The Bella Twins “Begging” For WWE To Create Divas Tag Titles (Poll)

WWE Divas the Bella Twins are strongly in favor of WWE creating Divas Tag Team titles. During an interview with WWE Magazine (February 2014 issue), Nikki Bella said:

“We’ve been begging to get that done for years! It’d be a great chance to see what us girls could come up with. New finishers, new names, new gear. We’re all so talented and creative and it’d be great to show that in a new way.”

Brie Bella added:

“Girls gang up on girls. It’s life. We sit down, we gossip, we group together naturally. Why not bring a little bit more of that aspect to WWE?”

Girls gang up on girls? Please, tell us more!

TNA had Knockouts Tag Titles from 2009-2013, with the Eric Young (not a Knockout) & ODB being the final champions before the belts were retired.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ozzie

    If they retire the US and introduce these shortly after…I’ll be upset.

  • SomeInternetGuy

    LMAO. Okay moving on.

    • Michael Carter

      Comment of the week right here!

  • WCWJobber

    The bellas are so annoying..

  • Lily

    all WWE does is put divas in tag matches every week, why not add a more interesting aspect instead of randomly grouping the divas into a team every week, create some and put something on the line.

  • Joseph

    Already too many titles. It’s like giving everyone a trophy, just for playing!

    • WCWJobber

      Thats excatly what the Bellas want, getting titles for not doing ish,

  • Team Awesome

    It would only work if they bring in the NXT Divas Division. You would have these pair ups for the championship

    Sasha Banks & Charlotte or Sasha Banks & Summer Rae (The BFFs)
    Cameron & Naomi (The funkadactyls)
    Emma and Natalya

    Tamina and AJ Lee (Well their team won’t last long)
    The Bella Twins

    Alexa & Bayley

    Aksana and Rosa Mendes

    Layla and AJ Lee (reunion)

    Just examples

    • Kjhaltz

      Maybe Paige and AJ.

  • NWO4Life

    Great to see WWE stealing something from TNA for a change.

    • Puppet H

      stealing? “Your comment is awaiting moderation”, I’ll leave what I was going to say to you in that quote

    • :)

      Wwe isn’t stealing nothing from tna wwe had a diva tag team belt back in the 80’s but they had retire it.

      • NWO4Life

        Well someone doesn’t get sarcasm.

        • Sigma ?

          Sarcasm. You suck at it.

          • Marvin B.

            Lol this^

        • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

          dont try and lie, u weren’t being sarcastic.

          • NWO4Life

            Or was I, like the time TNA said WWE stole the open challenge like they forgot WWE has been doing the open challenge for years.

  • joe dittmore

    they need to bring in more divas to make it work can start buy bring in free agent divas like Karma and others…

  • JaffaJoose

    You can’t fix the Diva’s division just by introducing new belts into the mix.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    God give us Mae Young back and we will give you the Bella Twins.

  • lou

    Just because they suck the dicks of the 2 top guys they feel they can do anything they want. The Divas division sucks (as always). could they name the other tag teams in the divas division other than themselves? facepalm

  • Matt Gallagher

    I’d rather them bring back the cruiser weight and hardcore titles back

    • brad

      Yep I agree with you on that one.

      • MsFan12

        I definitely agree with this. Both would be far more entertaining.

  • Pozessed

    “We’re all so talented and creative and it’d be great to show that in a new way”

    Well entertain me now in your singles matches mrs all so talented and creative.
    1 – There are not enough divas
    2 – The diva’s tag matches as they are just get too sloppy to bother watching
    3 – It would be taylor-made specifically for these tramp twins to get the titles so many times because of the twin gimmick.

    They suck.

    • MsFan12

      “They suck.”


  • Cena Swallows

    Anyone else go take a dump during Diva matches on Raw ??


    It could work especially having Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Main Event and NXT there are plenty of opportunities for a Diva Tag division. Speaking of too many belts, If they would just Unify The US and Intercontinental title then I believe that would settle the too many titles issue.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Shouldn’t they create like, idk, a legitimate Divas division first?

  • Jack
  • captaindaddy72

    You need a competent diva division before you make a tag divas division, baby steps Bella’s lol

  • scott

    No this isn’t okay. That means on a night to night basis well have to see 2 divas matches. That’s 2 more than I want to see. Its bad enough we gotta see one. There aren’t enough good divas for that

  • SteJo

    get rid of the bellas then we will be one step closer to being being rid of these useless twats. Sure Brie got better but bring up 1 or 2 NXT divas and I’ll be 50x more entertained that having two strippers (bellas) come out.

  • King J aka “Kermit”

    I actually think that’s a Great Idea. Also Create a Television championship or bring back the hardcore or European championship

    • King J aka “Kermit”


  • Sigma ?

    No thank you.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    People hate on the bellas for dating the top guys, i bet if they didn’t you’d all love them. face it, they’re the female versions of John Cena.

    • Progressed_Now

      actually if they DIDN’T date the top guys, they probably wouldn’t even be in the WWE altogether by now, let alone in a stupidass “scripted reality” piece of shiit “show”.
      besides, people hate on the Bellas because they’re total talentless biitches, except in the sac. dating the top guys is only the icing on the hate cake.

  • Theguybehindmecantsee

    um do we even have enough divas ….

  • Rolo

    I’d welcome it. It would give me two toilet/smoke breaks during PPV’s. Three if Curtis Axel or The Miz are on the card.

  • WCWPunk

    Of course they want a Diva’s tag team titles, so they can wear em’ around their waste! Anything the Bella’s can do to bring more attention to themselves.

  • brad

    No no no no. Never the divas division is nothing but a joke these days, I could possibly maybe see this back in the attitude era but definitely not in this day and age.

  • JamieEvsxx

    the thing is…if there were actually a few more Divas in the division then you could create more teams…I mean, I’m not talking about Total Divas and the non-Total Divas…like actual tag teams!…like with the state the division’s in now there is literally no point because we have like what…3 legitimate teams?…those being The Funkadactyls, The Bellas and AJ & Tamina…now unless they want to put both the Divas title and the Tag Title on AJ like they did with Gail Kim with the Knockouts Title and the Knockouts Tag Titles or they want AJ to drop the Divas Title, I don’t think she’ll win the tag titles with Tamina so now you’re left with the Funkadactyls and The Bellas who are both on Total Divas so the feud between them will most likely centre around the Total Divas show so I guess yeah it’d be good for the show but if you’re just tuning into Raw and it’s the same tag match for the titles then you’re going to get bored quickly…so before they even think about bringing in Tag Team Titles for the Divas they should focus on the state the division is currently in, fix that then maybe considering throwing the titles into the mix…=/

    • WCWPunk

      Jamie! Haven’t seen you around on here lately. How have you been?!

      • JamieEvsxx

        hey!…and not too bad thanks…just been extremely busy as of late with college and such plus when I get the time to come on here I spend it all just catching up on the news instead of commenting…xD…how have you been anyways?…xD