WWE To Attempt To Counter CM Punk Chants At RAW In Chicago, Hogan/Taker

WWE has begun looking ahead to the March 3rd RAW show in Chicago, Illinois, the hometown of CM Punk. There is said to be a considerable amount of concern within the company as to how the crowd will react at that show. With both Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker returning to RAW the week prior in Green Bay, there is some talk of bringing those two into the Chicago RAW as well, as a way to combat the Punk chants.

Despite the concern, there is said to be less than originally feared after Monday’s show in Los Angeles. Since the chants haven’t been too passionate or long-lasting, especially at the L.A. show, WWE feels that it may not be a situation that gets out of control like the recent Daniel Bryan hijacking fiasco.

Regarding the L.A. RAW, WWE feared fans would hijack the Randy Orton vs. John Cena main event, so they had Daniel Bryan go out twice. The idea was to bring Bryan out early, and again before the main event, as to let the fans get the chanting out of their system before the main event began.

  • CM Punk Returning To WWE AT RAW In Chicago?, Sting’s WWE Debut Plans …

    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • Luis Alejandro

      What does that mean?

    • Rami

      “…so they had Daniel Bryan go out twice…”
      PUNK succeeded…

    • Guest

      You can never Silence us WWE! Chicago will be very noisy and I shall be there!

    • bri

      Yeah like Hogan is going to kill off the CM Punk chants. If anything they’d get even Lauder. Only guys in their 80’s still like Hogan.

      • brad

        I can see you’re a younger fan who hates on hogan for stealing the spotlight. Bottom line is hogan coming back is a good thing and I’ll definitely be watching.

        • Captain Jeff

          You must be in your 80s. All Hogan is going to do is rip his shirt and say “brother” over and over again. It’s going to be a waste of time. Hogan should just go away and enjoy the rest of his life in peace.

    • Jay Strongbow

      Not to mention the fact that if they bring those two back, they probably would be in Chicago even if CM Punk didn’t leave.

      Cool reporting bro

    • bambam

      Suck my balls!!! Im flying out to Chicago for the Raw show. I want a complete train wreck of a show. If I see Ryback or Santino come in the ring, i might throw my beer of pretzel!! Im bring back the old WCW trash throwing!!!

      • Johnson

        Then they’ll just eject you from the building.. things like that don’t happen anymore. Back in the day, people threw lots of shiit in the ring, especially in WCW.. but it was because it was encouraged and allowed. Today is different.. The moment a fan tries to pull a stunt like that, that security will eject them.

        • bambam

          I hope so. I will be just drunk enough so I wont care when I do. This will be the last RAW show I will ever go to. I just don’t care about wrestling anymore. The product sucks and the last month of RAW has been awful to watch. Chicago is going to be like being at an old ECW show!!!! Time to retire the WWF card for good after Wrestlemania.

          • brad

            You know I was thinking the same thing. After mania I was gonna quit too, but then batista came back and the wwe network came out so now I think I’ll hang in there just a little longer.

            • bambam

              Batista looks awful since the return.. He looks gassed all the time. He needs to take out the nose ring and wear clothes that fit him. I only watch WWE for Punk, DB, Cesaro, Ziggler, Brock, and a few others. Im excited to see what Sting has to bring to the table and development of THE SHIELD!!! I think Reigns and Ambrose are going to be huge stars!!!

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      lmao… I would think that bringing out Hogan would be the WORST idea if you’re looking to avoid CM Punk chants.

      • 9 year old boy

        There are going to be so many marks there and majority of them hate Hogan LOL.

      • Phanto

        To this day Hogan has more fans and gets more pop & chants than Punk ever did. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanna see Hogan wrestle again and ring wise Punk is TONS over hogan, but Hogan will always be the biggest name at any wrestling card/show he’s on.

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

          Not going to disagree with that, but in Chicago? I think enough fans will know about why Punk left (according to dirt sheets at least), and trotting Hogan out there at that point would be less than ideal.

          • Phanto

            I’ll agree with that, in Chi it probably wont work but it’s probably their best option, tho, yeah, I’m sure it won’t work.

            • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

              I’d put Taker in there over Hogan any day.

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      I hope this might lead to Bryan being in the world title main event at Mania.

    • Johnson

      Trust me, this CM Punk BS with the fans will eventually dissipate. Wrestling fans move on pretty quick. The moment WWE does a new hot angle or something cool in the near future or a rise of a newer star whether that be by WM or post WM… people will move on. They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again.

      • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

        Of course. As is the nature with everything. But to think a month or so after the controversy that his hometown, which is also known for smart wrestling fans, isn’t going to chant for Punk… Is delusional.

        Then again… that is WWE.

    • comic_book_fan

      the only reason that no one was chanting for Bryan during the main event was because everyone fell asleep from have to watch cena vs orton for the 9,000th time. they’re are some matches that you can put on that many times flair and sting, Austin and bret, hbk and taker you know what they all have in common? both guys in all of these matches are way better than cena or orton. and these were deemed classics by the fans not by the company. I have never in my life talked to anyone who ever thought cena vs orton was a classic. only the announcers have ever said that.

    • FlawlessRKO

      People won’t dare chant CM Punk during an Undertaker segment.

      • justrockit

        never say never…the man has been given the what treatment before

      • Stephen

        I recall a few years ago a group of idiots “what-ed” The Undertaker. Some fans are simply morons. Like ones who are directly insulted by Zeb’s comments, but chant “We the People”?!?

        • Ares

          I remember what they “WHAT”ed the Undertaker. That legit pissed me off haha (obviously)

          • Rookseven

            The last time I remember the Undertaker getting “What’ed” he said “If you sleep with your sister say What!” The crowd said “What!” Took a minute and then very slowly started boo-ing. I laughed so hard at that! And they didn’t “What” him again all night.

            • Cadolots

              Taker is the man

        • Cadolots

          That was Minnesota -_- as fellow Minnesotan I am sorry for those idiot…

      • pwnez

        Unfortunately fans have chanted ‘What’ at Undertaker during a few of his promos. There’s always going to be a group of guys who have to act like morons.

      • Summer Rae Dudley

        They better not.

    • TyIdeas

      “Regarding the L.A. RAW, WWE feared fans would hijack the Randy Orton vs. John Cena main event, so they had Daniel Bryan go out twice”

      Wait, so WWE knew that people were going to hate that match, and they still went through with it? I always knew they were stupid, but now they’re just being dicks.

    • Buzzard Follower

      taker might stop some chants but wwe must be drugged stupid and high if they think Chicago wont hijack the show with punk chants if anyone want a reminder heres mitb 2011 punk entrance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OfSR68tEzs

      • Ares

        I miss his old theme so much lol

        • brad

          Yeah me too, killswitch engage is the spit.

      • superturbo

        Your link is no longer working so try this one instead Buzzard Follower!


        • Buzzard Follower

          alright thanks

    • Well….

      Yeah not going to work.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      The WWE is full of idiots! The reason the fans hijack a show is because they hate the stuff WWE keeps forcing down their throats. Here’s an idea…give them what they want, something fresh & new! Oh wait that would actually make sense….never mind scratch that.

    • Kevin G. Wolfe

      Chicago… the town I legitimately believed would have rioted had CM Punk not won… they’re going to try and counter the chants there. That’s really the gist of things? I’m not misreading this am I? because the WWE cannot be -that- stupid.

    • HoganSucksDonkeyBalls

      lol Hogan is returning…. Hogan Sucks.

    • NotSawft

      you wish to silence the second city, let me know how that goes for ya WWE muhahahah

    • superturbo

      “WWE feels that it may not be a situation that gets out of control like the recent Daniel Bryan hijacking fiasco.”

      ^They would have to call what the fans are cheering for a *hijacking* somehow? So i guess fans at this year’s Superbowl must’ve hijacked the stadiums when they cheered loudly for Seattle Seahawks as they beat the Denver Broncos, isn’t that right WWE?

    • Timothy

      If Taker comes back on March 3rd, he needs to find an opponent. If Daniel Bryan isn’t going to be in the WWE Championship match at WM, then I believe Taker vs Bryan at WM will steal the show, it it might get the crowd more excited. After that, save his ture championship win in his home town, which I heard is going to be at the Extreme Rules ppv.

    • Bodacious Bob

      They should have Punk return, get taken out by Hogan, and then smashed in an ambulance by a semi truck outside the Allstate Arena….

      Just kidding guys lol