WWE Holding All-Day Creative Meetings On Thursday & Friday

WWE is in the midst of one of the most eventful weeks in years – and the company’s existing storyline plans through WrestleMania could be scrapped entirely by Friday night.

WWE has called for all-day creative meetings on Thursday and Friday, according to a report by Wade Keller of PWTorch.com. A source says that “nothing is sacred” in terms of long-standing booking plans plans and “everything will be reevaluated.”

The roller coaster ride began on Sunday night when it became apparent to fans that Daniel Bryan would not be part of the Royal Rumble match. The strong negative reaction to Batista winning the Rumble, Daniel Bryan’s continuing popularity growth and the shocking departure of CM Punk from the company are all being cited as reasons for the shakeup.

We’ll have more details on this story later in the week, but it appears that things are going to get even more interesting by the time the week is over.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Vince The Man


  • https://twitter.com/bushysowavvey Triple X

    This is great news! Daniel Bryan in the main event, win the gold. Taker vs. Sting! That’s all I care for. Book it Vince!!

    • Chris Roy

      I’ll take Brock vs Taker any day. Sting looked terrible at the end of his TNA run there.

  • PatrickEwing

    Hostage situation, fans are literally going to force WWE to put the Strap on AmDrag

  • the truth

    Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve the belt no matter how over he is… Just remember if he gets the belt it’s out of pity

    • ibeBrave

      you mistake pity with popularity and skill….dont hate on bryan

      • [email protected] teuth

        Really Einstein and how long has Daniel Bryan been popular … And when he won the champion didn’t he lose it right away.. People in the back feel that Bryan doesn’t have the it factor .. The only person that impresses me and have the it fact is roman reign and Antonio cesaro

    • PatrickEwing

      I totally agree. Being the most over wrestler on the roster, selling vast units of merch, cutting stellar promos and working top not tv/ppv matches definitely don’t warrant any recognition from your contemporaries. I agree Dbryz is a chump not a champ.

    • pwnez

      Can you give a legit reason as to why Bryan doesn’t deserve it or are you just talking out of your a**?

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Based on your comment, you don’t deserve to offer your opinion on the matter. Just remember, if anyone upvotes you, it’s out of pity.

  • ibeBrave

    wwe is screwed with storylines now ……their number 1 promo guy has left…the only thing im now looking forward to that i know about is shield vs wyatts that and if undertaker returns……

  • Philosophy25

    Its about damn time, as a lifelong wrestling fan your product is as stale as I’ve ever seen it…even worse than those “pre attitude” years. Way worse. Time to wake up, I hope Vince cans that entire creative staff. What a joke. This will be my 9th attended WrestleMania in a row, and you better believe we will make your event hell if you do not do something quick.

    • Thurlj13

      This is my fourth in total third in a row and I am right with you. I am ready to make this show hell if need be

  • AVPredator4985

    This is a long time coming

  • askbillmitchell

    and by Monday fans will be given another “couldn’t give 2 (that word that rhymes with) ducks” episode of Raw. Nothing is going to change, they don’t have sports entertainment writers they have a bunch of hollywood (they couldn’t hack it in in prime time television, apparently couldn’t hack it in the movie industry so the WWE is their last ditch hope to make something out of themselves. A sense of professional accomplishment. The only problem is they don’t know how to infuse their style of writing in sports form. This is what happens when you insist that no one who opts to apply for a writing position in creative is encouraged to know anything about the product.

    • scott

      AMen dude I don’t know who the writers are but they are the absolute worst ive ever seen. there were so many holes this year

  • Kjhaltz

    But will a champion DBry= ratings/subscriptions/buys

    • steven harris

      If they go with it, and position him right then yes. But at the same time, fans have to tune in for him, they have to buy his merch and by tickets and pay per views for him.

      They need to bring out some new merch for him. Hats, everything.

      • Padres4life

        people are going to shows to see him….the sold out crowd for the Rumble was there just for him and the next night on Raw, even he asked them and they said so…and at Smackdown this week as well based upon an online report, the Yes Movement is working. He’s becoming huge…..he does need a better shirt though.

    • scott

      He’s been one of the top guys for a while and the Ratings haven’t gone up

  • pwnez

    I said it before and i’ll say it again, WWE has no one else to blame but themselves. This will be a much needed wake up call.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      True, but at least they’re doing something about it now…and at all…unlike that promotion that holds shows in high school gyms these days.

      • pwnez

        WWE has no choice but to do something about it. With Punk quitting the company with zero notice the WWE has to change creative plans for WrestleMania. It sounds like they are running scared; possibly afraid that more talent could do the same if some type of change doesn’t come.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          It could be said that TNA has less of a choice considering they’re on their way out of business, but it is what it is. WWE doesn’t really have to listen to us (the fans) and could just stay on course and they would survive just fine with the exception of a possible slight hit in WM buys this year (although I find that to be very unlikely considering the talent that would be there + returning talent). Regardless, I give WWE credit for addressing it immediately instead of taking the other road, a road they’ve taken many times in the past.

          • bambam

            It seems for the first time they are actually paying attention to what we want. If people just sat on their hands and didn’t voice their displeasure, we would have Batista vs Orton at WM30. Im actually happy Punk quit and they are in panic mode. People are getting tired of the same ol s h i t and having Cena jammed down our throats every fukking ppv and main event!! They are finally giving Cesaro a push after a year of doing nothing. Where is El Generico?? If the fans want Ziggler, give him another push!!! Lets see how this all plays out!!!

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            I doubt anything major will really change to be honest, they’ll probably have Bryan win his Mania match against someone who isn’t the champion, maybe HHH now that Punk has left?

          • Chris Roy

            Not listening to the fans is a massive reason why WWE is now re-writing everything.

            The fans show their disapproval by hijacking Raws and recently, the Rumble and make it clear what they want and have been doing this for months and WWE still doesn’t get it.

            Cena may be the cash cow but we’ve seen feuds such as Cena vs Orton for years. It’s been down to death and now we might be getting Batista vs Orton at WM30? that’s a joke. Orton is the most boring man on the roster and Batista has been away for 4 years. Punk or Bryan would be 100x more entertaining.

            Now we’re going to have Hogan,Warrior, Undertaker, HHH possibly Piper and Sting back. Yeah, I’m a fan of these guys but how much longer can WWE rely on them? Take the time and effort to build new stars not relying on ones who are past it.

          • Morris_b

            WWE deals with numbers. All the internet fanboys in the world doesn’t translate to proven sales. Cena > Punk & Bryan combined. lol

          • Chris Roy

            Yeah that I can definitely see. I have no issue with Cena as he is without doubt the draw. What happens if Cena gets seriously injured and is out of Wrestling like Edge? Who have WWE lined up as his replacement and next big star? I can’t think of anybody.

            But when the fans continue to hijack the shows then I think they need to take notice eventually. Now i’ve read they took over the NXT tapings with CM Punk chants all night.

        • scott

          The writers need to be fired bottom line

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Pssh, Punk/Orton/Bryan/Cena and other big names are the only ones that could walk out like that and actually come back. Rhodes/Ziggler/etc would just get fired and WWE would move to the next one.

    • Whatsupbb415

      I’m interested to see how much this really changes stuff!
      HHH has to be used in some way maybe against Big Show or some sort of rushed thing with The Shield (Orton would be my pick)
      Bryan vs Batista (Huge)
      Lesner vs Undertaker
      Cena vs Bray
      Somehow I see Cena gaining more tv time from this.

  • Marshall Mathers

    This is the true meaning to “People Power”! #YESMOVEMET

    • PatrickEwing

      ohhhhhhh Johnny Ace is gonna sue the pants off of you

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Johnny Ace (Failing at doing his messed up voice): Ayyyyyy I ahm du hed ov talunt relayshuns in duh double yuh double yuh E and I am making pee-pull powur a hashtag.

  • AngelFlow

    Maybe Punk quitting wont be in vain after all. I just hope this is for the better and the WWE start listening to what the fans wants. And it sucks that it took for the fans to hijack the Royal Rumble ending and the quitting of one of the top wrestlers on the company to WWE start noticing they are doing everything wrong, instead of doing what it was right from the begging and giving Bryan the main event of WM by winning the Rumble. But at least it seems we are getting something better.

  • nBonThaBeat

    I just hope with Punk gone. They don’t try to pitch Bryan vs Triple H…… Cause we all know, HHH will want a match at mania.

    • Mike Farris

      hhh is having a match at mania it was suppose to been HHH/punk before we punk walked out

  • lunchbox87

    Pull the trigger with Bryan,strike while the iron is hot let the man have his mania moment. Say yes to the YESMOVEMENT !!!!! I love that fans will not let Bryan get pushed aside.

  • 9 year old boy

    They should have a serious discussion about turning Cena heel.

    • Aperture

      They should have a serious discussion about taking Cena out of the main card…away from Daniel Bryan.

  • Real Shane Walsh

    Unfortunately, I don’ think these All-day meetings will do any good. . .

  • Buzzard Follower

    In a world were cmpunk is gone and the wwe only has one fan loved babyface Daniel bryan is the chosen one. and if hes not well i quit

    • Aperture

      R.I.P. CM Punk’s Diet Soda

      Never Forget…

    • Shayla Everhate

      *tears*…finally..that poor soda…

  • A-Dubs

    Needs more Titus O’neal

  • Aperture

    Let me bring you up to speed of what is going on in those meetings…

    • scott

      They don’t need to do anything with Mark Henry haha

  • payton

    Cited? Whats To Cite? Bryan Should Have Won.

  • captaindaddy72

    Looking forward 2 seeing the new plans especially with punk out who will take his big role? I’m actually excited lol

  • VideoIsVideo

    All I can say is that maybe the events of this week is the kick in the pants that the company needed for quite some time now. The winner of the Rumble was booed out of the building, and now one of their top stars just up and jumped ship.
    Of course, I’m not sure how much this will actually change in the long run, but still it’s nice to see them actually attempt to do SOMETHING about it.

  • MiniB32

    Everyone that thinks this will serve as a wake up call to the WWE, don’t hold your breath. It’s more likely that the WWE will just put Bryan in the match Punk was going to have and shuffle Kane and Sheamus around instead. They probably won’t change Batista’s shot at the title since it’s probably in his contract.

    • Kris Mystery

      And that is all fine and good. Doesn’t mean the fans have to like the terms of his contract and i hope they keep voicing their displeasure. If this is what WWE put into his contract then they will have to deal with their unhappy fans.

  • Shockmaster

    I thought the whole Daniel Bryan thing was a work and part of the story of WWE keeping him down. But it seems they really just didn’t want him in the rumble. They do seem out of touch.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    This is what happens when you hire non-wrestling fan writers. Man, I know that the fans, marks all could come up with stories that actually work. They, the writers, have no clue. I believe this can only make fan leave the WWE for some other forms of entertainment

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Why is there a belief that the WWE wil make any changes that the fans like? This is an organization that has made sure they put down the wrestling fan by doing the worse things they could. I will wait to see what they do, I expect nothing from them at this point

  • raVen

    this all day meeting is EVERYONE telling hhh that he can’t go over Bryan like he was going ot go over Punk.

  • HeelDZ

    It’s a wake up call but at a cost.. We’ve lost a star in Punk

  • rashad jackson

    ppl keep bitching about bryan i for one dont or didnt care if bryan was in the rumble or not im not sure whats the deal with bryan but if they keep bringing him down etc ppl will start to lose interests in him we have been behind bryan since june-july last year here it is 2014 i dont know how much long the fans will stay behind if he doesnt get his push soon!!
    also i think that since punk is gone i think they r going to put bryan in his spot n make him face triple h at WM30…i really hope not though…but on raw when he got in his face it looked like that was a set up

  • Craig DeBoard

    A few things.

    1. Fix the Rumble/Wrestlemania situation with Batista and Bryan. The best thing they can do is have Batista win the title at Elimination Chamber. Maybe even go one further by having Triple H interfere and help get Batista the win over Bryan. Batista said he wanted to win the title and headline Mania. There’s nothing saying it has to happen at Mania. He could still win it before then and still be in the main event of Mania. Put him up against Bryan with Triple H as the special referee and have Bryan win, overcoming the odds. The pop will be huge. I guarantee it.

    2. WWE needs to understand that Punk’s frustration was from multiple issues, not just one thing. If they ever hope to get punk back they need to completely change how they’re looking at what’s “Best For Business” (I hate that phrase.) I get that Vince and Triple H like big bodybuilder like guys and that’s fine. There have been some great champions that were big guys, but fans tastes have changed and they very often prefer the more talented smaller guys than the big guys who move awkwardly in the ring and don’t have much technical skill (I blame Shawn Michaels for the small man revolution…thank you Shawn.)

    3. The big guys being at the top isn’t the only problem. WWE has Jane Geddes employed as talent relations and I can’t think of anyone more inept for the position. At least Lauranitis had a wrestling background. She played tennis. That whole situation is just stupid.

    If WWE wants fans on their side again, they need to produce TV fans want to see. They aren’t booing Randy or Batista because of good heel heat.

    • y2jayalmighty

      1 Why not just have Bryan win the elimination chamber and face the winner of the rumble(Batista). Batista isnt even in the chamber.
      2 They dont need to change everything based on what one talented employee wants. The WWE will be just fine without Crybaby Punk. Every successful business in the world has employees that dont like the way that particular business runs, the way they are treated, or the fact that they are not in a top position. Im pretty sure most people think they are smarter and could run the business better than their boss. I know I feel that way.
      3 Dont know anything about that.
      You know its funny because all I see on this website is people complaining that storylines or feuds dont run long enough. This one with Bryan has been going on for awhile and people start whining. I dont really care if Bryan wins or not, but to me it seems like they are building it up perfectly for a gigantic momentous win for Bryan.

  • Dixie Carter

    Heard that HHH is going to create “Senior Citizens” AKA “Down With The Kids” faction in the coming months. My friend Krusty The Clown who works for WWE creative texted me the breaking news.

    Nash, HHH, Hogan, Jake The Snake are all apart of it. Ric Flair is coming in too. The senior citizens’s are going to take over RAW and claim all the belts with HHH becoming World Champion.

    Please fokes, save your life and your time on the earth by TUNING into TNA. 2hrs a week of pure wrestling without wasting your life watching past shows or garbage every monday night.

  • scott

    The writers of the past year need to be gone. Fired as soon as WrestleMania is gone. If sooner than make it sooner. There were too many storyline holes this year and things that are just an embarrassment to the fans. This nightly storyline thing is not working to WWE. From the Sandow and Rhodes beef being thrown away to Sandows briefcase being taken away for nothing because they didn’t know how to give him the belt. You have The RHodes brothers leap frogging and winning the titles despite that the Usos were the said number 1 contenders. You have Kane being beaten by the Wyatts and instead of that storyline doing anything he just comes out and joins the authority. Also Dean AMbrose hasn’t defended his title on TV or at a PPV in about 4 or 5 months. He doesn’t deserve that title, that belt has no point on him. If its on someone else it gives them a chance for more TV time something Abrose doesn’t need because he gets too much of it in the SHield. The stories have sucked all year and its time for a change and I hope they make it

  • solid_snake_1981

    for starters stop calling us the wwe universe, that sounds so freaking stupid, and just stop pushing cena, he sucks.

  • diablo

    He’s always been a complainer,he had his run,kinda boring now,best in the world yeah right,let’s give real talent a chance,go ziggler

  • Morris_b

    Don’t change too much over a classless ppv crowd and a classless wrestler (Punk).

    Just as many people if not more aren’t in love with DB and CM. So WWE would be fools to scrap everything for just 2 individuals.

    • Kris Mystery

      The reaction at RR and RAW would suggest you are wrong about that and

      • Padres4life

        Everybody loves DB now….even celebrities are joining the yes Movement.

      • Morris_b

        1 ppv isn’t ALL crowds.

  • Amber

    More TV time – Part-timers = Happy full-timers = happier fans. Pretty simple equation.

    • https://soundcloud.com/kenkenkilltit KenKen KillT iT

      Better scripting. Just because we have only full timers doesn’t mean the product will be better.

  • ADispleasedFan

    Yeah, these meetings will do no good. I still can call spoilers without reading about them because the writing is just so elementary

  • gimmegimmekevin

    I say have Bryan win title at EC, and turn Batista heel before then, Bryan vs Batista at WM30. HHH can go away, he doesn’t need a match this WM for it be good.

  • Padres4life

    isn’t it awesome that for the first time the fans are the script writers..? We’re so behind DB that we’re forcing their hand at this point.

  • syn kara

    Fans don’t control WWE anymore than they control any other sport. Sometimes the good guy like Daniel DOESN”T WIN. I wonder who’s booking the Superbowl ?
    I wonder if one of the quarter backs is going to turn heel and throw the ball in the wrong direction ? I wonder if a coach is going to throw salt in someone’s face or if the cheerleaders are going to run in for a distraction ? What if there was a touchdown “but the ref didn’t see it ! “

    • one warrior nation

      I like how “the authority” of the NFL decided to book Madonna at one of the superbowl half-time shows just to piss off fans. How many beer drinking football guys listen to Madonna ? Her music is for girls, gays and lesbos, but “the NFL authority” wanted to do whats best for business. Actually, Eagles and Rolling Stones were better suited to the football fan base but NFL has moved on from booking classic bands.

  • Mike

    At the End of the day it will be Undertaker who sells Wrestlemania and saves wwe out if this mess. Even with Daniel Bryan and everyone else, 90s wrestling will always win over today’s product! Year after year it’s the Undertaker that steals the show, not Daniel Bryan and certainly not John Cena.