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On Monday's RAW, Triple H will answer Brock Lesnar's steel cage match challenge. WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback also appears to be a lock for the show. Other matches rumored for Extreme Rules include: (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)";}i:5332028;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:5332030;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"20";}i:5332026;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"17";}i:5332024;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"04";}i:5332032;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"43";}i:5347504;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347511;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347516;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347527;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347528;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347530;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347531;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347534;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347540;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347542;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347547;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347548;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347552;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347553;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347556;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347557;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347570;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347574;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347576;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347581;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347585;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347591;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347592;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347600;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347603;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347605;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347612;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347613;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5347615;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"dsq_needs_sync";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:5332117;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"dsq_thread_id";s:5:"value";s:10:"1219060034";}i:5332041;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"excerpt";s:5:"value";s:69:"Rumored matches for Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Big Show & more";}i:5332051;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"gallery-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"200bf873ab";}i:5332020;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"20";}i:5332027;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:5332029;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"20";}i:5332025;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"17";}i:5332023;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"04";}i:5332031;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"43";}i:5332013;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"hidden_post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332011;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"hidden_post_status";s:5:"value";s:5:"draft";}i:5332014;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"hidden_post_visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:5332088;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"77545";}i:5332018;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"17";}i:5332005;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"meta-box-order-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"ad4aade896";}i:5332055;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"metakeyinput";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332054;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"metakeyselect";s:5:"value";s:6:"#NONE#";}i:5332056;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"metavalue";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332017;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"04";}i:5332021;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"43";}i:5332038;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"newcategory";s:5:"value";s:17:"New Category Name";}i:5332039;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"newcategory_parent";s:5:"value";s:2:"-1";}i:5331996;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"originalaction";s:5:"value";s:8:"editpost";}i:5331999;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"original_post_status";s:5:"value";s:10:"auto-draft";}i:5332033;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"original_publish";s:5:"value";s:7:"Publish";}i:5332092;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"ping_status";s:5:"value";s:6:"closed";}i:5331997;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_author";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:5332061;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"post_author_override";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:5332089;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_content";s:5:"value";s:667:"Earlier today, WWE confirmed the first match for next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view: Dolph Ziggler defending the World Heavyweight championship against Ryback and Alberto Del Rio in a 3-way match. On Monday's RAW, Triple H will answer Brock Lesnar's steel cage match challenge. WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback also appears to be a lock for the show. Other matches rumored for Extreme Rules include: (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)";}i:5332090;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_excerpt";s:5:"value";s:69:"Rumored matches for Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Big Show & more";}i:5332042;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_format";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:5332003;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"post_ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"77545";}i:5332087;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"post_mime_type";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332060;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_name";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332016;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332012;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:5332007;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"post_title";s:5:"value";s:47:"WWE Extreme Rules: Several More Rumored Matches";}i:5331998;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_type";s:5:"value";s:4:"post";}i:5332105;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:3:"138";}i:5332106;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:3:"138";}i:5332111;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:3:"138";}i:5332113;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:3:"138";}i:5332034;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"publish";s:5:"value";s:7:"Publish";}i:5332044;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_background_page";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332046;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_comments_type";s:5:"value";s:2:"WP";}i:5332064;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_1";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332065;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_1_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332066;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_2";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332067;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_2_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332068;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_3";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332069;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_3_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332070;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_4";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332071;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_4_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332072;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_5";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332073;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_5_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332045;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"reedwan_featured_image";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:5332062;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_overall_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332043;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"reedwan_page_sidebar";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332048;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_show_review";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:5332063;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:15:"reedwan_summary";s:5:"value";s:1:" ";}i:5332047;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_user_rating";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:5332000;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"referredby";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332008;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"samplepermalinknonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"47a482bade";}i:5332022;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ss";s:5:"value";s:2:"54";}i:5332091;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"to_ping";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332053;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"trackback_url";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332076;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"txfx_links_to";s:5:"value";s:7:"http://";}i:5332075;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"txfx_links_to_choice";s:5:"value";s:2:"wp";}i:5331994;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"user_ID";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:5332049;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"video-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"578ac1724c";}i:5332050;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"videoEmbed";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332015;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:5332010;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"wp-preview";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332085;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"yoast_wpseo_canonical";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332077;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"yoast_wpseo_focuskw";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332081;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-nofollow";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:5332080;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:31:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-noindex";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:5332079;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_metadesc";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332086;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_redirect";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:5332083;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:27:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:5332084;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:24:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-prio";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:5332078;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"yoast_wpseo_title";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}} ) [_ajax_nonce] => Array ( [0] => c3c686a189 ) [add_comment_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 78e3644a22 ) [_ajax_fetch_list_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 81fa2f9632 ) [wpb_post_views_count] => Array ( [0] => 33 ) ) -->

WWE Extreme Rules: Several More Rumored Matches

Earlier today, WWE confirmed the first match for next month’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view: Dolph Ziggler defending the World Heavyweight championship against Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in a 3-way match.

On Monday’s RAW, Triple H will answer Brock Lesnar’s steel cage match challenge. WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback also appears to be a lock for the show.

Other matches rumored for Extreme Rules include:

  • Team Hell No vs. 2 Members of The Shield (Tag Title Match)
  • Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Title Match)
  • Mark Henry vs. Sheamus
  • Randy Orton vs. Big Show

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    It’s time to give the Shield the tag titles. Keep the momentum going.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Agreed. All this talk about building up the Tag team division and Team Hell No have been the champions for how long already? How many tag teams have risen and fallen without even a chance at the titles?

      • pwnez

        That’s all WWE’s fault too. They had so many chances to push PTP and they didn’t for whatever reason. WWE also failed with Rhodes and Sandow which I think was a big mistake. I like Bryan and Kane but they need to either split up or they need to start facing actual tag teams.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          PTP is exactly who I was thinking of, actually. This “renewed” tag team division sucks. They could have PTP and Kings of Wrestling, but no, we’re stuck with more throw-togethers.

          • pwnez

            Seriously, it’s like how many times are we going to see PTP job to Bryan and Kane? I don’t need to see Cesaro win a WHC; having him and Ohno team would make me happy.

    • dae

      Just what we need: cheaters holding the tag titles to go along with the cheap shot paper champion Dolph. Plus, Twin Magic to win the Divas Title? Way to cheapen all of the titles!

      • pwnez

        I’m pretty sure they’ve won all their matches cleanly. I mean you can’t cheat during a TLC match which they won. They got a clean victory over Cena, Sheamus and Ryback and against Sheamus, Jericho and Ryback. No one cares about the divas title anyways. Actually, the divas division isn’t exactly relevant so yeah…

      • wwetnadudez

        Ziggler got the biggest pop in a while when he won the championship showing that people wanted him to be a champion and cared that he held it. No one cares for divas and the Shield hasn’t done any “cheating” in their own matches, they have interfered in others matches but that is all.

      • http://twitter.com/EflowNivek Kevin G. Wolfe

        Who cares, they need more dirty heels holding titles. They create drama that the WWE is currently lacking.

      • http://twitter.com/hellson916 Nelson Carvalho

        its still real to me damn it.

  • 3Tears

    Ryback in the world heavyweight title picture.. Lol what?

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    The Ryback in both world title matches? Sick.

    But seriously, this looks like it’ll be the first bad Extreme Rules PPV in a while. It’s been pretty good the past couple years, with last year’s blowing every other PPV out of the water with three MOTY candidates. The Triple Threat should be pretty good, and so should the tag match. Everything else either seems meh or just bad.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I know I’m dreaming, but RVD is up in the air here. It would be dope if he made an appearance. …don’t worry, I ain’t holding my breath or anything.

      • BrahmaBullRKO

        If any of the rumors are true, I feel way may see RVD soon. I wonder who he would feud with…

        • Forceton Banfodder

          I ain’t holding my breath, but to see him feud with anybody would be awesome.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            True that. If anything, I’d love to see him feud with Daniel Bryan after he and Kane drop the tag titles to The Shield.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            IMHO, there are at least 4 guys WWE could sign back on and push hard to bring there ratings back up to par. Batista, MVP, Morrison and RVD.

          • currygoi

            I want Carlito!

        • WWEFan4Life

          Maybe Ziggler, Bourne, Ryback, Cesaro, Kingston, kane, D-Bry, Punk the possibilities are endless.

  • Dickcheese

    Sigh, you guys are fools. Can’t you see it’s a typo. They probably meant to say it’s Ziggler, SWAGGER, and Del Rio in a triple threat match. With the abundance of glaring errors on this site, I am surprised you’re taking this rushed, non-verified report at face value.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jj.vaness.1 Jj Vaness

      they know, they’re just messing around. Chill out and learn to take sarcasm

    • Dicknology

      I like your name.

    • DigitalWWE

      It’s just funny because not knowing how to proofread is like an SEScoops trademark

  • Asj

    Does anyone else think that two of the three Shield members being tag champs would be awkward? We all know how that would end…

    • pwnez

      Now that we have Kofi (face) as the US champion I could see 2 members of the Shield winning the tag titles and the other member feuding with Kofi for the US title. I don’t think we’ll see the Shield split up anytime soon. This stable has been the best one we’ve seen in a long time.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        I like Kofi, but seriously, how many secondary championships is he going to win? As much as I like him, once he becomes champion he gets stale fast. It makes me wonder what kind of world champion he could be if given the chance.

        • pwnez

          I honestly think they only gave him the US title so they can have him drop it to one of the Shield members. Before we had heels holding both mid-card titles so they needed a face to get one so a feud could get started. It seems like Kofi is just a pawn anymore.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            All he’s ever been was a pawn. His feud with Randy Orton showed such promise, but since then I just watch them throw him into matches here and there because he’s still a crowd favorite.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            That seems like a cool idea. Have Rollins and Ambrose hold the tag titles while Reigns holds a midcard title. I would prefer it be the IC Title, but the current champion is a heel. And yeah, Kofi has become their go-to guy when they need a transitional midcard champion.

      • Stranger

        Feuding for the U.S. title would be a step down for any Shield member. They’ve been in big matches with big names… and are now involved with the Undertaker. I think putting one of them in a feud with Kingston for the U.S. title would be a bad idea.

    • doitwflair

      It would probably be Freebird rules, so any 2 can defend the belts

  • A Paul Heyman Guy

    Ryback going for the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship on the same night what the hell..??

    • Forceton Banfodder

      He’s hungry!

      • A Paul Heyman Guy


    • WCWPunk

      Obviously they meant to type in Jack Swagger, but somehow ended up typing in Ryback,… “FEED ME MORE!!” LOL

      • cm2012

        it’s Mr. 561, expect nothing less… his gimmick seems to be that of Sin Cara… botch the fuck out of everything.

  • mad541


  • http://disqus.com/LateTrain27/ Late Train

    What happened to AJ getting a Diva’s title match?

    • AKslamma

      they got the WHC in their stable already…”Power couple” is too cliche

    • cenasucksmonkeyballs

      Nikki wobbled on cena s dick just right

  • HunnyBunnyAngel

    I smell kharma return :) her trademarkapplication was revived last month and its extreme rules coming up involving the Bella’s. and if u look ahead,the next ppv is Payback :D nikki beats kaitlyn on raw for title, they have rematch at x rules, kharma returns and then faces them at payback :D

    • http://twitter.com/hellson916 Nelson Carvalho

      dude i just hope this happens XD

  • Yel

    My Extreme Rules Match Prediction:

    – Cena* vs Ryback (Last Man Standing for The WWEC)
    W: Cena
    – Ziggler* vs Swagger vs Alberto (Triple threat Falls Count Anywhere for the WHC)
    W: Ziggler
    – Kaitlyn* vs Nikki (Lumberjill for the DivasC)
    W: Kaitlyn (If Nikki wins then a surprise return from Kharma… Hopefully)
    – Team Hell No* vs 2 members of The Shield (Extreme Rules for Tag TeamC)
    W: The Shield
    – Lesnar vs Hunter (Steel Cage)
    W: Lesnar
    – Henry vs Sheamus (Backstage Brawl)
    W: Henry
    – Orton vs Show (2 out 3 falls)
    W: Big Show (slow build for Orton heel turn here)

  • wwetnadudez

    First off kudos to Sheamus for picking up Show on Raw. He and Mark seem like they both need a win. This is just like Henry/Ryback at WM where both needed it, Henry could have gotten more momentum had he beat Ryback in a legit way rather then falling. Sheamus on the other hand has lost to the Shield in the last few PPV’s and really needs a PPV win to keep up the momentum. I can see this being a good brawl match with an ending that can go either way.

  • kaerian

    If they want to push the tag Titles maybe they should make it a Ladder Match and defend it against 2 or 3 teams.

  • Derringer Duo

    Well, there’s a crappy card. Not paying for that.

    • AK Slamma

      Then watch the SkySports stream online for FREEEE!!

      • Derringer Duo

        Shhhhhhhhh…the E has people everywhere, man. They’re all around us, watching, waiting for us to mention a stream…AND THEN THEY POUNCE!!!!!

        Yes, like Monty Brown.

  • Stranger

    Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Title Match)

    Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

    Randy Orton vs. Big Show


    And if they’re really going to give away The Shield vs. Undertaker, Kane, & Bryan on television then they’re fucking stupid.

    • Progress_Now

      entire Wrestlemania was a yawn, did you really expect something bigger next?

    • WWEFan4Life

      No, I think the Taker, team hell no/Shield tag match will be aired on T.V Because they advertised it on Raw but im not sure though.

  • Noach

    So Ryback is wrestling Dolph and Cena?

  • riyadviper

    Isn’t it Ryback vs Cena?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Riptide16 Tristan Hatcher

    Why is Ryback in both title matches……..?

  • WWEFan4Life

    What the fuck? Dolph Ziggler defending the title against Ryback and ADR? LOL XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

    If the Shield wins the Tag Team Championships. Let them compete in Free bird rules! I would love it. Have Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins, Rollins & Dean Ambrose. I think it could work out. And sadly like great undefeated Wrestlers. There will come a day when the Shield does break up. Each member has a promising future IMO.


    Cena wins at extreme rules i boycott wwe an watch ufc im so fucking sick up super cena its beyond belief wwe fan since 1995 stuck threw everything but this john cena thing is just to much.

  • Chris

    Give Ambrose the IC Title.

  • HHH’s Swamp Ass

    Am I the only one who thinks Jericho and Fandango would make a good tag team eventually?

    • WWEFan4Life


  • Dickcheese

    You do realize Paul Levesque is not really the COO, right? He is Executive VP of Talent & Live Events, taking the position the John Laurinaitis once had. This is still my favorite wrestling news site, but damn, they do not check anything they put out.

  • Jerichoholic

    I think the members of The Shield in the tag match will be Rollins & Reigns.

  • Rhawk

    I say its about time The Sheild got some Gold around their wastes, so long as it isn’t under the Freebird rule, never liked that in wrestling at all.
    Could care less for Orton/SHow & SHeamus/Menry.
    And the Divas Title match, I say let Nikki (The right Bella to win the title after her 6 day reign last year imo) win the title, but ONLY if it involves a returning Kharma so they fued down the line.