WWE Decides Against Doing A New “Nation Of Domination” Faction?

Kofi Kingston has been working as a baby face during the WWE tour of Australia, leading to some speculation that WWE may have dropped the potential new “Nation Of Domination” type faction.

Additionally, Big E. was flying solo on the latest edition of SmackDown in his loss to Rusev and has been tagging with Diego as a baby face at recent WWE live events.

WWE hasn’t made a mention of a faction with Big E., Kingston and Xavier Woods in over a week and according to some, the idea in general may have been dropped.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • pwnez

      Way to kill something that had the potential to be great. It would have been a solid way to build up your newer talent but instead, they will be stuck in mid-card/jobber land.

      • Leather Face

        While I agree that the stable would’ve been interesting, I don’t think any one of those guys would be anything more than midcard jobbers, despite kofis potential.

        • pwnez

          They still would have had something to do instead of participating in pointless squash matches. They wouldn’t have been main event or anything; mid-card feuds for the US, IC and possibly tag titles would have been just fine.

        • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

          I doubt that Kofi and Big E. will be midcard jobbers.

          • Leather Face

            Please explain kofis success since being buried by orton 5 years ago. Go ahead. Ill wait.

            • lunchbox87

              Thats what you fail to see when WWE drop stores and dont use stars they drop to the bottom ..Kofi was pretty over during that time and always seems to get a pretty decent pop

            • Leather Face

              He still gets a pop. But what you fail to see is that he will never be a top tier star despite his athleticism, despite his charisma, despite all his abilities. I’m not saying it’s right. But that’s the WWE for you. Does the name Shelton Benjamin ring a bell? Pun intended.

            • lunchbox87

              Yeah and even if he will never be a top star WWE could still make the mid card more interesting thats we are getting at

            • RynoJordan23

              Agreed. I’ve always thought Kofi was this generations Shelton Benjamin. Need an amazing stunt during a ladder match? Get Kofi in there. Same thing when Shelton was around.

            • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

              Like I said Kofi will not be a jobber. If he was in the new faction.

            • LACenaFan

              2 United States Titles, 2 Tag Team Championships, competed in 2 Elimination Chamber matches for the WWE Championship..

            • Leather Face

              The U.S title is equivalent to the old wcw tv title. The penny belts mean nothing. You want to know who else competed in chamber matches for the titles? Big Daddy V, The Great Khali, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Vladimir Kozlov. Yeah. So again, please remind of how prestigious that match is and how many titles Kofi has held.

            • Leather Face

              Read my comment below

            • Beleive in IWC

              Hasn’t Kofi been Multiple tag champ, U.S. champ, and I.C. champ sense then?

          • Ace

            Yeah… they won’t be midcard jobbers.. they’ll be released.

            • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

              Don’t think so.

      • lunchbox87

        Just another prime example of WWE scared to pull the trigger. This is why i get tired of fans b*tching about there being no star power they have talent they just dont use them being midcard is not bad no not everyone will be in the main spot light but hell back in the day they would use guys for tag teams…build lower titles and have them in better stories and not just used to job to other guys,but hey its ok they can always just bring back older guys when they run into a rut

        • pwnez

          This is why I don’t understand when people say “Meeehhhh, you complain too much about the WWE!” They give us reasons to complain. There is no reason as to why they couldn’t have gone on to give this stable a chance. WWE does good things for sure, but the negatives outshine the positives.

          Did they think they wouldn’t have enough jobbers if they made a mid-card stable? It’s just stupid.

          • lunchbox87

            I mean we have 3 hours to fill every Monday night and we could do with out half the squash matches

      • NeronWillRise

        Totally disagree. This was ill-conceived from the start and I’m glad they dropped it.

        “Hey, let’s team up all the black jobbers because………they’re black! Let’s deflect criticism from their placement on the card thus far, by having them complain about said placement and have everyone boo them even though they’re essentially right! Let’s call attention to the fact that black guys can only be jobbers in WWE by having them do the only other things black men are good at: be angry and complain!”

        Yeah…no thanks. If you wanna do black wrestlers a favor then pick one, give him a gimmick that has nothing to do with his race, push him because he deserves it, and don’t make him cannon fodder for the rest of your roster.

        • Scott


        • pwnez

          I’ll also have to completely disagree with you also. You know why Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose are kicking a** right now?… because they were all built up well when they were a part of the Shield; the crowd likes them because they had time to develop when they were all in a stable.

          We’ve seen Black, Asian, Hispanic and homosexual stables/tag teams before. Welcome to society where everyone is stereotyped; even Hollywood does it (to no surprise.) This is an entertainment company; having an all-black stable is no big deal—it shouldn’t be.

          Yes, Woods, Kingston and Big E are black…so? This could have been a fantastic way to get them more recognized and for the crowd to get behind them whether it be as heels or faces. No one had an issue with the original Nation of Domination. All of the sudden it’s a problem. Like I said, this would have been a good way to make them relevant. Once they are, you break them up and push them separately.

          • http://popcritica.com APJ

            Big difference between “apart” and “a part”. Like the opposite. Lol had to read that a few times.

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            I think in your response you aren’t really responding to his main criticism, which is a pretty valid one, actually. I too, wouldn’t mind WWE doing something with these guys – and I was all for the direction they were going in… but yes, it does perpetuate the ‘angry black man’ stereotype – and it would be so amazingly rewarding to see them do something different.

            I stress, that I am disappointed if they drop this, because these guys are all talented so it’s disappointing in the sense that now they may have nothing again – but it stinks of lazy writing to rehash a NOD gimmick for these dudes – no matter how cool or in it may have been.

        • OkLISTEN

          Totally disagree with you. The idea IS a sound one. These guys are definitely NOT jobbers, and could really use the heat that a stable like this could bring. And they’re not falling needlessly into an “angry black man” stereotype if what they’re saying has some truth to it.

          The WWE calling attention to their issues and criticism is a very smart idea. Particularly if it helps them get talent, who is already on the payroll, over even more.

      • bambam’s ghost

        God forbid WWE tries something new. Lets have Sandow dress up like and a$$ and have dance contests. WWE has been very boring all year. Besides Wyatts vs Shield and DB winning the belt, what have we watched. A new nation could have been interesting and maybe have Booker T be the mouth piece. Same old Sh*t. 4 weeks to NFL!!!!

        • wwetnadudez

          You realize this NOD would not have been a main event draw like the Shield or the Wyatt family..this would have been a decent mid card group which could offer something to stars with potential to be more.

          • John Ari Caul

            We all realized that. But we’re all tired of seeing good talent getting a chance to become great.

          • bambam’s ghost

            its better then the squash and boring mid card matches they have now!!!

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      great wwe killing another potentially great stable they also killed the epico,primo,hunico stable a few years ago and look at them now all jobbers

    • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      That’s dumb of WWE to drop this new faction.

    • ronjon 1000

      Wwe creative really does cater to kids. They expect a short memory. What? Did the three of them come to ringside just because they were bored? Ridiculous. SMH. I know Vince hates stables but c’mon. HHH, the sooner the better.

    • elguapo79

      I’m not convinced that it’s dead just because it’s been quiet for a bit. It had been on Main Event as well, I believe.

      Mostly, I HOPE they haven’t killed it. It looked so great. Throw in Henry for legitimacy… Kofi needs a fresh coat of paint, as does Big E who has lost all momentum. Xavier seemed natural, too, and obviously the man is smart as hell.

      • We’re Here

        I don’t believe it yet either. There’s a lot of stories going on for Summerslam and chances are WWE just can’t juggle that many stories without mucking up at least one of them. Unfortunately this is a case of Cesaro-syndrome. Too much going on higher up on the card so they’ve got to wait to storylines clear up before they can really dedicate time to it. Same thing happened to PTP break-up. It was at the wrong time right before WM and they got lost in the shuffle. I really hope they do something with these guys though. It doesn’t have to be a new NOD it can just be 3 black guys in a stable, I don’t care. Do something with them because they’ve got the talent and we need more tag teams.

    • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

      Titus, R-truth, Woods, Big-E, Kofi, and Henry all have charisma and what it takes to be in the main event scene but no let’s make them job or stay in the mid-card. Once again the black guys take a loss -__-

      • ronjon 1000

        Yoshi, Kenzo, and the rest of the Asian wrestling community once affiliated with the WWE say hi. KENTA says he’s on his way.

        Booker T smiles along with Ron Simmons who adds in a much needed “Damn” and shakes his head at your comment.

        In other news, R-Truth and Kofi aren’t main event material. Mark Henry was once but not any more. Titus, Woods, and Big E may get there but they aren’t there yet. What fantasy world are you living in?

        • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

          Once again you reply with negative remarks. Like I said in the other report. Post your opinions in the discussion box, because it seems like to me your making this personal every time I post something. Stay blessed brother you seriously go out of your day to reply with sarcastic remarks behind a computer screen instead of just being an mature adult (which i am sure you are over the age of 18) and stating your opinion. Again stay blessed sir.

          • ronjon 1000

            Butt hurt? You asked for it in the Steiner article. And on this one you are playing the race card which doesn’t belong here. If you can’t deal with people making points based off of your own comments, particularly somewhat sarcastic ones, you are in the wrong place.

            And 2 posts is hardly a “personal thing”. Get real. Stay positive buddy. Maybe Nova will grab you as a tag partner.

            • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

              Mr. ronjon 1000 let’s keep it “1000” as you name says. I gave props to Scott Steiner for being in shape in the other article

              I said: “He’s still in shape I give him props, still big poppa pump. No negative replies please & thank you.”

              You said in REPLY: “Good luck. Great shape or not, I wouldn’t pay a dime to see him back.
              People complain about Sting not being able to move…have you seen
              Steiner? He was hardly ever over while solo. His WWE run was bad. Ditto
              to the TNA run. What would he possibly bring to the table? Now, I enjoy
              seeing oldies from time to time and will forever mark out to Sting if
              he ever showed up. The difference is, Scott Steiner was never iconic
              enough to give a hoot about now. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the
              truth about it so negative comments will be aplenty.”

              I was giving him props for still being in shape for his age. Your reply to my comment on the other hand made no sense to what I said.

              Definition of a Hater:
              1. a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.
              2. a negative or critical person.

              instead of just stating your opinion your reply made no sense to what I said which in that case makes you definition #2 of a Hater.

              Now in this article as an African American (which I am) I just stated how the black superstars in the WWE are very talented but take another loss. I also Feel for the Asian even more-so the Mexican wrestlers as well ADR is a prime example of how he got fired for putting a guy in his place for making a racist remark.

              Again you take the time out of your day as a grown man to reply with negativity to everything I post shows you have some personal issues going on brother. While people must agree with me since my comments get likes so what I am saying is not a “race card” as others can see it for themselves not only with black superstars but with others as well. Butt hurt? never I speak with intelligence you are just another guy replying to my comments with negative remarks that have nothing to do with what I’ve said thus making you a hater. Have a blessed day.

            • ronjon 1000

              So the pot is calling the kettle black now?

              I mean, if you are so mature, why are you even responding? And why take the time to type that out? Again, look where you are dude. Get over it. Because if you don’t, I know of a few other posters who would love to debate you on this….

            • Joe Anonymous

              The two of you need to just get it over with and start making out with each other….

            • ronjon 1000

              You would like that huh? Sorry, bestiality isn’t my thing. Good try though.

            • Joe Anonymous

              Hmmm, someone here is getting defensive… ;)

            • ronjon 1000

              Really? I was thinking the same thing.

              Unless you’re talking about me. In that case, you are as bad as ol frontier here at defining defensive and personal attacks.

            • ronjon 1000


            • Joe Anonymous

              Ya know, I’d love to sit here and watch you backpedal like a mofo, but I’ll let you get back to your little fight with Kermit up there. After all, it’s adorable when old married couples fight.

            • ronjon 1000

              Backpedal? The only time I move backwards is when I’m pulling out of your wife.

            • Joe Anonymous


              I know that was your attempt to insult me/get me mad, but you more came off as a gigantic tool.

              *Pats your head* Nice try though kiddo.

              Now go back to dreaming about making out with Kermit.

            • ronjon 1000

              You already have my name.

              You know where I live.

              Come at me bro :)

            • Leather Face

              Lovers quarrel

        • The Man From Jonestown

          You must not have been watching long. Because only a few years ago R. Truth was stealing the show when they finally let him break free from the stupid rap gimmick. Kofi was also rising to main event status until an in-ring mistake led to Randy Orton killing his push.

          They can be main even talent if they got the same opportunities as their white counterparts get. (Though you have a fair point about one thing: As bad as blacks got it, it’s nothing compared to how bad Asians are treated.)

          • ronjon 1000

            Ive been watching him since he was k wok. Hes decent. Main event though? No. Not anymore. He was gold in TNA. Gold in WWE for a while. But now its like saying Dustin Runnels or RVD are main event material. Part time? I’ll give you that. But not full time.

            Kofi wouldn’t have lasted. Not his fault. Hes a smaller Jeff Hardy and less talented Daniel Bryan (too small for WWE’s liking).

            And yes, Asians have it bad. Kenzo could have been good. Kaientai was amazing. Jimmy Yang and the other guy was awesome. Tajiri was the shiz. But no…turned into comedy skits.

      • brad

        Well to be honest both Henry and Truth have been around for quite some time and are winding their careers down, but I could definitely see Titus and Big E becoming big stars. However Woods and Kofi to me should be nothing more then mid carders.

        • ronjon 1000

          Watch out! Truth and Henry winding down and Woods and Kofi as non main eventers may be viewed as a negative comment.

          • brad

            Well then so be it I’m here to voice my opinion just like you are good sir, but on that same note I’m a fan of all the guys besides Woods. He’s not bad I just personally don’t enjoy his work that much.

      • nBonThaBeat

        Wrestling needs jobbers.

      • Scott

        I disagree with you on Big E and Kofi. I cant see either one of them being able to pull that off. Titus i believe could have. But Potential is not something WWE seems to go off of. You could make a list of about 200 guys over the past 10 years that WWE blew the potential on

    • K Dot

      I’m extremely pissed about this

    • Land of the SMARKS

      If this possible stable is dropped, this is a prime example of the downside of being a publicly traded company in terms of PRO WRESTLING. We now live in the world of where words are more punishable than actions. WWE just can’t seem to play with any issues in terms of race.(And I can see their position in why) I have one idea (recycled, just like NOD) is maybe, just maybe…….re-form the J.O.B. squad?

      • Ace

        Yeah.. everything has been pu$$ified..

    • Matt Gallagher

      Back into obscurity for these 3

    • Rob Lucci

      What’s so offensive about Nation of Domination anyways?

      • ronjon 1000

        The original Nation had a Black Panther/Malcolm X vibe to it. I loved it. Now, kiddies and their overbearing, overprotective under 30 parents of the milleneals get their panties in a wad over the slightest shish.

        • Howard

          funny how people get all uncomfortable with certain television programs and yet don’t focus on the music or other entertainment areas

          • ronjon 1000

            Right? Can’t watch PG13 but they get the new ICP album for good grades.

    • Jonny Merciless

      it would have been interesting to see a new NOD sadly WWE only put there focus on there over or close to 40 year old stars, nothing like keeping young guys in the dark till the last minute

    • WhoGonStopMe1303


    • insomniacreviewer

      I was looking forward to the N.O.D. 2.0

    • RynoJordan23

      Typical WWE.

      “Hey, I’ve got an idea that might be entertaining and focus on some young talent that could use some new ideas!”

      “Oh wait. I forgot that I’m not supposed to write anything for our young guys that may get them over.”

      “Anybody have Batistas’s number?”

    • Angry fan

      gee thanks WWE, even though TNA is on it’s last leg at least they’re up for doing stuff that’ll spark reactions; why else would Dixie go through a table or having an all black group as the main stable. And yet you want the fans to pay $9.99/mo for your stupid network. Well i say no, you screwed the fans over so many times before go get yourself out of this jam

    • JohnnyRayge

      I’ve been reading these quietly for
      The past few weeks and honestly I am glad. Let’s be honest when was the last time wwe had a stable or team or character based in race that didn’t come off as terribly racist? You all say that wwe is afraid to pull the trigger , wouldn’t you be knowing that your name is affiliated with the product when crazy ass Vince mcmahon has final say on which direction it would go. It could have been great but it probably would have been terrible.

    • danielrusso

      It is prob best for this idea to be scrapped because wwe stock is dropping Vince is too scared to do anything that might cause his stock to drop even more. Doing Russia vs USA with Rusev vs Swagger is as edgy as they will ever push it.

    • Jeal321

      The writers realized that why have three black men on the air when they can’t right a decent character for one black man. When it comes to the brothers the writers just don’t have time for them. Gotta get the next El Torito sketch ready cause Vincent loves it. Count how many words are said by a black character on raw it’s sad.

      • Dyce

        They see anyone non-white as a comedy, that’s why. Look how they treat Rosa Mendes. They give her the ugliest attire to wear, have her say and do stupid things, and then job her out in seconds.

        R-Truth is a running gag… WHAT’S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rapping the same stupid song over and over again so them white fans can look at the dancin negro. Every Mexican wrestler according to that company all look the same, dress the same, and act the same.

        Cryme Tyme was a mockery. And them white fans eat that garbage up. “noo nooooo it’s not racist.. it’s funny… it’s all funny, it’s just comedy” They all say the same crap.

    • RCW E-FED

      Fackin Bullsheit

    • wrestling enjoy

      I hope WWE change there mind and continue with this stable because if all three go back to there original roles it going to created a storyline plot hole for people who watch WWE but don’t pay attention to the wrestling news

    • The Real Fan

      It’s cuz of the whole Del Rio thing

    • LaParkaXV

      Doing another NOD faction wouldn’t have worked anyway. WWE is too dull and the world is too PC for it to work today. I was an advocate for a faction of Woods Kofi and Titus. Basically a smart brothers stable. Ik Woods is very smart, Titus went to UF not sure about Kofi though.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Yeah, cuz NOBODY wants to see something like that. We want more Fandango vs. Diego and Hornswoggle vs. Torito. I just can’t wait to see what waste of time angle they have with Adam Rose next, or how they intend to further ruin Damien Sandow’s career. All of this is FAR more interesting than seeing Xavier, Kofi, Big E. and Titus actually get a shot to become something significant. Nobody wants to see two guys who already proved they could be main event, like Mark Henry and R. Truth actually get to BE in the main event.

      Nope, give us more fantastic Brie Bella promos and non-sensical vignettes with The Dusts. Because THAT’S quality entertainment.

      Nothing like blatant racism holding black people down on national TV. So fun to see.

      • raVen

        You got a like until the last line. Race isn’t involved in every thing

        • The Man From Jonestown

          No, it’s not. But, race is involved in THIS. 60 years, man. One black WWE champion who was also half-samoan and highly connected through his family.

          Of all the black guys to come through the WWE, in the past 20 years, you can count on one hand the ones who were elevated to long term Main Event status: Mark Henry, Booker T. And Mark Henry spent the majority of his career as a mid-card comic relief guy.

          Hell, they even put it right in your face during the HHH/Booker feud for the title. “Guys like you don’t get to be champion”. And then they didn’t make him champion.

          Every black performer that comes through, even Booker and Mark, are some slick black baller types (MVP, PTP, Godfather), Gangster/Rapper types (Crime Time, R. Truth.), “Gifted Athletes” (Shelton Benjamin, Marcus Cor Von) or Shuck and Jive dancers like Booker and his spinneroonie, “Dance for me Book!” or the Funkadactyls. Some are just outright servants and step and fetch boys. (Virgil, Mr. Hughes) Oh, and let me not forget the Voodoo jungle bunnies like Kamala, Papa Shango and Boogeyman.

          Heck, the Nation of Domination was the only time black men were ever painted as something different than court jesters and ghetto thugs. And even THEN with all that heat they had, Faarooq still couldn’t get a run, when the dude had more heat than Vickie Guerrero at her best. Ahmed Johnson couldn’t get a run when he was just as popular.

          And even beyond the booking, you’ve got a guy ON THE ROSTER, who is a known racist in Michael P.S. Hayes, who openly used the N word with Mark Henry and still has a job. This is the same guy who ran off Bobby Lashley and Kristal Marshall.

          And I’m just talking about what happens with the BLACK people. The Asians have it even WORSE. And don’t get me started on Latinos. If the Del Rio thing isn’t a work, that let’s you know the culture right there. I mean, for God’s sake, they had the Mexicools come out on Lawn Mowers and had Eddie Guerrero going for his GED as an angle.

          Come on, man.

          • LaParkaXV

            Mark Henry has been employed over 15 years and hasn’t been sexual chocolate probably in a good 13 years. WHC means nothing i guess?

            Faarooq had heat? WHAT?! It was just a coincidence that the Rock became the star of that group right?AND champion…..Ahmed Johnson was terrible and always hurt!

            Eddie was champion….Rey was champion…ADR was champion yeah Hispanics were treated just terribly. But but the Mexicools…..

            Kenzo Suzuki and Taka should of been champion I guess right? EVERYONE should be champion or WWE is racist LOL

            Paul Heyman must be the biggest racist ever because ECW never had a black champion……

            • The Man From Jonestown

              As I already said, Mark and Booker are the only TWO guys who main evented in the past 20 years. Henry got to hold B-show title for what? A couple of months? In 17 years. Please.

              And yes, Faarooq was, at one point, THE most hated wrestler on the roster. The NOD had nuclear heat. And the Rock became the star of the group because the Rock was just BETTER. But, Faarooq was doing his thing when people were still chanting “Die Rocky Die” and he had Cena hate on him.

              Eddie was WORLD Champion, while being a caricature of every negative Latin stereotype possible. Rey was only WORLD champion because Eddie died. And the WORLD HWC is not, nor has it ever been, the top title in the WWE/F. It has always been the B-show title, which they didn’t mind giving to minorities. ADR was only made champion because the WWE was trying to expand into latino markets at the time and were searching for someone to be their face. It was the same thing with Khali and India.

              And sure, go ahead and pick out some of the whackest Asian wrestlers around, and act like Tajiri, Great Muta or Ultimo Dragon was never around. The reason why Asians are never taken seriously as champion material is because they are never BOOKED seriously, and they will rarely even hire an Asian-American wrestler who knows how to speak English properly so they CAN get over.

              And Paul Heyman never had the black talent come through ECW that the WWE did. Paul had D-Von and New Jack. D-Von was never World title material and New Jack is legitimately insane. I would level the same criticisms at Paul Heyman if he had the hiring budget to afford guys like Booker T., Mark Henry, Ahmed Johnson and Faarooq. But he had to take whatever he could get and make the most of it.

              And Heyman also made an Asian guy the TOP champion in his company in Misato Tanaka.

            • LaParkaXV

              The Rock isn’t black? You’re one of those people LOL.Truth wasn’t in a main event against Cena 2 times couple years back? Henry didn’t have a title match against Cena last year?

              You’re delusional Faarooq was never the #1 heel in WWE. Again the Rock isn’t black? LOL

              Eddie Guerrero was flat out entertaining AND CHAMPION but he wasn’t pushed like how you wanted how sad! Rey was ALSO WWE champion! Like ADR and Eddie! “ADR was only champion” SO what you’re saying is WWE is damned if they do and damned if they don’t? GOT IT!….

              Again Tajiri had to be champion? He was treated ok while in WWE. Worked there for years AND won OTHER titles! Ultimo was there for a cup of coffee guess he should of been champion too! LOL Muta never worked wwe so yea “great” point! AGAIN LOL “they will rarely even hire an Asian-American wrestler who knows how to speak English properly so they CAN get over.” SO WWE should be prejudice against non English speaking Asians and not hire them? LMAO!!!!!

              Actually Ron Simmons was in ECW! Damn that Heyman he’s “racist”! Maybe he didn’t have the talent because he was “racist” (See how easy that is!)

              Tanaka was only a transitional champion BUT “great” point! The WHC is worthless but being a transitional champion in ECW A..O…K!

              Anyway i think you have a bright future in PR and HR fields. Remember hire English speaking Asians ONLY!

            • ronjon 1000

              For one, Simmons was never THAT over. You are delusional.

              Booker was booked very strong for years. If anything, being a WCW guy held him back.

              Lashley was booked strong for his talent.

              Mark Henry can’t be trusted to stay healthy.

              Im sure in your eyes Orlando Jordan should have been JOBs boss instead right?

              Kenzo Suzuki wasnt a racist thing…the guy just wasnt over.

              Eddie had a ton of say over the los Guererros.

              The Mexicools were a joke.

              Kristal…who cares.

              Ahmed was booked great considering his talent.

              The Godfather was Charles’ own idea.

              Monty Brown…see Lashley plus he was a TNA guy.

              Crime Time…I guess whites should be mad that the Mean Street Posse was a bunch of stereotypical trust fund brats.

              Zeke Jackson…couldn’t stay healthy.

              Khali was limited.

              Ditto for Davari along with being small.

              Same goes for Rey, Eddie, and Chavo. Its size more than ethnicity.

              Same for Tajiri. And he was an ECW guy.

              Shelton had issues.

              Broadus, Hector, Camacho…what else they gonna do? Ain’t the most talented bunch.

              Plus, for pete sake do your homework. Hassan was an Italian guy.

              And making fun of Titus….well ask Sandow how hes doing.

              Plenty of white guys get buried with stereotypical gimmicks too. And, here’s a shocker: how many black guys wrestle? Maybe not a lot. Not compared to whites. Asians stay in Asia because they enjoy their unique style. DItto for Hispanic wrestlers. Maybe the only ones who come to the WWE are the ones suited for comedy. I mean, have you seen the nicknames that AAA or New Japan come up with?

            • Dyce

              “The Man” in WWE has always been white. If any non-white ever got the gold they were always short reigns and forgettable. The Rock’s longest reign as the champ was four months. The Rock had three joke title reigns, and spent the majority of his WM main events flat on his butt looking up at the lights. A chump like JBL had a only one run and had a better title reign than all of the Rock’s reigns combined. If it wasn’t for the Rock’s Hollywood career..had he still been in WWE throughout the 00s he would have been jobbing to Cena and Orton regularly. To top it off the Rock was never the face of the company. It was always Austin.

              Rey Mysterio’s title reign was irrelevant. He lost almost every match he had for free on Smack Down before eventually losing it to Booker T. Booker T who also had an abysmal title reign and was basically keeping the belt warm for Batista. Booker T never got it back.

              Rey Mysterio won the WWE title for the first time on RAW in a tournament. Kept it nice and warm for about an hour before dropping it to Cena. Mysterio never saw World title gold again.

              Eddie was given the title but this was done because Lesnar was on his way out. Had Lesnar remained, Eddie would have never seen World title gold. And to top it off, Eddie’s reign was pathetic. He had a good title defense against Angle, but an awful run heading into the GAB where JBL took it from him. Eddie never even got the title back. His reign was forgotten. Can anyone even remember memorable intense feuds he had as champion? Angle at WM 20.. anymore? No. What about Rey? No, because there were none.

              Kenzo Suzuki, Taka, Funaki, and soon KENTA… are all stereotypical gimmicks. Vince sees these men as jokes. They’re not meant to be taken seriously in his world.

              Any Indian men they hire seem to get shafted as well. Mixed black and white men like Brodus Clay got shafted with a dance gimmick and then got released.

              Naomi and Cameron are not taken seriously, they are dancing jokes for people to laugh at.. just like R-Truth, WHAT’S UP!!! Alicia Fox was given a schtick where she would act crazy, like a mad black woman. That racist Mike Hayes was probably behind that one. She was embarrassed and was used to be made a fool of, so Hayes, Patterson, and the rest of them could get a good laugh. Not that they don’t laugh at them already.

              Muhammad Hassan…. I think that speaks for itself. They are pathetically and obviously racially biased and get off on making anyone non-white look foolish and stupid. Hector and Camacho, Rosa Mendes, OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , El Torito, Daivari, Muhammad Hassan, Funaki, Taka Michinoku, Kenzo Suzuki, the whole Nation of Domination was one big giant stereotype. The Mexicools obvious stereotype. Los Guerreros , we lie cheat and steal… Is there anyone non-white that they don’t stereotype? It doesn’t seem so. That seems to be how they think mass majority look at these people. With these stupid gimmicks.

              They continuously embarrass Titus O’Neal, and R Truth, Darren Young is doing nothing, Yoshi Tatsu was released, Jinder Mahaal also released, Great Khali (who they mock any chance they get), A good looking woman Rosa Mendes (who they also mock) who has been there for years is never given any opportunities at all, Vickie Guerrero (who they mocked heavily throughout her career) etc… Seeing Vickie get that treatment wasn’t comedy. It was distasteful.

              In the mean time while you have 110% boring garbage like the Miz boring people to death on the mic and on commentary. This guy is so BAD, that even Marty Jannetty was better than him. That’s how bad he is ! I can’t even stand looking at his mug on RAW anymore. I’d rather see Michael Cole in a match again than the Miz on Tv.

              What about Fandango? Adam Rose? Emma ? Zack Ryder (why is he still employed) ? Natalya (one of the most BORING divas I have ever seen in my whole life) Bertha Faye was more entertaining to watch than this boring woman. All of these second, and third generation stars are pathetic. None of them are even an ounce as good as their predecessors, and none of them ever impressed like the Rock did. Curtis Axel nothing like his father. All these non-white wrestlers that they put on the sidelines are for the most part more entertaining than these people. I’d rather see R-Truth and Titus O’Neal segments and on the mic than the Miz and Curt Axel.

              You have a hot spicy women like Layla, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Cameron, And they waste the divas air time on a silly Aussie chick with a stupid dance, boring as running water Natalya (how she got put on Total Divas is beyond me, she has no charisma) , Nikki Bella, Brie Bella (who both suck and will never be as good as Trish or Molly) , Eva Marie (who is so stiff she practically shows how fake this show is)? Those are the women WWE prefer to put on the air on a frequent basis. Why is Paige going up against AJ Lee when it should be Naomi? None of it makes any sense. What happened to the feud between Naomi and Cameron? They seem to have scrapped that as well. I think the only non-white diva they gave a shot to was Melina. She was the only one to stay relevant and last.

              Are they racist? All signs seem to point to YES! YES! YES!

              If it’s not white…it’s not right, at least to them anyway. Which is why every white top dog in that company’s history with the exception of Austin, HBK, Undertaker, Randy Savage, and the Ultimate Warrior was garbage, overrated, and BORING. Bruno, Hogan, Muracco, Bret Hart, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena.. all BORING overrated. John Cena being the worst, because WWE creates no antithesis to him. It’s just him… him…and more him…. for 10 years. It’s garbage. Psycho Sid and Kevin Nash’s run only lasted about a year and they were both better and more entertaining than Cena has been in the last 10 years.

              But he’s their vision of the white hero.

              The marine.. crew cut look, the slogan, etc… Yeah, clean cut, clean shaven 24/7, goodietwoshoes .. .. and boring. Just the way whites like it.

              Kerwin White: “If it’s not white… it’s not riiiiiiiight.. “

            • LaParkaXV

              LOL Being champion isn’t good enough now (rolls eyes) and of course Rock is just 44% black…..Yea because the Rock lost at WM he was just a jobber LMAO!!!!! He was just as big as AUSTIN! Jobbing to Cena and Orton LMAO. I guess he jobbed to Brock to huh? The Rock being the jobber he was didn’t help put Brock over did he?……

              Again because Rey and Booker T didn’t have the runs you wanted IT’S NOT FAIR wwe is racist! Oh you forgot the WHC didn’t mean anything LOL!!!! Rey has just been around so “much” in the last 3 years DAMN WWE IS RACIST!!!!!

              “Eddie was given the title but this was done because Lesnar was on his way out. Had Lesnar remained, Eddie would have never seen World title gold” SO once more WWE is damned if they do and damned if they don’t! Nice you have a crystal ball and all FYI Eddie was scheduled to get the belt AGAIN but tragically died! But im sure that reign wouldn’t have been good either right?

              What % of black and white is Brodus Clay? I think it’s really “important”?……

              Muhammed Hassan was a joke to you? There were plans to but the belt on him until UPN got pissed off. He was going to beat Batista!!! But you know that run would of been bad…NVM….

              Yea Los Guerrero’s were treated terribly tag champs and all. Darren Young is hurt i guess he should be the World Champion….

              “Why is Paige going up against AJ Lee when it should be Naomi?” So you don’t like how WWE is booking and they are racist? GOT IT! Hey what % black is AJ? Is that the issue? Not black enough? Alicia Fox, Miss Jackie and Eve Torres were all Divas/womens champ in the last 20 years!

              LMAO @ Ultimate Warrior in the non garbage group.

              “All these non-white wrestlers that they put on the sidelines”

              LOL you also have a future in PR and HR fields.

            • Ace

              People are going to think whatever they’re going to think. Dude you been arguing leaving long a$$ posts all over this page. shut the f#ck up already… We get it, you don’t think WWE is racist. great.. now shut the F#CK UP and move on.

            • LaParkaXV

              What you didn’t scold anyone else for leaving “long a$$ posts all over this page”? RACIST!

              “now shut the F#CK UP”

              Headbutt a knife junior!

          • raVen

            blame tony atlas, amad Johnson, lashley, etc.
            ask booker t and ron simmons.

      • Dyce

        This company is sickening imo. They embarrass and mock anyone non white. They have Titus O Neal on the sidelines, and they put the Miz back on TV. They even gave him a title again.. Whose diick is he sucking back there to stay relevant, because even Marty Jannetty was better than him.
        All blacks, Asians, latinos, mixed race wrestlers all put on the sidelines so that they can have room for crap like Kane and Randy Orton. Kane who should have retired a long time ago, hasn’t been relevant since 2002.. old hasbeen. Randy Orton with his boring promos and low charisma should have never been hired. He should thank his daddy every day he has a job there. ….. “I……… am…… the Viper………….. and …….. I will……………… beat you…………..at Summer Slam……….”
        I’ve seen better promos from Scott Hall when he was half drunk..
        And Brie Bella is boring as hell, just like her sister Nikki. I’m tired of both of them and their crescent moon chin. Naomi , Alicia Fox, and Layla are 10x hotter and better than them.
        Naomi has been shafted… no titles for her. They rather put the title on a woman that is not even over with the crowd in Paige. It should be Naomi and AJ Lee, but they don’t want any of the black women getting attention. They know they’ll dominate and outshine AJ Lee, boring Natalya, dancin idiot Emma, stiff as hell Eva Marie, and most definitely Paige.

    • smobee

      Let’s just not try it. Wouldn’t want something to MAYBE work and get some guys over.

      • Ace

        They can’t do anything with it anyway. It’s a Race angle. And they can’t cross the line anymore… them being publicly traded pu$$ies now. ’nuff said.

        • Eskylee

          Not true the real Americans was racist gimmick and jack is now a top face because of Rusev. They prob just don’t have any ideas for them right now

    • 10YearOldBoy

      It’s going to be hard to build up stars when there’s only one world title now and there’s no brand split. Let’s see how this goes.

      • Ace

        They did just fine with one title in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

        • Mr. Backlund

          Yeah, but there was viable competition in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. AWA, NWA, World Class, WCW, etc. Now with no real competition, WWE is loaded with talent. (Even though they don’t know how to use a lot of it).

    • Ed Hardy

      it was the wwe playing safe.

    • 197921998

      People complaining about what WWE does but it doesn’t matter since people will continue to watch RAW, Smackdown, etc. I’ve always wondered why people can’t do the same thing to WWE that they do with TNA…refuse to watch it. This is the exact reason why Vince does what he wants and doesn’t listen to the fans. He knows full well the same IWC guys who threatens to never watch again if John Cena wins the WWE WHC again or if Bray Wyatt loses a match will watch WWE the very next day.

    • Ron Burgundy

      This would have absolutely the best thing to happen since The Shield… Xavier Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston and if they would have added Titus O’Neil with them they would have been beyond stoppable and either very popular or very heated… If they would just pull the trigger once instead.

      • Ace

        Best thing to happen since the Shield?! Heeeeeeeeeeell no! Not even close..

    • Ace

      I don’t think this would have worked well with Big E there. Big E’s charisma is non existent on tv. Don’t care how many people say he’s charismatic on wwe’s website shows , when he’s being put on the spot Live on the air he buckles and doesn’t sound believable.. And there isn’t much they can do with a NOD gimmick anyway since WWE can’t cross any lines. If you’re gonna do something , go all out and go all the way. But they can’t. That’s probably why they scrapped it, they knew they couldn’t do $hit with it. Now Xavier Woods, and Big E will likely get released on the next round of lay offs.

      • Okizzle

        Not sure I agree with you about Big E lacking charisma. In NXT he was pretty good, especially with “master of the 5 count” gimmick. And back when he fueded with Rusev intially, he had cut a pretty good promo. Its just creative makes him bland and gives him nothing to work with

    • showoff25

      God forbid some black wrestler got over. smh.

    • J’vo

      I do believe the reason why WWE scrapped this idea because The Shield already break-up,in past Nation counter with D-X,but now they will against with who,The Wyatt?? or Evolution,maybe the story will different if Rusev got another Russian wrestler like Kozlov to form stable and fight with them,and another problem they don’t have leader like Faaoroq or the backstabber The Rock

    • NewsPeruse

      Hope they do go with it. Could really elevate all three of them.

    • Dixie Carter

      Shocking since everything on RAW is a copy/paste of everything on TNA the previous year

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Shame if they discontinue it. Would of given all guys a much needed boost.

    • Rodriquez Antonio

      again Dropping the ball WWE?
      Nothing new! Carry On!

    • Shockmaster

      Of course they killed the idea because it was actually a good idea.

    • DieHardGriffy

      Whats BS is we had to deal with how many months of un-entertaining 3MB but we cant get these guys in a stable!

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      Finally a great thing happened at WWE, since this would had been so racist against whites!

    • Owned

      I think they should do rap star thugs fashion
      Instead like new four houseman should leader should be the Miz
      Instead of new four houseman call it hollywood movie star fashion

    • Al

      That’s all commits and ?