WWE Catches Person Leaking PPV Results?, Mark Henry Re-Signs With WWE

Published On July 27, 2013 by (Wrestling News, WWE News)

-Despite rumors to the contrary, WWE Superstar has signed a new three-year deal with WWE. Recently, reports had surfaced that claimed Henry may be leaving the company.

-According to sources, the story of WWE pay-per-view results being leaked online was said to be an “embarassment” to the company. WWE was already aware that results to their shows were being posted on the internet, however, with multiple mainstream media outlets picking up the story, WWE is likely going to be forced to change at least one match outcome this year at the last minute.

-Additionally, there are reports floating around that claim WWE has caught the individual who was leaking results to the internet that resulted in the recent media coverage. The person has reportedly assured WWE that they would never leak results again. If SummerSlam results do not leak online in similar fashion to the last several pay-per-views, that would likely confirm that WWE has caught the person who started this whole catastrophe.

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[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]