WWE Future Endeavors Class Of 2012 Video, Rock Added To Another WWE Taping

– The Rock has been added to another WWE television show this winter, the February 12th SmackDown taping from Little Rock, Arkansas.

– Former WWE Tag Team champion Paul London has joined Twitter and can be followed at @Lonodnfu. He is currently taking independent bookings at [email protected]

– YouTube user Mangler989 has posted his annual video looking at the WWE Superstars and Divas who were “Future Endeavored” during the year:

This is the Class of 2012 Future Endeavors. It includes all TV personalities with the exception of NXT. Since the official merge with FCW, NXT is now the training ground, so they are not on this list.

The Rule: If you worked for WWE and you are no longer employed by the WWE, than you make the list. It doesn’t matter if you quit, got fired, or didn’t resign a contract. The bottom line is you are no longer with the WWE. To make it easier: BLUE= left on their own, RED= terminated by the company.