WWE Battleground: Solid from Top to Bottom

Battleground is just around the corner and the card has been officially finalized. Overall, there are eight matches scheduled, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship being defended in a Fatal Four-Way main event.

Over the past few years, some fans have complained that the WWE has not put enough focus into the so-called “B-list” pay-per-views (anything not named Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, or Survivor Series), and rightly so. Last year’s edition of Battleground is the perfect example of the WWE phoning it in for a pay-per-view.

It is rumored that Cena and Lesnar will meet at SummerSlam. Does this mean that a Cena win is inevitable?

It is rumored that Cena and Lesnar will meet at SummerSlam. Does this mean that a Cena win is inevitable?

That event saw a vacant title remain vacant after interference from the Big Show, and the undercard was pathetic to say the lease (aside from the Rhodes Brothers/Shield matchup that stole the show). Fans voiced their dissatisfaction by not only complaining about the finish of the event, but more importantly by refusing to purchase the pay-per-view in the first place. The 2013 edition of Battleground registered only 114,000 buys, which is the second lowest total in the last 17 years.

Thankfully for fans, the WWE can no longer get by putting in little effort, as their goal is to now attract as many subscribers to the WWE Network as possible. This has led to increased focus on events that would have previously been neglected, such as Battleground. This year’s event has shaped up nicely, however, with several entertaining contests that actually have legitimate backstories scheduled to take place.

The most entertaining contest of the night will likely be Dean Ambrose against Seth Rollins. Since the Shield dissolved a few weeks back, Ambrose has been intent on exacting revenge from former partner and current Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins. There is no doubt that Rollins and Ambrose will steal the show at Battleground, as they are two of the best workers in the game and know how to tell a story.

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  • Cena Swallows

    Tired of Cena? Here’s your chance “real fans” … Leave right before the main event ,sitting there making noise during the main event is exactly what WWE wants , nothing will be louder than 1/2 the fans walking out before another super Cena victory

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      and miss out on a brock lesnar return ?

      • Cena Swallows

        Brock will be on Raw cheer him there

        • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

          the news that brock lesnar will return on raw is just a rumor i wouldn’t be surprised if he returns at the ppv

          • Cena Swallows

            Him returning at the PPV would also be a rumor , but that’s not the point , WWE wants to hear buzz around Cena so putting him up agsinst Brock only puts Cena In a bigger spotlight , if no one cares that Brock returns and fights Cena and everyone tunes in to watch Brock vs whoever he defends the title to a message will be sent …

    • Ares

      What about the other three performers in that match?

      • Cena Swallows

        Collateral damage , if people literally just stopped watching Cenas matching eventually WWE would be forced to remove him from matches and story lines no ones wanting to see

        • pwnez

          *Facepalm* No, just no.

          The “real” wrestling fans only make up a small percentage when it comes to the so called WWE Universe. Us turning our backs on Cena’s matches, stop purchasing tickets etc. wouldn’t do a single thing. Their are still millions who would watch. WWE wouldn’t be forced to remove Cena, that’s just silly.

        • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

          ….. Or they’d just toss him in with other people.. Just stop.

    • pwnez

      What about the millions at home who pay to see Cena main event? Lets be honest, not every fan in the building would leave; not even half. Why? Not everyone hates Cena. Picking yourself up and leaving during his match wouldn’t accomplish a thing, lol. Sometimes Cena haters are just as childish and ‘kiddie’ as they paint him to be.

      The only thing you would be accomplishing is wasting your own money in which WWE would laugh at you. You gave them business by purchasing a ticket for the entire event. They couldn’t care less if you left 20 or so minutes early. Nothing is louder than putting money in Vince McMahon’s pocket!

      • Cujo999

        Truth. For another, Cena is almost the best of both worlds for WWE in that he’s a tweener that draws monster money. The kiddies and their parents will pay to see him win, and the smarks will pay to see him get beat.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Oh yes. Pay for a ticket and then walk out before the event is over. That’s brilliant!

      • Deante320

        Nice move very classy. Kick Miami heat fan while they’re down lol. Kidding.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          You mean Cleveland fan now. The Heat fans abandoned the bandwagon and switched teams.

      • StevenT

        Best comment of the day

    • I Glove

      You’ve clearly never been to a live WWE event. Trust me, the pop the Cena gets dwarfs any other of the night no matter who it is. No one is walking out for him of all people. You’re exactly the type of wrestling fan that makes everyone hate the IWC

      • Cujo999

        Depends on the market, honestly. There are still cities were Cena gets massive face pop, and mine is one of them.

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        Dude, loud pops, loud boos. Cena gets attention. If you get attention you become important well unless you’re ziggler that is.

    • Tom Wing

      WWE don’t give a shyt. They still got your money.

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      This a joke right? Do you think WWE cares, you won’t be refunded for leaving early or shutting your stream on the network of early. The buys are already put through, they money is paid. Leaving is just a waste of your own money..

    • brad

      That sounds really stupid I mean talk about a waste of money not to mention missing a good main event.

    • raVen

      or simply turn your back during his entrance, comeback spot, and victory celebration..

      • Abra Kadabra

        I think everyone turned their back on you, raven. What about raven?!!?

    • HipHopBernie

      You sir, are a moron

  • BrayWyattsFedora

    Instead of leaving……turn your back on the ring. That way when lesners music hits everyone can turn around to see him f5 cena

    • Cena Swallows

      That’ll work as well only issue is in WWEs eyes your still in that seat …

      • The Real Fan

        Dude ok see it this way…Cena has the title now, if Daniel Bryan didn’t get hurt he would be the champ while Cena puts on an ok performance with rusev or some other up and comer so if you really have a problem with Cena blame D.B cuz Cena is filling in for him while he recoperates

        • Brian

          Blame Daniel Bryan for getting a career threatening injury?!

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        It doesn’t matter what is WWE sees. Its what is in their pocket. Haha..dude..please stop.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Solid from top to bottom….that’s what she said!

    • pwnez

      I want Lana from top to bottom…

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I’m shocked your auto-correct didn’t change that to Miz.

        • pwnez

          We all know you want Shitmus from top to bottom.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Speaking of Lana, I’m wondering if WWE will cool off on the US v Russia storyline with what happened to that plane today and the likely involvement by Russia.

          • pwnez

            It’s WWE, if anything they will use the USA vs Russia thing more now. They don’t have class.

          • TheBear

            About time for a controversial storyline I’d say.

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            In regards to this. Watch something terrible happen and Rusev be fired for it. I mean in regards to Mahammed Hasan. He was a very good wrestler, one of the best. Very entertaining but some stupid terrorist story line ruined the guy.

            This Putin/Russia crap is on edge work. Its not entertaining either, well Lana is..haha

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            It’s not even edgy. It’s a simple Foreigner vs. American storyline. They’ve done it several times over the course of the WWE. That type of storyline is much different than one that involves terrorism which had resulted in the deaths of American citizens on American soil. The only way I’ll see it lighten up is if they reference the plane crash. That would probably cause the storyline to disappear like a certain manager who referenced Kobe Bryant. However, they don’t need to reference that tragedy because the crowd is behind this storyline whether or not you find it entertaining or not.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            I’m not so sure. Right now, we have a pretty good reason to suspect Putin, or more broadly, the Russian military played a part. There were Americans on board. It was cold-blooded murder and would not surprise me if it eventually led to a much larger conflict.

            I think WWE would be wise to tread very carefully on this storyline in the immediate future. Showing the face of a guy who potentially had a hand in one of the worst terroristic attacks ever could lead to some major backlash. Do I think it should, personally? No, I don’t. I can differentiate storyline from real life but sponsors and networks would not want to be associated with such a sensitive topic if it turns into that.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            That would depend on which side of the border the missile came from and it seems current intelligence suggests that it came from the Ukrainian side. The only part Russia seems to have played is supplying the weapons to the offending party and if that comes to light they will face consequences.

            Worst Terroristic attacks ever, Cold-blooded murder? This isn’t even a terrorist attack. It was a rebel force in a country during a civil war taking down what they thought was an enemy aircraft. The US has done that during the Iran-Iraq war! It’s a tragedy yes, but don’t just throw around the word “Terrorism” so it loses all meaning.

            If anything all this did was change the booking for their Battleground match and they’ll probably do a moment of silence thing during Battleground. Like I said in my earlier post all they need to do is refrain from mentioning it.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            The missile came from the Ukranian side of the border, which means zip. The separatists are on the Ukrainian side. Intel has already shown that was who fired the missile.

            The separatists receive their support from the Russian military. They get their weapons from them as well. The reason I say this is cold-blooded murder and terrorism is because it’s nearly impossible to mistake a commercial airliner with military aircraft. You’d have to be 80% blind to do so. It was premeditated in nature going by the phone calls intercepted between the separatists and the Russian general headquarters of the armed forces.

            And yes, it was one of the worst attacks ever considering it’s the deadliest air incident since 9/11.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            Actually it means a whole lot when looking at it politically and if escalation will occur. It’s no different than what we did for Afghanistan and Iraq in the 80’s in addition to supplying troops. The fact is that it’s a regional conflict and it matters a lot about who pushed the button.

            Then you may want to tell that to the crew of the USS Vincennes which shot down an Iran Airliner mistaking it for an F-14 in the 80’s because they did the same thing causing a similar amount of deaths. The fact is it’s not murder, it’s just really serious collateral damage that brings the whole world back into this. The only tape transcript I’ve read comes after the plane is downed and suggest the rebels didn’t know and actually kind of freaked out about shooting down a civilian aircraft (http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/separatists-admit-downing-a-civilian-plane-in-tapped-conversation-full-transcript-356545.html). Nothing in those transcripts show premeditation.

            It’s not even in the top 10 (all exceed 300 deaths) of all time Hell there was an attack in a Nigerian market in May that killed 310 people! (http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/wrjp255i.html). Plus like I said this doesn’t fit the bill for a terrorist action. The plane was flying through a warzone despite being labeled safe by the Airline Commission. Collateral damage happens in wars and conflicts. It’s tragic and sad, but it something that does happen. Due to the intentional effects of this incident Russia and the Ukraine rebels will be scrutinized. But until I see some transcripts that show they had intention to attack an airliner my position will remain unchanged. And there is no reason this should affect the current storyline at this time. that depends on how they handle it.

          • Jakynth

            No its not edgy but its giving Zeb a fantastic promo outlet and Swagger is getting HUGE pops from the fans. I’ve been watching lately mostly just to see them.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            Exactly! It kinda pisses me off that he gets pushed after injuring yet another wrestler, but I’m for it if the crowd is behind it. The crowd turns electric when this storyline hits (my expectation is that this will grow). I’m a mark for this types of storylines anyway.

        • raVen

          best comment ever!

  • Scott

    I seriously doubt Rollins and Ambrose are going to steal the show, get real

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      And I seriously doubt you have any idea of what you’re attempting to debate.

      • Scott

        What is there to debate? I hopped the Shield bandwagon and certainly aint gonna now. Rollins is the only good 1 of the 3 and it takes 2 to have a great match

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Rollins is the only good 1 of the 3? Seriously? Thanks for proving what I said to be true.

          • Scott

            You’re welcome. Don’t expect me to start liking below average wrestling anytime soon, I’ll stick to guys who actually entertain in the ring

          • Jakynth

            Dean Ambrose IS one of the top performers WWE has right now and will CONTINUE to be for years to come. Smarten up playa the man tells us a story in that ring from the moves to the sounds to the facial expressions. He’s downright entertaining.

          • Scott

            Okay well you continue to watch your 2 moves, facial expressions storytelling below average wrestling and like I said I’ll continue to watch wrestlers who are better

      • Gotstodobetter

        Typical fan boy lol

  • Buzzard Follower

    battleground looks to be a decent show but anything can look good on paper its up to wwe to deliver this show has a good vibe around it and i look forward to this sunday

  • WWEwillgetbetter


    • Guest

      He’s right, Cena is turning heel, I also have another spoiler alert for you all, due to recent budget cuts, as of Aug. 1st all the referees in the WWE will be released from the company and will be replaced by what looks to be Spider Monkeys (see photo), they appeared to be highly trained and will call the match right down the middle, or may favor whoever offers them a few grapes.

    • Johnny B Bad

      He’s right, Cena is turning heel, I also have another spoiler alert for you all, due to recent budget cuts, as of Aug. 1st all the referees in the WWE will be released from the company and will be replaced by what looks to be Spider Monkeys (see photo), they appeared to be highly trained and will call the match right down the middle, or may favor whoever offers them a few grapes.

      Spider Monkeys as Referees? It’s what is BEST for business!

  • ajamesk

    They do really need to step it up with every PPV, even if and when they reach their goal subscribers with the network, they still need to continue with stacking up PPV’s. Why?

    Because unlike buying a ppv through a cable provider, you have the option of canceling your subscription and not losing too much money. Lets use an example. Summerslam. Lets say we are looking at a lackluster show, but you don’t have the network. So whatever you are hoping for the best and purchase the PPV. Now your stuck, you just paid $60 and the ppc is terrible. Well now they got your money. But say you have the network, and you don’t like what your seeing. You cancel your subscription. Well now its hurting WWE because their numbers need to stay up to keep wall street happy. And in order for them to keep the network numbers up, they need to keep us happy. And to keep us happy, hey have to give us a good quality product every single time.

    And one other thing unrelated, we need more Raws added. There are plenty of Raws, but I want to see more Raws added. For example, I can’t say for sure how many they add a week but I’m going to say they add 4 Raws once a week. Why don’t they add 8 a week and just get them all out there quicker. Like I said, I don’t know how many they add a week, but I would like to see more added weekly

  • Bob

    Don’t be fools. You all would find something to complain about even if Cena was retired.

    • B. T.

      Bob, go eat your burgers.

  • satishwarne708

    Without doubt Dean and Seth will steal the show.I hope Seth wins clean.A win for Swagger is unlikely but it happens that will propel him to main event status in an instant.Finally Jericho vs Wyatt match will be something else with both guys showing their awesome move sets and hopefully a bit of in match promos as well.Bray will win clean hopefully.