WWE To Induct An Actual Match Into 2014 Class Of The WWE Hall Of Fame?

WWE is playing around with the idea of inducting a match into the 2014 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame in April.

According to a recent PWInsider.com report, the idea being pitched in WWE right now is for Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff and Mr. T to be inducted, making it the first time in history that an actual match itself is inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame, as all four were involved in the main event of the first ever WrestleMania.

It’s possible that Jimmy Snuka and Bob Orton Jr. will also be inducted, as they were part of the WrestleMania I main event as well. If the idea comes to fruition, it would leave the door open for future matches to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame as well.

Mr. T has reportedly turned down offers from WWE in the past, but company officials are reportedly negotiating with him to make the aforementioned idea possible.

Obviously if this idea pans out, it would make Hogan, Piper, Orndorff, as well as Orton and Snuka if they are involved, two-time Hall Of Famers. The only two-time Hall Of Famer at the moment is Ric Flair, who was both inducted as an individual and as part of the Four Horsemen.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • RodSerling

      This is stupid. Typical WWE thinking at its finest…

      • pwnez

        I agree. WWE is going to end up inducting matches that weren’t even good. Hogan and Mr. T vs Piper and Orndorf wasn’t a good match at all.

        • Fighter

          While I think it’s a bad idea to induct matches. It is not about how great the match was or wasn’t. It could be inducted for several different matters. Just like HOF inductees does not have to be part a former WWE Champion. It is about the fact the person or match was part of history. It was not a great match, but Hogan & Mr. T vs Piper and Orndorf was part of Wrestlemania’s first main event. That right there is history making and nobody can change that.

          • pwnez

            And that’s what I fear. WWE will induct matches based off of nostalgia and popularity which I think sucks. There is no reason at all to induct actual matches into the HOF. I agree with what many fans are saying; it seems that WWE is running out of people to induct or at least wrestlers they want to induct.

            • Whatsupbb415

              I think they could easily induct

              Jake The Snake
              NWO (If they want Hogan in twice)
              Lex Lugar
              Danny Hodge
              Sid Vicious
              Miss Elizabeth
              Paul Bearer
              You can only have so many people who are no long with us though without making it an overtly said thing.

            • pwnez

              Remember, each HOF class has at least 5 inductees. Some of these names could either be the main inductee or would be one of the other four in that class. Unfortunately inducting Savage won’t be as easy as some may think and the same can be said about Owen Hart.

              I think WWE should start inducting stables, tag teams, managers, and more female wrestlers. That right there would give you a lot of names. One thing I think they should stop is inducting celebrities. I don’t see a point especially when certain celebrities have only appeared once and twice on WWE television and most haven’t done much. Heck, why not induct referee Earl Hebner and Mike Chioda? They have been around forever!

            • Bushwald Sexyface

              Hand, Head and Katie Vick should definitely be inducted.

            • 5er

              and the baby that Snitsky punted.

            • Whatsupbb415

              Vince McMahon will never induct a referee I don’t think Vince feels officals would give the clout or shine that celebrities bring. Weather we like it or not when Mike Tyson, Donald Trump and others have been inducted it added additional media coverage. WWE loves main stream media coverage/
              I don’t think Owen will ever be inducted atleast not while Martha Hart is alive.
              Savage umm Lanny Poffo has said they induct Savage when they want.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          You know this is more of an excuse to bring Mr. T into the HOF. Right?

    • oppa

      That’s just WWE’s way of saying they are running out of people to induct into the hall of fame.

      • Ninjastar

        its true, wwe is running out , wwe cant have this hall of fame every year sooner or later they’ll run out of wrestlers

        • oppa

          Or they will have to start inducting individual members of the nWo. That would keep them busy for the next 50 years.

          • Brian Lazar

            They should start inducting wcw legends in. I think that such all time greats as David arquette, lash leroux and Lodi, should all be inducted!

            • Fighter

              While majority of Hogan career was in WWE some of wrestling historic moments came while he was in WCW, with the NWO. Also they have inducted Booker T, who was a big star in WCW before coming to WWE. And I believe eventually we’ll see more WCW wrestlers. But yeah you’re being sarcastic with David Arquette. lol At least I hope you are. lmao

        • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

          Exactly, the only guys left would probably be Undertaker, Kane, Savage, DDP (Although he was a WCW wrestler but they have inducted guys who were big in the territory days) and I can’t really think of any more.

          • Yo

            DDP was also in WWE for a couple of years.

            • Ninjastar

              i dont think it was a couple years, maybe like a year or less ,

          • NXTNETWORK

            Hmm, Taker, Kane, Show, Savage, Bearer, Vince, JBL, Scott Hall, Nash, Roberts, Fabulous free birds, Fit Finlay, Owen Hart, Bam Bam, Big Boss Man, British Bulldog, Bruiser Brody, Doink, Goldberg, Hill Billy Jim, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Neidhart, Kevin Sulliven, Kurt Angle, Miss Elizabeth, Rick Rude

            • Ninjastar

              ya you can name all the wrestlers you want , but most of them wont go to the hall of fame or even wanna be in it , i think alot of wrestlers left on bad terms with wwf and Vince that we dont know about . See how long its getting the Warrior to be in the hall of fame ,

            • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

              Damn, I actually never noticed how many people weren’t inducted, very eye opening.

            • d21ofnj

              Dean Malenko, Hart Foundation, Demolition, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, Scott Steiner, Dudleys, Hardys, IRS, Jericho, Regal, DDP, Vader, Joey Styles, Larry Zbyszko, it goes on if you really look into it.

            • NXTNETWORK

              You really think the hardyz, dreamer, steiner, irs haha

      • smartin2293

        this is true, but they can have it every year and only feature like 3-5 people vs. (just a random number) 10 each year. That would spread things out a little while longer.

    • scott

      They can’t induct everyone they need to slow down to about 2 a year instead of the 6 or whatever they do a year

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Imagine if the NBA did this. Or the NFL. Or MLB. There’s a reason they don’t do it, WWE. It’s stupid.

      • pwnez

        Could you imagine if the Rock and Roll HOF inducted actual songs? WWE won me over with the WWE Network but wanting to induct actual matches is a horrible idea.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          No kidding. Imagine all of the one-hit wonders they would have.

    • QuiteFrankly

      Its just to get people who are worth one ring two of them lol

    • essinodub

      It’s their way of justifying an appearance by these gentlemen… this probably more about Hogan making an appearance then inducting this match… maybe it helps negotiations… if we’re inducting matches how about WM25 HBK vs Taker

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      I kinda like the idea, to be honest, but honestly, not this match. Sure it was the first main event of WM but it realistically wasn’t that great of a match, compared to other matches throughout the history of WWE.

      • Whatsupbb415

        I don’t think people will ever like the matches that Vince will choose because he’s going to look at it with relevance to what made him money and spring boarded his company. I think we just care about what we think was awesome.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      I’d rather have HOF side Matches than Celebrity side HOF.

    • Jonathan

      XFL should be inducted…

    • angry foodie

      Mr. T should be a celebrity Hall of Famer anyways.

    • Patrick W.

      I’d much rather see them induct objects than matches. By objects I mean, a steel chair, Jimmy Hart’s megaphone, Boss Man’s night stick, etc. Hell, the steel chair will probably give a better induction speech anyhow.

      • Joe

        I would imagine that these objects would be a part of the HOF museum, whenever it opens. And instead of inducting matches, feature them, somehow, at the museum as well. This sort of thing might bring more people to the museum. Yes, you can see Hogan/Bundy on the network whenever you want, but look…..there’s the blue cage that was actually used. There’s a piece of the ring ropes. That’s the kind of thing I like to see, personally.