WWE Ends Contract Negotiations With Chris Jericho, Officials Cautious On Jerry Lawler’s Return After Heart Attack

– WWE officials had been negotiating with Chris Jericho on a new contract in recent weeks, but talks fell through. WWE opted to cease talks with the wrestler/musician in recent days.

It is believed that the proposed deal fell through due to control over when he worked as well as his activities outside of WWE. Officials were seeking an arrangement where the company would be his top priority and they would have some control over his outside endeavors. Jericho, on the other hand, wanted complete control of all of his activities.

Jericho was open to returning as early as this month had WWE agreed to his terms. He was looking to work forty to fifty dates per year, including full-time for cycles and even assisting the developmental program. However, he would determine the periods when he worked and would be strictly unavailable during tours, which WWE was not in favor of.

– Three weeks after suffering a heart attack while announcing at a WWE event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jerry “The King” Lawler stated in interviews in recent days that he is looking to return to the road as early as next month. Within WWE, however, there is no timetable on his return to the announce desk. It is said that company officials will be very cautious on bringing him back.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d

    Should return at the Rumble.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Just let him do his thing, he’s damn near forty for chirst sakes; how can you expect to take on that type of workload?

    • RandomAssPost

      Jericho is actually going on 42 lol. He does NOT look his age. He’s happy doing his rocker thing and keeps getting bigger and bigger. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t return in 2013.

  • Harms_Way

    So WWE wanted to say when Fozzy could go on tour? Whats next? WWE wanting to give Santino a long WWE Championship run? I am glad Jericho said no. Let the guy run HIS band and let him come back when he feels the time is right.

  • Elgwyn

    Let Y2J have his spot in WWE. I think Jericho has once said that he doesn’t care whether WWE would want him back fulltime since he’s very happy with his Fozzy gigs. Nonetheless, I personally wanna see Y2J retire with a big bang. I saw his debut way back in WCW and I wanna see his retirement. Y2J is one hell of a talent. Technical in-ring skills. Great talker. Charismatic. There are lots of things to describe him and think he deserves one final run to cement his legacy as the best in the world.

  • http://twitter.com/SCSA4life Johnie

    Wow WWE is so picky Having Jericho around without their Deal would be better then nothing..they want to control everything the wrestler does which is kind of insane it’s like selling your soul TNA on the other hand lets their talent work the Indy’s etc.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DaVasquez27 Daniel Vasquez

      I understand both parties. Jericho for obvious reasons, you cant blame someone who wants to have control of his own live. On the other hand, WWE stotorylines need to be prepared for any idea as posible, which mean they would have a disadvantage for them if Jericho actually establish which dates he can be avalibable.

      As I see it, WWE HAVE TO be that picky. But, as I said, Jericho’s reasons are also understandable, specially with his Fozzy band. Imagine he just cant make a tour because WWE doesnt want to :S.

  • askbillmitchell

    Hey WWE, Go tell The Undertaker when he is allowed to make his next real estate deal, since you are on this kick on trying to tell people what they can and can not do. Go tell Taker, how to run his real estate business and see how far that gets you… Idiots!

  • Harry

    he should retire, jerico is shit, not best in the world, maybe best loser in the world, his not even muscly, his fat. No talent, wwe is shit these days, we need people like no drinking punk and cena who sends messages, best match for jerico was against shawn micahels but since then its shit, jerishow ? seriously ?

    • Jayden53092

      you’re a fucking idiot. Jericho is a veteran and the best wrestler there is right now along with Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Christian.

      • Harry

        christian ? that skinny old guy ? tna guy ? best person is punk and ryback and also team hell no, and jerico should go back to the cave

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If true, Vince is a moron.

  • http://wrestledirect.com/ Kaos

    Jericho being back as early as this month and WWE screwing it up pisses me off. Give the man what he wants he’s earned it

  • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

    A fan wrote this on my Fan page & feels like this is what Shad was talking about concerning people like Edge, Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix recently

    said on the radio station in my town when he came through touring that
    he can not and will not do wrestling at the same time as music
    and that this last WWE run was based around his band schedule and that
    wrestling was not on his mind right now and that his band is his number 1
    focus right now although he did say he might come back next summer when
    he is done touring with the band”

    WWE has no right trying to dictate over Former Superstars obligations and interest, they don’t need their permission either.

    • felixrt

      “WWE has no right trying to dictate over Former Superstars obligations and interest, they don’t need their permission either.”

      Um, yes, they do.

  • Kahn Suefinnewsinpone

    Another nail in the coffin for wwe. Considering how John Cena is injured and Cm punk getting tried and wore out, it would be wise for wwe to just accept Jericho’s offer and respect his needs. After all he is a very well rounded main eventer in wwe, and knowing the crisis that wwe is in with the main event talent, he could “save” the company. But of course Vince, being the dickhead as that he is isn’t going to listen. Bad move wwe, have fun being brought by TNA, Vince. RIP wwe, the end is coming.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sam.waldron.923 Sam Waldron

      Shut up, that has to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever read. Not only is TNA not in the league of WWE, but the thought of TNA ever buying WWE is ludicrous. Think about what you’re going to say before you say it, yes, WWE has a bit of a main event crisis, but thats not something that cant be fixed. TNA however, is on a MAJOR downturn. People could hear a name from WWE like John Cena or Sheamus or even The MIz and say, “oh, they’re those wrestlers from WWE right? But you take someone like, Brutus Magnus or D’Angelo Dinero or whoever, even ANYBODY from the X-divison, 9 times out of 10 people are going to say, “Who is that? Vince can be stubborn, but at least he doesnt let his talent and writers walk all over him like Dixie Carter.

  • tiran66

    So WWE thinks it’s a good idea to drop 5 mill on Lesnar who will only have one match every three months and make a couple appearances in between but they won’t cave on Jericho’s demands who will give them actual value for his services? What a load of stupidity that is.

    • felixrt

      Lesnar’s a big draw, Y2J isn’t. It’s as simple as that.

      • tiran66

        He ain’t no 5 million dollar draw that’s for sure. Maybe if he wrestled every pay per view Vince would get his investment back but he’s not. Jericho brings more to the table then being a big draw. Jericho can put asses in your seats every night instead of once every three months. Jericho offered to help train the future wrestlers your going to see on TV. I’d take that alone over Lesnar anyday.

  • NotTooSerious

    He’s from Winnipeg you idiot!

  • LupineMP3j

    See, as fans of Jericho and onlookers of the show it’s easy for you to say these things, and I agree that WWE asking for such control is a lot to digest, but think about what they’re having to work with in agreeing to Jericho’s terms. They clearly want to push Jericho, they clearly want to use him in a way that’s significant and meaningful, but they can’t do that if he has to leave again and again. Rock is a special attraction, so he’s different. Same for Undertaker. Jericho isn’t at that level right now. If they agree to his terms it’ll be more of what they just had–he pops in, plays face or heel for a few months, and then they have to write him off and drop everything–merchandise included. That isn’t good business. Like any employer, they want someone who is committed and able to do their job at least reasonably. At this point, the only reason they were willing to negotiate at all with him is the fact that he’s Chris Jericho.

    WWE’s terms would really suck for Jericho and his band, but what I’m saying is that they have good reason to seek a little more control. They can’t effectively promote or make money off of someone who’s leaving all the time.