WWE Hiring A New VP Of Creative Writing: Job Description & Responsibilities

WWE is hiring a new VP of Creative Writing. The description reads:

“The VP Creative Writing will be responsible for the creative content strategy and direction for all weekly TV programming. He/She will manage the Head Writer, Show Runners, and the writing team, provide long-term direction in the development of story lines and WWE superstar characters, and be the primary liaison with other partner departments especially including Talent, TV and Digital.”

Responsibilities include:

* Develop and implement creative storylines for broadcast on all WWE programs and platforms in coordination with the writing team and senior creative management (CEO, EVP,SVP)

* Work with Talent Department to develop powerful character back-stories

* Manage the Head Writer, the home-based writers, and the road writing team by providing feedback, training and supervision.

* Use consumer insights and social media to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the WWE brand and each talent’s skills and history.

* Identify new writing talent and ensure that current writers’ work is aligned with the network’s brand and programming strategy.

* Supervise Head Writer in creating a comprehensive training program for new writers and remedial training for existing writers.

* Work with senior management to continually improve the process supporting WWE’s creative writing system.

* Provide mature leadership to the writing team, relating to the implementation of the vision of senior management (CEO, EVP, SVP

* Drive professional interaction with other departments of the WWE (Talent Development, TV Production, Marketing, Digital, Sales and HR)

To apply, visit WWECorp Careers.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • askbillmitchell

    Alright Solomonster here is your chance. :D

    • Smark

      you took the words out of my mouth….:)

  • Justin Watry

    Wow everybody loves to fantasy book but the real thing comes out and nobody has anything to say.

    • askbillmitchell

      Because no one qualifies to be a WWE creative member, we know more about the WWE product than they do. WWE management frowns on that, they want to hire someone who has never heard of WWE and be completely void of knowledge. Hence this position will be filled by some idiot from “Hollywood”.

      • Skinhead girl

        What if they hired me????

        • R.K.

          Well, first you’d have to be able to move to Tampa, FL and train at FCW so you could get into WWE and then be on the same show as him (Randy Orton) then you guys could date, and be in a relationship and eventually get married. But first you have to do the things you need to do first so you can get to Tampa, FL. Get employed, buy a dog, or two…have a vehicle, and the money to move out there and a place to live while you’re training at FCW. With your dogs. Alright?

        • Humphrey

          They wouldn’t hire you because your name is “Skinhead girl”…

        • askbillmitchell

          Unless you hail from Hollywood California and were a writer for a daytime soap like Days of Our Lives or Guiding Light, your chances are slim to non of getting hired. Oh and look, looks like someone just mounted on ol’ slim there and riding away into the sunset.

  • case of fire use stairs

    I didn’t read them…but going by their product (not counting Mania season) I think I qualify. ;-)

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Too many chefs spoil the pot.

  • Frank

    ME! Or here idea u have the guy already! THE PAUL HEYMAN GUY! He make everything better!

  • John Canton

    With all of my credentials I know I qualify.

  • http://twitter.com/HoodedBenjamin Benjamin

    I applied. I doubt I’ll get it of course, but I certainly can’t sit here and gab about the product if I haven’t attempted to work on it myself.

  • Ray

    There should be a requirement to NOT be some shmuck who’s just a TV writer and has never in his/her life watched professional wrestling…like we’ve had before!

  • Jmannz

    Dont mess up.

  • Lextington Steele

    Why even post an article like this? You have to have very high and specific qualification and person specifics to even think about applying to a job like this. An example of this:

    -Minimum of 10 years writing and production experience in television


    • Skinhead girl

      I hope it doesn’t require any experience in writing production and TV. About the only experience I’ve had in TV was when I was walking my Caucasian Ovcharka in the town I’m from and people always were stopping me and wanting to take his picture. That’s not as easy to deal with as people may think.

      • R.K.

        Looks like it does, sweetie. Why would anyone want to work in the writing department? Thats boring as f**k. Better to go to FCW and train to be a WWE Superstar. That’s my opinion. Just go for it. Okay?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

    Alright everybody on this message board….here is our chance! As much as everyone thinks they can book a weekly show….put your money where your mouth is.

    • Skinhead girl

      Huh?? What do you mean? I don’t have money. Maybe you do but right now…I’m
      not financially well off. Never have been. I want to improve myself, my life and help others. Getting into WWE is one way of doing that!

      • R.K.

        Work out, do cardio, and eat healthy, get into conditon and into shape…then get employed, get a vehicle, buy one or two dogs….then put money aside to move to Tampa, FL, then get a place and pay a deposit on rent, etc….and have movers help you move there. Then, take your dog or two dogs and go to FCW and train there. Then, get into WWE so you can date, have a relationship with and marry Randy Orton!

  • http://twitter.com/The_Jonny_Mick Jonny Mick

    “I have an idea for something different” – said nobody who will be hired

  • Keith

    Responsibilities aside, they’re not just goint to hire some random Joe. This job requires experience, and lots of it. They will likely hire experienced writers from Hollywood as usual.

    • Progress_Now

      yeah, like Freddie Prinze Jr……..case closed *vomits*

  • http://www.facebook.com/BrittsHusband Chris Johnston

    I applied. Would be nice to go from Freelance Writing to Head Creative Writer. Mwahahah.

  • olbaiD4283

    Can we get bookers back. I like Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman……NO VINCE RUSSO.

  • Noach

    The only responsibility that should be listed is desire to become of member of Stephanie McMahon’s Kiss My A s s Club


    I want to be a WWE superstar and I well be you people just remember the name of