WWE Night Of Champions 2013: Are You Sold?

WWE Night of Champions 2013WWE Night of Champions 2013

Following Monday’s RAW, the card for Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view is set. While SummerSlam had a stronger card top to bottom – Night of Champions is largely built around the top two matches. Daniel Bryan gets his chance to reclaim the WWE Championship title after the month-long reign of terror by the “Best for Business” corporate team of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton. CM Punk will also continue his ongoing feud with Paul Heyman and company in a handicap elimination match.

We want to know what you think about the buildup for Sunday’s pay-per-view. Are you going to order the show? Now that the “Best For Business” storyline has had a month to develop – do you like this angle as WWE’s top storyline, or is the reign of Triple H damaging the overall product by emasculating the WWE roster?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below – and also share your predictions.

As always, SEScoops.com will have Live Results of Night of Champions this Sunday. If you’re not ordering the pay-per-view, this is the best possible way for you to follow exactly what’s occurring in real time. We will also have the chat room open, so even if you are ordering the show, you can chat with other readers during the show. We’ll see you here Sunday night!

Here’s the card for WWE Night of Champions 2013:

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman (Handicap Elimination Match)
If CM Punk wins, he gets to face Paul Heyman one-on-one.

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi (Four Way Match)

Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. Tag Team Turmoil Winners (Pre-Show)

Pre-Show Tag Team Turmoil Match:
Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. 3MB vs. Tons of Funk vs. Real Americans
Winning team faces The Shield on pay-per-view.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Caristofer


  • pwnez

    This PPV looks like a disaster. I’m only looking foward to seeing what happens during the Orton/Bryan match. Besides that the rest of the card looks weak.

    • Stew-ED!

      I agree. I’ve lost interest practically everything accept the Orton and Bryan feud. Less care has been taken in the under-card matches. Now they got their big story under way it seems like WWE don’t care that much about anything else.

  • GN-0015

    Looking forward for the tag team thing, but mid card title matches are still not booked showing that WWE never had a plan with those shiny pieces of metals. World Heavyweight and WWE Championship matches are predictable. No way DB winning it this early, and a dirty finish is almost guaranteed. RVD is going for a break soon, he’s not winning it.

    • peffers

      I think RVD will win to put a babyface up for Sandow.

      • TSizzle

        Yup he will cash in on van dam sometime before a return of Cody and there goes that fued

  • Michael

    5 matches on the PPV, that’s it?

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      I’m just going to wait until Smackdown to see if they annouce any more matches…there’s still the US title to go on the line yet…although tbf the IC title isn’t being defended so who knows really?…=/

    • Johnson

      They’ll probably throw a sixth one in there last minute. But it makes you wonder doesn’t it… why the he// they don’t put the tag team turmoil ON the card, as it would at least add to it.
      Stupid a##es working over there. Then instead of seeing it live on TV when you order the ppv a half hour before the event (sunday night heat style), a taped segment of that goof Scott Stamford is there instead repeating the same crap over and over again hyping up matches you already know are there from that studio.

  • Ban Danson

    We need to want more than just one match on the card lol.

    You’re doing good but have a long way to go, HHH

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Great main storylines, but the mid card needs more work, as does the ppv build up.

  • kendo nagasaki

    What happened to Ziggler vs Ambrose match ?… that was the only match up i was lookibg forward to… they would have ripped it up

  • dae

    1) Not a fan of this Coroporation 2.0 bit where they’ve been slamming all the wrestlers and nobody has fought back. In the Orton/Bryan match, if the paper champion retains in a match marred by interference, it’s going to decline my interest in that storyline futher.
    2) RVD v. del Rio is the match I want to see the most on the card. I wouldn’t want to waste money on seeing two matches. I’m hoping that RVD wins, but del Rio has played a really good heel.
    3) Punk v. Axel, Heyman has been the best storyline to date. Heyman and Punk have really sold this one, in my opinion. As much as I would like to see the IC strap on the line, this one would be the second match that I’d want to see but won’t waste the money on the rest of the card.
    4) Divas match just needs a clean win with no outside interference from Big E or anybody else and that’s all I would care about no matter who wins…
    5) Shield v. anybody else: Seriously, if you don’t know what will happen, then tune in… But, my guess is that Ambrose interferes with the match because the Shield can never, and I mean neeeeeeeeeeever, win a fair fight without the rest of the group running some type of distraction. (Nor, will they fight a fight that’s not 3 against less while tucking their tails when they’re evenly matched…)
    So, this card fails in my opinion.

    • Johnson

      It’s technically not a Corporation stable. It’s just the usual heel boss favoring the heel champ. It’s been done many times post the Corporation in 1998/9. It happened ALOT with Bischoff and Evolution too.

  • Jay Strongbow

    $50 for a glorified RAW – and yet I’m looking forward to this even less than yesterday’s RAW…

  • Dalton

    Turn brock babyface, let him battle orton,’let daniel battle rvd forbthe WH championship, turn the wyatt family babyface, let them battle the sheild, have ryback battle a returning Kane after he makes his movie, just listen to the fans thoughts please

  • brad

    Orton vs Bryan and rvd vs del rio sounds pretty good, but the rest don’t really interest me.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    This really feels more like a filler show then something that I have to see. The only match people are looking forward to is Bryan/Orton, the rest of the card just shows how weak most of the champions are baring The Shield since they are being heavily featured more. I will hold my verdict after the show but for now I’m just going to see this as a cool down filler show at best. Hopefully WWE will surprise me and keep their streak going of great ppvs though.

  • bambam

    Besides Orton vs DB nothing really makes me want to buy this. Punk vs Axel feud is boring. They need to have PTP vs the Shield of the tag titles and Ambrose vs Ziggler for us championship. WWE has dropped the ball on what the people want and besides Edge’s segment, RAW was a train wreck of recaps, rematches, and nonsense. Thank God the crowd was entertaining.

  • Jay

    Not sold. Never ordered a NOC PPV before. Only saw 2008 and last years on DVD

  • SwindleFox69

    I’d rather have Punk and Axel go at it for the IC Title, Punk win, and then have Punk go after Heyman. This match seems to have the most predictable outcome on the card.

  • Johnson

    All of these Pre show matches should be shown Live from your tv once you order the ppv 30 mins prior. And that tag team turmoil match should definitely be on the card, because this ppv is lacking big time in matches. The moment you order it, the feed should go directly into the arena. It shouldn’t be 30 mins of some goofy dude like Scott Stamford or Mike Korpella hyping up the ppv you already ordered repeating the same thing over and over and over again.
    I’m not that sold on NOC, because I don’t think Orton/Bryan is as good as Cena/Bryan. I’m not feeling it at all. Axel vs. Punk…. The already gave this match away twice for free in the past month. And to top it off, you’d think that at NOC…. the IC title would be on the line. As for the US title, I expect a last minute throwaway match…then again maybe Ambrose might not be on the card at all. About Orton/Bryan: I have a feeling Daniel Bryan is going to win the title again from Orton. Then during his celebration, H. McBigNose and sexy Stephy will find some kind of a loop hole excuse to take it away from him and put it back on Orton.
    As for RVD and Del Rio… Every time I see Del Rio on tv making that face like he just ate something sour.. it reminds me of how he has such little to say on the mic…and reminds me of how much he stinks! Loses more than half of his matches on tv , wins a few against jobbers like Kofi, and Zack Ryder which makes people wonder what’s so special about him to begin with. Then he wins the ppv match against a guy he faced about 2 or 3 times for free on tv. (which already diminishes the value of the ppv match). And after he wins on ppv, he proceeds to make that sour puss face again reminding me once again how much he sucks! I’d rather see R-Truth with the WHC or Antonio Cesaro with it instead of Del Rio.
    And the Divas match… they should have went all out and made it a 15 min scramble match between: AJ/Kaitlyn/Naomi/Natalya/Brie/Alicia Fox/Layla/ and Aksana. WWE needs to do more with their girls… Falls count anywhere, scramble, No DQ, 2/3 falls, strap matches, an occasional cage match (should have been done with AJ and Kaitlyn this past Summer), etc…. And how about an all diva elimination chamber match. Yes, why not… It would at least bring some more action to that division and more interest. A decent 20 min EC match at the EC ppv in addition to two other EC matches. Why not? It’s an EC theme right? Go all out I say. The fans would eat that sh*t up anyway.

  • shadowprophet

    no, but i’m grand theft auto sold.
    grand theft auto> wwe current state

  • Buzzard Follower

    Im not sold. other than punk vs heyman and bryan vs orton none of the other matches got decent build. Only bryan and orton is a match i would pay to see. im calling it though i say the shield help sandow win the whc from rvd (after beating del rio)

  • Steven Buchanan

    it may still be added ziggler vs ambrose or something damn that title needs to be defended or change hands

  • Steven Buchanan


  • Michael Perry

    I’ve been having a really difficult time getting into this storyline. While I will admit that Daniel Bryan is hugely popular, I just don’t buy him as a baby face. There have been times where people have begged him to stop his war with HHH, and instead of respecting the fact that people care about him, he just blows them off. When the Big Show came in to his locker room to have a heart-to-heart with him, he acted like a total douchebag that didn’t even care about what was happening to his supposed “friend”. Look, I’m not a gigantic fan of John Cena, but at least the guy is consistent with the part that he is playing. Daniel Bryan, however, has made absolutely no change in his character and dialogue from when he turned into a heel up until now. I cannot sympathize with his character. Overall, it’s just bad character development.

    People complain about Randy Orton a lot – saying things like “he has no mic skills”. I argue that he does, in fact, have mic skills, and that the only reason that he comes off as awkward sometimes is because he hasn’t been allowed to play his character since he was the leader of Legacy. Randy Orton was never meant to play a baby face, nor was he ever meant to play the role of the corporate flunkie or the chosen one. What drew me to Randy Orton when he was the leader of Legacy was his tactfulness and how cool, cunning, and calculating he was – just like a viper should be. When he got on the mic, he didn’t have to say much in order to make a huge point. He made you fear him. He made you fear for anyone who stepped into the ring with him. You always wondered what kind of plan he had up his sleeve, and you were always impressed that his mind always seemed to be just a few steps ahead of the minds of his competition. This is the essence of Randy Orton, and this is what I have missed for years now.

    I’m not asking for Shakespeare, here. What I am asking for, however, is to be convinced that WWE script writers have some idea of how to develop character and plot.

    The new angle with the McMahon’s has been kind of cool, but I feel that their efforts are being ultimately wasted. I can’t say for certain, but I fear that I have grown out of wrestling in general.

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    Really good “Night of Champions” (sarc). Without an IC match or a US Title match, way to stick to your own stipulations WWE.

  • Johrdann Miller

    don’t give a sh!t, wont be ordering it.

  • charles

    I would not waste my hard earn money on WWE Payperviews.

  • breaking bad fan

    so yeah i was gonna miss it anyway breaking bad is my sunday night

  • Anthony

    forgot dolph ziggler vs dean ambrose

  • Anthony

    forgot dolph ziggler vs dean ambrose

  • Sondrra Mcgrew

    Hate this storyline . Bullies and cheating being rewarded. What a message to send our young people who may not understand it is just play-acting. It has also gotten predictable and boring