bray has loss a ton of steam after back to back defeats against Cena and Jericho. Rollins has yet to actually beat a main-eventer since breaking away from The Shield. Ambrose is at the same level as Rollins, and Reigns is so green I can see grass in his ears and is gaining critics by the boatloads.

              All of these things are mistakes made by the WWE creative team. Cesaro would’ve been mentioned in your list only a few months ago. Where’s he now? Or Ryback? Or Barrett? Or Cody? Or Dolph? Or Sheamus?

              The absolute MINIMUM level you have to achieve in order to be a “star” is to be as big a draw as an Edge, Batista, Orton or Booker T. But you’re not an actual STAR, until you’re a Rock, Austin, HBK, Hart, Taker, Hogan, Savage, Flair, etc…

              And they have no clue how to make those kind of STARS anymore. The two most popular stars made in recent times were made by the fans and themselves, fighting against the WWE Creative machine. (CM Punk and Daniel Bryan).

              I guarantee you, it’s far more likely they’ll ruin the careers of each and every man you named, than it is they’ll even get them to the career level of a Y2J or Angle in their primes.

              The sad thing, is right now, the WWE probably has more talent than they’ve ever had. But, they’ve lost all of their creative talent. If this were 1999? Half of this roster would be household names.

        • Scott

          Man i wonder what you think of Roman Reigns then

      • Brody

        He needs to buddy up to HHH. That’s the only way you get anywhere in that business.

      • Scott

        I blame RVD

        • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

          why blame rvd?

          • nBonThaBeat

            Because he’s the cause of everything?

          • Scott

            Well i mean dont you remember that Heyman and Cesaro were cooking up a pretty decent rivalry against Coulter and Swagger for turning on those 2, both had great promos against each other and then outa nowhere WWE threw in RVD for whatever reason and killed the rivalry which could have been a very entertaining rivalry. After that they never did anything with any 3 of those guys until of course Swagger went face and got into it with Rusev. But to me thats when it began was the PPV after Mania where it was a Triple threat and RVD really had no business being in that match

      • https://www.facebook.com/RandomBrainActivity Bully FU

        It’s not Reign’s fault it’s “WWE Creative” (which is an oxymoron considering their history). They don’t know how to build more than 1 person at a time. A few months ago they were pushing Wyatt hard until he started getting huge face reactions so they fed him to Cena and now don’t use him properly. Cesaro was getting over big at the time and it looked like he would make the jump to the next level after Wrestlemania being paired with Heyman and winning the Andre Battle Royal but then they broke up the Shield and decided to push Roman sooner than they should have. Also they took Heyman away from Cesaro since Brock is coming back for a little bit.

        What I miss the most from the Attitude Era isn’t the blood, language, T&A, or anything that couldn’t be on todays TV-PG WWE it’s that they only have 1 or 2 storylines going at a time now, regardless of the quality of those. The undercard is garbage. Back during the AE everyone had a semi-unique well defined gimmick and was over with the crowd enough to warrant their place on the card. Almost every match on PPV had a story behind it also. There are some great workers now but in terms of their characters there isn’t much difference between the majority of the roster, Sheamus, Barrett, and Cesaro are all basically interchangeable characters. Same goes for R-Truth, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston, Stardust & Goldust, Big Show & Mark Henry, they could swap gimmicks and no one would notice or care because they aren’t given the time to make their characters their own and if they do get the time it’s only for a couple of months tops before they get fed to Cena and pushed back down the roster, which has been going on for years now. See Wyatt, Sandow, Henry, Ryback, Del Rio, Orton, Kane, Miz and the list goes on and on. The only people in the last 5 years that Cena faced and didn’t completely bury in a program was Punk which i think makes the WWE more reluctant to put someone over Cena or on the same level as him since we all know what happened with Punk. He didn’t really put over Bryan since Bryan didn’t have a chance to be the focal point of the company when he beat Cena and also Cena showed up the next night on Raw with the injury excuses as to why he lost rather than just letting Bryan get the clean win over him and doing an injury angle to take him off of TV and putting someone over in doing so.

    • Ouch

      RVD vs Cesaro, will be extra interesting because whoever wins will break their respective loosing streaks. Cesaro hasn’t won anything since before battleground so I’m routing for him.

      • LACenaFan

        As much as I’d love to see this match, we’ve seen it like 10 times since RVD returned. WWE doesn’t know what to do with these 2. It would’ve been smarter to have The Usos defending the titles. There’s no tag team matches on this card, and at least one should be on it.

      • Feelmemore

        It angers me that he won the Andre Battle Royale and just died from there. They had something there he could have been a beast off that win, but nope.

        • robert19

          he looks ok until he got in the wwe world championship at money in the bank he beat swagger he beat big show he beat rvd he beat sheamus he defeated many wrestlers i feel sorry for him i still believe that he will be a main eventer soon i still want his match with chris hero at wrestlemania if hero ever return to wwe :-<

    • rudy

      Dang that’s a dish best served cold! I cant believe wwe can’t develop more than one talent at once. They halted everyone elses push who was on their way to being top talent just to focus on roman reigns. They have an entire pool of talent! Its the nature of the business to build characters, storylines, superstars, champions, contenders, faces and heels. If you have to focus so darn much on one individual talent, he probably doesnt have “it”.

    • Buzzard Follower

      i think rvd gets the win the way cesaro has been booked lately its sad that guys like van dam and cesaro cant get any kind of story going into summerslam along with sheamus the usos and others wwe cant even seem to do more than 3 stories at a time. thank god for brie bella vs stephanie or summerslam would be a total wash

      • rudy

        “Thank God for brie bella vs stephanie or summerslam would be a total wash”

        I hope that was a joke. . If it was, im laughing!
        If it wasnt, I’m laughing!

        • Buzzard Follower

          it was a joke

          • rudy

            Then I’m laughing lol

          • rudy

            I’m just messing around (:

      • meh

        If reports are true, RVD is leaving after summerslam so I see him putting cesaro over.

    • Matt Gallagher

      After that panel wouldn’t it make sense to have sheamus vs Cesaro? Anyone else get that vibe that they were both trying to get on the card

      • rudy

        That would have been nice. . Certainly more enticing than rvd vs cesaro. .I guess they didn’t want a lot of rematches on summerslam. . Probably why they held off on seth vs dean as well. .as it is bray vs jericho, lee vs paige, swagger vs rusev and technically cena vs lesnar are rematches

        • Matt Gallagher

          Rvd and Cesaro is a rematch as well

          • rudy

            Not a ppv rematch but I could be wrong

    • rudy

      Rest In Peace Eddie. .Mexicos GREATEST export.

      • For Da Rock

        You know he wasn’t actually born in Mexico, right?

        • rudy

          Neither was I, but I’m 100% mexican even though i was born here

          • For Da Rock

            For the sake of brevity, I won’t get into a race/ethnic debate. My point is you can’t be an “export” of a place you’re not from.

            • rudy

              He was Mexican buddy. For the sake of brevity.

            • rudy

              Citizenship and ethnicity are two different things. ADR was the first Mexican born champion if you want to be technical.

            • rudy

              Also, for the sake of brevity, I wont get into how a great part of the US, Texas included, was/is OUR land. You’re right about him not being an export, the exports are the people who came in and took it. But they sure didn’t take it without a fight. Eddie was Mexican and darn proud of it; because we cant be exports in our land! Viva Mexico!

    • rudy

      Take a look at some of the Summerslam pics I posted below in real time!

    • Keith Kaleo Limos

      So here’s the roster for the WWE 2K15 video game. More Superstars and legends to be revealed on a later date. Sadly… No gameplay or footage was shown. :(

      -AJ Lee

      -Alberto Del Rio

      -Bad News Barrett


      -Big E

      -Big Show

      -Bray Wyatt

      -Brie Bella

      -Brock Lesnar



      -Chris Jericho

      -CM Punk

      -Cody Rhodes

      -Curtis Axel

      -Damien Sandow

      -Daniel Bryan

      -Darren Young

      -Dean Ambrose

      -Erick Rowan



      -Hulk Hogan

      -Hollywood Hogan

      -Jack Swagger

      -Jey Uso

      -Jimmy Uso

      -John Cena

      -Justin Gabriel


      -Kofi Kingston

      -Luke Harper

      -Mark Henry



      -Nikki Bella


      -Randy Orton

      -Rey Mysterio

      -Roman Reigns

      -Rob Van Dam



      -Seth Rollins

      -Shawn Michaels


      -Steve Austin



      -Summer Rae


      -The Miz

      -The Rock

      -The Undertaker

      -Titus O’Neal

      -Triple H

      -Tyson Kidd

      -Xavier Woods

      • Hello

        you can find gameplay on youtube just search wwe 2k15 gamescon

      • Brody

        Xavier Woods , Tyson Kidd, shouldn’t even be in there.

    • http://www.soundcloud.com/cfumao Christobal Fumâo

      No Tag-Title Match….. That is so lame, the Uso’s are the best thing in WWE right now!!

      • JDS3105

        No kidding. They stole the show with the Wyatt’s the last two PPVs

    • JDS3105

      After stealing the show against the Wyatt’s the last 2 PPVs, the Uso’s don’t get a match at Summerslam? That is BS. Not even on the Kickoff show. Such disrespect.

      • Brody

        I agree that is BS. Instead we get a Miz match. The Miz shouldn’t be IC champ, and he’s the one that should be on the preshow wrestling a guy like Zack Ryder.

    • Brody

      I hope Paige’s match lasts longer than 8 mins. AJ Lee’s skipping around never turned me on as much as when Paige does it. Hotter x100, darker hair, younger, and a faster skipper lol

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Summerslam is really going to suck.

      I mean, the only match that really pops on this card is Seth vs. Dean and they boggled that down with a Lumberjack stipulation.

      Cena and Brock isn’t under extreme rules, so it won’t be as intense as their first encounter. Roman and Orton was already in the news for sucking at house shows. (And you must really suck to make the sheets for a house show match sucking.) Swagger and Rusev lost the heat with the garbage Battleground finish and all the rest are rematches. (Cesaro/RVD, Miz/Dolph, Y2J/Wyatt).

      Oh, and let’s not forget the divas matches. Cuz that’s always the highlight of every show…They killed Paige with horrid booking, so no one cares about her on the main roster, and Steph vs. Brie is going to be such an abortion, because Steph isn’t even a wrestler. (And neither is Brie.)

      Unless everything just miraculously clicks, and everyone puts on the best match of their careers, Summerslam is really going to blow.

    • Scott

      If they booked every show every week the way they did the past Smackdown people wouldnt complain. Where are the tag champs? If they arent going to fight someone for the belts than strip them or find a way to get the belts off the Usos. They had a great Smackdown friday night minus the main event and could have put together some sort of a triple threat tag match

    • austizzy1 .

      Since there is no post show hopefully this show will last 3 hours or close to it instead of 2 hours and 45 minutes

    • rudy

      Lets go cena! CENA SUCKS!

      • MOON CENA


    • MachoViper

      Orton will go over Reigns. That’s the upset of the night.

    • Dixie Carter

      Wound be more exciting if they axed SummerSham to save the company from losing respect with this awful PPV.