WWE Network Launch Announcement To Be Made In January In Las Vegas?

As previously reported, WWE began sending out media invites on Tuesday to a “special event” on Wednesday, January 8th at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That same week is also the 2014 International CES, which is an international consumer and electronics trade show that WWE has had a regular presence at. Last year, WWE showcased their new WWE App, which debuted a few months prior to the 2013 CES.

The media invite for the trade show in January announced that Vince McMahon himself would be in attendance. This is interesting to note because McMahon rarely attends these type of events. In most cases, George Barrios or Stephanie McMahon would represent WWE at these kind of events, so it seems as though something big is planned this time around.

While it is still unofficial at this point, many are speculating that this could be the announcement of the official launch of the highly anticipated WWE Network.

We should have an update on this story on Wednesday afternoon.

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  • God’s Diamond

    I’m sure they’ll announce the first main event will be a rematch for the unified title or a new unified title

  • $42863687

    They sure are taking a “gamble” with this whole WWE Network thing. Eh? Eh…?

    • ozzie

      Oh, I get it! They are in Vegas and you said gamble! You make a funny!

  • VIN

    Just continue delivering old RAWs and continue where it left off around May of 1999 without going back to 1995 again and I’ll be happy. I can’t believe they stopped right before the episode where evil creepy ’99 HHH locked The Rock in a casket and delivered a dozen sledge attacks on it.
    Undertaker and HHH should have formed the unholy alliance that year btw since they were both becoming more sinister and creepy. Should have been HHH instead of Big Show. Big Show made it suck.