Sgt. Slaughter Talks About Helping Name The Undertaker, WWE Mistreating Bryan & Ziggler

The following are highlights from a Baltimore Sun interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Sgt. Slaughter:

On the way WWE is treating Daniel Bryan: “I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. [The people at WWE] are making him work awfully hard to be successful and he’s not letting them down. He’s working harder than ever. He’s like a giant slayer. He takes on the biggest and the best. Kind of like Dolph Ziggler — he’s another talent I thought he wasn’t being used right, and I brought it up in several production meetings that they shouldn’t do his character as they were.”

On Randy Orton’s rise through the ranks: “…A guy like Randy Orton, there wasn’t much to teach him inside the ring. I wrestled his grandfather and his father. All the teaching for him was done outside the ring. He was a tough nut to crack. He had a mind of his own, and still does. He’s another talent that exceeds and has so much ability.”

On helping name The Undertaker in WWE: “We would have meetings after shows to talk about what happened and plan things out creatively. The topic turned to Mark [Calloway] and Vince [McMahon] said he had an idea for a character name and he brought up the name Paul Bearer. The next day I went to Vince and I said I didn’t really care for that name for Mark in particular. I thought he looked different than that, and Vince said ‘like an Undertaker?’ and I said yeah! Maybe we should do Paul Bearer as his manager.”

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Matt Boone

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  • Berserker

    I love hearing stories like the Taker one, cool hearing behind the scene type stuff. Slaughter did something Hogan and Macho Man never did, pin the Ultimate Warrior, and even tho he had to “cheat” to do it, its still cool.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Dolph Ziggler should still be champ today. Just my thought. But WWE logic. Same with Zack Ryder. He should still be on TV and getting over in middle card land. Say what you want about the guy, he worked his ass off on his own to get over. He really did. Why WWE just dropped the ball on him was beyond me. They were clearly making money off him gear wise. “his gimmick sucks, his ring work sucks, his mic work sucked” Say what you want, but he was still getting over. But that is what WWE is good at. Dropping the ball. Time in and time out they drop it.

    • jccox01

      zack ryder is shlt, he has nothing going for him. He’s just like JTG, just sitting there on the roster doing nothing.

    • Bro88

      They always seem to drop it whenever a talent gets themselves over. The WWE doesnt want anybody but who they choose to get over so they book them as poorly as they can to make them look bad and kill their buzz. Its become their signature move.

    • Cujo999

      Dolph is one of the best in biz when he’s on, but he’s always been inconsistent to me. His timing is off with a lot of the guys he works with, which leads to a lot of sloppy looking spots. His mike work is also pretty mediocre. Ryder did begin to get a major push when they put the US title on him and involved him in that angle with Eve and Cena, and he totally dropped the ball with both his ring work and his performance in the angle. Plus, they have Santino as a comedic face, and he’s funnier and a better in ring performer.

  • Big Johnny

    I like Ziggler but Bryan is way more over and better in the ring than Ziggler was

  • Bro88

    That Taker story is pretty cool, crazy how he almost got named Paul Bearer. And Slaughter is a legend that actually seems to know what hes talking about cause both ZIggles and Bryan deserve to be getting treated better than they are and its sad they cant see they are hurting two really talented individuals.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Screw HHH, put Slaughter in charge. He knows what he’s doing and actually drew money throughout his career.

  • Mr_DJ

    One can only wonder what could have been if Ziggler didn’t get that concussion.

    Though I’ve come to think that Ziggler needs to work on his offensive set and he really has to stop selling everything like he got smashed by a car, same thing applies to AJ.

  • brad

    slaughter is a best a true legend