WWE Holding All-Day Creative Meetings On Thursday & Friday

WWE is in the midst of one of the most eventful weeks in years – and the company’s existing storyline plans through WrestleMania could be scrapped entirely by Friday night.

WWE has called for all-day creative meetings on Thursday and Friday, according to a report by Wade Keller of PWTorch.com. A source says that “nothing is sacred” in terms of long-standing booking plans plans and “everything will be reevaluated.”

The roller coaster ride began on Sunday night when it became apparent to fans that would not be part of the match. The strong negative reaction to winning the Rumble, Daniel Bryan’s continuing popularity growth and the shocking departure of from the company are all being cited as reasons for the shakeup.

We’ll have more details on this story later in the week, but it appears that things are going to get even more interesting by the time the week is over.

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