WWE Payback Match Confirmed, Daniel Bryan Video Update, SmackDown Fallout

– Following Friday’s edition of WWE SmackDown, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a “Last Man Standing” match has been confirmed for the upcoming WWE Payback pay-per-view, which takes place on Sunday, June 1st.

– Speaking of SmackDown, here is this week’s edition of “SmackDown Fallout,” which features Batista.

– Finally, in one last SmackDown-related note, here is the video package that aired on Friday’s show to update fans on the condition of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      anyone else find the fake crowd during the daniel bryan video annoying

      • ibeBrave

        Smackdowns editing was horrible tonight Lol

    • Buzzard Follower

      Good luck bryan

    • Josh Knepshield

      That Batista Bomb looked painful as f*ck.

      • Progressed_Now

        what I wonder is why does Bootista always have to grab the other guy’s asssssssssss when doing it?

    • swatishwarne708

      Now Cena can almost beat Bray 10 times in a last man standing match only to helped up by Wyatt family members Harper and Rowan.then a little girl will appear and push him off the stage after he had all three Wyatts down for 9 count!

      • insomniacreviewer

        Super ego Cena is out to bury Bray Wyatt!

    • Matt Gallagher

      Daniel got his haircut?

      • omega riddler

        no, just in a pony tail, probably in a hair net during the procedure

        • Matt Gallagher

          Look at the pic on the video, looks like he trimmed the sides and back

    • Dixie Carter

      Just like to announce. Be lucky to watch this garbage called FlopDown because WWE won’t be around next year with the news of the Flop TV deal for less money and the failure of the WWE Network and talents wanting to quit.

    • insomniacreviewer

      Cena vs Wyatt again.. It might as well be a buried alive match since super ego Cena is burying Bray Wyatt anyways.