WWE Employee Involved In Altercation With Del Rio Has Had Issues With Others

Cody Barbierri, WWE’s social media guy that was involved in a physical altercation with Alberto Del Rio that led to Del Rio’s release from WWE is said to be a pretty unpopular person among the wrestlers in the company.

One WWE employee noted that Barbierri is a “jerkoff who is very arrogant,” but did mention that he is intelligent and that his attitude has flown under the radar of WWE executives.

Another source within the company noted that Barbierri has been involved in a few bad situations with talent over the past year and has a reputation as a guy who talks down to wrestlers.

In addition to his talent at his job, it has been said that Barbierri has the backing of Stephanie McMahon in particular, and is viewed as a key player in WWE’s social media department.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • GN-0015

      Even backstage, Steph is a heel.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Does that surprise you? People aren’t that good at acting like twats without some experience.

        • pwnez

          It’s what can happen when you grow up under a family that is rich.

      • JDS3105

        She’s one of the main reasons Shane resigned. Which sucks because all the superstars liked him and he has a better mind for the business than Steph.

    • $115317749

      That explains why he wasn’t fired. Under Steph’s thumb.

      • Legendeec

        Yea, this goes to show if U kiss up to authority U will keep your job!

        • Raul

          Yeah hate to tell you, but that is life in the real world.

          • undertakerlargestfan

            yet stephanie and triple h got booed before they turned heels because they fired people who didn’t deserve it but keeps people who does

          • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

            Love it or hate it, this is how you get by in the workforce in real life. It’s not all about work ethic, most of it also has to do with how much ass you’re able to kiss. Respect for Del Rio sticking up for himself, but the average worker wouldn’t be able to pull this off and not suffer deeper reprocutions than what Del Rio did.

        • Ace

          which shows how phony alot of employees are.. phony as f#ck

          • Pappy

            Dude you’re as corny as hell. I bet you kiss just as much as while working at subway making my sandwich like a good do boy

      • Jason

        Vince should fire Stephanie’s thumb. LOL

      • CCEkeke

        Even worse, when WWE posted a video of Brock’s SS win on Vine, ‘Lesnar’ was spelled wrong.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      Great just great

    • Danny Trayer Jr

      12 year olds have FB and twitter, how hard is it do people who run companies think it is? He has the backing from Steph McMahon? Again, does she think you need to be a genius to run their stupid twitter? Fire this clown!

      • nBonThaBeat


    • Faggget


    • lucas

      He said a racist comment and gets away with it

      • Gotstodobetter

        Just like most of America lol

        • Marvin B.

          *Tyson Kidd voice* FACT

    • SomeInternetGuy

      Social media executive? I hope he wasn’t in charge of WWE’s “Tout” program…

    • Sigma ?

      This Barbierri whatever doesn’t deserve to be employed. They should fire him.

      • nBonThaBeat

        Well if some of the wrestlers say he’s intelligent then that could be another key reason why he’s still employed.

        • Sigma ?

          Being intelligent doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s an unprofessional scumbag towards the talent backstage.

          • nBonThaBeat

            Doesn’t matter, that’s the real world. There’s ton of scumbags who drive around in 90,000 dollar cars while working at business such as the WWE.

            • Sigma ?

              Sad but true.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      So Stephanie supports the a**hole. Everything makes sense now.

    • Land of the SMARKS

      Hey JBL!? This is the type of guy who you SHOULD push around to teach a lesson.

      • brad

        Like he did with The Miz.

    • Jack
    • nBonThaBeat

      Most of the time it is intelligent people who are arrogant jerks.

    • mac888

      Anybody named Cody must be a dipshit. I’m very proud of Del Rio for what he did, you don’t take crap from pencil pushers when your a top wrestler

      • Matt Gallagher

        I think this is him

        • http://popcritica.com APJ

          Dude has got total gay-face. Cute baby, though.

      • brad

        Agreed he stood up for himself, you really can’t say anything bad about that.

      • Ultra Pickle

        I don’t recall anyone saying Cody Rhodes is of the dipshit type

        • mac888

          Ah true i forgot about Stardust..much respect to Cody rhodes your right

          • Ultra Pickle

            I get it tho. Some names have this douchey aura to some people. Its a shame

    • Buzzard Follower

      No secret i cant stand del rio but this social media @$$#0le should not still be employed but when steph backs you up youre virtually untouchable

    • Derek

      Just like Muhammad Ali said in that ERB of history video, if you want to stay at the Ritz, you have to sale out to crackers

    • Alberto

      Social media manager, geez what are the qualifications for that job. I’d gladly take it from Mr. Barbierri and not be a backstage problem, in fact I would find other ways to help and grow the company, instead of talking down to hard working entertainers/wrestlers. I truly respect WWE stars, and am aggravated when anyone let alone WWE employees disrespect the stars they are supposed to help build and market.

      • Ace

        Most of the positions with these fancy names ‘social media manager’ ‘such n such consultant’ ‘ such n such business advisor’ ‘ whatever _____ analyst’. These titles are made up, paper pushing $hit jobs that they usually give IN house as a promotion or to a friend of theirs. That’s why when people apply to jobs like this , it goes nowhere…

        • Pappy

          It goes nowhere except straight to a nice payday..

    • Name

      Be a star, Cody Barbierri.

      • Diablo130356

        “Be a star, Cody Barbierri.”

        Be a Star and SACK Cody Barbierri!
        Now we all know the name of this racist piece of crap, it’s BAD FOR BUSINESS to keep him around.

    • Kevin G. Wolfe

      Be A Star!

    • germs1081

      So is this Barbierri douche going to be to Stephanie what Kevin Dunn is to Vince? A dipshit who gets kept around no matter what?

    • Scott

      Man it must be really hard to post those photos to instagram, and write tweets about signings and stuff. I’d have an ego too if i had to press all those buttons

    • sdgsese

      While Del Rio should of kept his cool, it shows that WWE is a very unethical trash company. Unlikely as it is I hope they go out of business some day.

      • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

        WWE isn’t going out of business.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      It’s not surprising. They keep Michael P.S. Hayes employed, too.

      But seriously, how could anyone in the Social Media department be so valuable that they can be involved in something like this and you choose to fire ADR over them?

      What’s he have in Stephanie?

      Whoops, I meant “on”…freudian slip.

    • raVen

      A key player in wwe social media….any teenager can do that job

    • 10YearOldBoy

      I believe HHH has sold himself well to be a company guy but I’m sure the wresting guy in HHH would want to beat this mans ass

    • Steve Williams

      I don’t understand why people specially WWE fans think that if you are released or fired from WWE its the end of your life, where its totally not. Working anywhere is like a relation with lots of ups and downs. People are always left with a bad taste when they are released but some of them also finds much happier life and work afterwards

    • J’vo

      Not totally Steph fault,but blame why WWE still keep Michael Hayes in company ,if WWE not act quickly,i wonder there will be more employee like this jerk

      • Ace

        There probably a whole bunch of employees like that.. Vince , Steph, H, etc…. they all pretty much have the same mentality, and are all basically a$$holes to an extent…

        • Pappy

          A$$holes! A$$holes for everyone. Your fetish is getting out of hand

    • DoubleD

      I just watched an interview from mexican television saying that Del Rio is considering suing the WWE because he cant wrestle in the US for a year. I thought it was 6 months.. Whyd the say that on his termination letter? Very interesting. He did say that he signed the contract with that clause in it to begin with but he always believed it was unconstitutional and he is getting lawyers for it.

    • Dixie Carter

      I think he deserves to be fired considering he is an E+ player and draws flies to the arena every week. People like TNA Legend Sting possibly appearing on WWE draws people to the arena every week!

    • Breakingkayfab

      I wonder who the other employees who had altercations with Cody Barbierri are ?

    • MaJuub

      Without your wrestlers you have nothing to socialize about it’s stupid how they chose a tech guy over a past wwe and Whc

    • Ace

      imo.. this Cody Barbierri is piece of $hit. He’s the one that should have got released… there’s a$$holes like this in every work place. Their faces are usually covered in more $hit than two girls one cup from all the a$$ sucking they do.
      Steph turning a blind eye to it is proof that she’s as much an a$$hole too.. also everybody knows that anti-bullying garbage is fake PR and a result of Chris Benoit.

      • Pappy

        We get it, you like $hit and assholes. Welcome to the real world bub

        • Ace

          Hey P(u)ppy, quit stalking me ya bi#ch.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Probably another guy in the wrestling business who doesn’t like wrestling. Never a good mix.

    • Darkman

      WWE has always had backstage political issues and always will because they favor the wrong people and say what you will the wrestlers are always on the bottom of that list.

    • Brandon Roberts

      so kiss the authorities ass your bulletproff. don’t and your fired

    • barbe

      Thats stupid del rio gets sacked cos the media guy says something stupid and got what he deserves a slapping and that guy should have been sacked