WWE Main Event Results: Swagger vs. Rusev

– It’s announced at the start of the show that Jack Swagger will take on Rusev tonight in a rematch from Battleground, so apparently the advertised Sheamus vs. Rusev non-title match has been scrapped.

– A video package airs showing Dean Ambrose’s attack on Seth Rollins from Battleground.

– Seth Rollins defeated Fandango by pinfall after hitting a turnbuckle powerbomb and his Peace of Mind finisher.

– Footage airs from RAW when Brock Lesnar is announced as John Cena’s opponent at SummerSlam.

– Ryback defeated Jey Uso. Ryback was going for his Meat Hook clothesline but got caught with a Samoan Drop. Curtis Axel then distracted Uso, allowing Ryback to hit the Meat Hook clothesline and get the pin. After the match, Rybaxel celebrated and signaled that they want a title shot.

– Backstage, Heath Slater is with Titus O’Neal and says they’re the greatest new tag team ever. Titus says they aren’t a team and tells Slater to follow his lead tonight. Slater says Titus didn’t mean what he said and promises to make Titus a believer.

– Big E and Kofi Kingston defeated Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil. Xavior Woods was in the corner of Big E and Kofi. Towards the end of the match, Big E got a hot tag and hit a backbreaker on Titus. He then held Titus down, allowing Kofi to hit him with a double foot stomp off the top rope. Woods then instructs them to do the same thing to Titus, which they do. Big E stacked Titus and Slater on top of each other and pinned them both at the same time.

– A video package airs recapping Rusev’s win over Jack Swagger at Battleground. Backstage, Zeb is with Swagger and says that if a Real American gave up in the first sign of struggle, it wouldn’t be right. He says that he wants everyone to notice what flag is going to be waved after tonight.

– Backstage, Titus O’Neal calls calls Heath Slater dead weight and says they are done. Titus leaves and Slater says again that Titus didn’t mean it. Slater says they have chemistry and will team again.

– A video package airs showing Stephanie getting arrested on RAW.

– Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro in a No DQ match is announced for SmackDown.

– Jack Swagger defeated Rusev by disqualification after Rusev attacked Swagger with the Russian flag. Overall a pretty good match with Swagger getting a nice amount of offense in, including the Patriot lock. After the match, Rusev went to attack Swagger with the flag again ,but Zeb Colter took the flag out of his hands. Swagger then knocked Rusev out of the ring and stood tall with Zeb as the show goes off the air.

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