WWE Payback Spoilers (Cena vs. Ryback), Heel Turns Planned, Match Changed

– John Cena is currently booked to defeat Ryback in the Three Stages of Hell match this Sunday at WWE Payback.

– Over the weekend, several changes were made to the Payback card. Playing off their recent dissension, WWE had been planning for Daniel Bryan to wrestle Randy Orton at the pay-per-view. Instead, the two will be teaming up against The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

– Also discussed over the weekend, it’s possible we see two heels turns for Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. As previously reported, Daniel Bryan is scheduled to feud with John Cena over the WWE Championship this summer.

* Find Out If WWE Plans To Put The WWE Championship On DANIEL BRYAN At SummerSlam

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Progress_Now

    “Chena booked to defeat Ryback”

    oh gee like we didn’t see THAT coming.

  • Dan Kincaid

    Turn Orton, who wants it, and keep Bryan face…it’s obvious

  • http://twitter.com/TheSobi SOBI

    Lolx Even if they Turn Bryan Heel the Crowd will still Chant for Bryan more then Cena
    this is the PERFECT opportunity for Orton’s HEEL turn because The Chicago Crowd will definitely Cheer for Bryan and IF Randy turns Heel he will get Boos from the crowd
    (also the Fact that Orton is a Damn good Heel helps)

    • cappa37

      If he goes heel, Randy will get the biggest pop! They will cheer for him because this is what everyone wants from Orton. But with that said, this is a good time for Bryan to turn heel. The crowd is big time behind him which is perfect for a turn. I remember when the Rock turned into the corporate champ in the ’98 Survivor Series and I was crushed (I was a kid then) but looking back, it was an epic heel turn.

      • yrabadi

        Valid opinion… If they turn Bryan, then he should go over Cena and have long heel championship run… But honestly, the guy is so over right now – they should push him strong as a babyface while the crowd is invested. Get that merch money.

  • RaZ

    There are way too many heels as it is right now and Bryan is more over then just about everyone on the roster. Keep him a face and turn the super boring Orton.

  • pwnez

    Hopefully Ryback will drop to the mid-card once he loses to Cena. As for Bryan turning heel, I like it although I think he would do better as a face since he’s so over.

  • Paul Kersey

    Yeah WWE, that’s smart. Kill Bryan’s momentum just like you did Ryback’s. Just let Cena vs. Bryan be a babyface match.

    • Guest

      Cena vs Bryan would still be boring regardless. Because Cena’s face vs face matches have been an ongoing idea SINCE THE LAST FREAKING 8 years.. who would want to keep seeing this forever??

    • mizery

      So what you think losing to Cena as a face will be any better for Bryan than as a heel??

  • yrabadi

    If WWE turns Bryan heel it will speak volumes as to how out of touch they have become with their audience. Turning him for Cena would just be stupid anyway… Cena’s more of a heel right now than Bryan is. What’s the point of turning Bryan? He’s so over right now. They’d be stupid to do it… Which probably means they will.

    • Randy James Crawford

      The WWE will do what they want not what you want ok.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Savage/827558265 Chris Savage

      the wwe will never turn cena heel..

  • #heel420

    Everybody wants a Orton heel turn.

    WWE Logic: Give them a Daniel Bryan heel turn.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

    WTF! I’d rather a Face vs Face then to ruin Bryan like Ryback by turning him heel again. Bryan should be booked as a serious face. If anyone should turn heel, it should be Cena or Orton. I say after Payback, bring in Christain as a face, turn Cody face by attacking Barret, Bring Punk back as a face, and give Kofi and Ryder major overhauls as faces and make them interesting.

    As for Ryback vs Cena, yet again you continue buring Ryback in order to try to push Cena again in which no one wants to see. This feud has been booked completely wrong. Ryback shouldn’t be afraid of Cena at all but that’s how they’re making it seem, and Cena isn’t helping by not taking it serious with his over dramatic yelling and crap. If Cena wins, it better be good, because if its just a simple AA of of the ambulance like we’ve all seen, this is just a Ryback burial and no superstar deserves to be buried by Cena. Cena should be putting people over. Im gonna give this match a chance only for one reason: WWE stated themselves they really have nothing left for Cena so they want him to go out in a big way.

    • Randy James Crawford

      How is it getting buried if your AA’ed/FU’ed off an ambulance that does hurt,

      • BOOCH

        People on this site like to throw the word buried around a lot. Most of them don’t even know what it means.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

        Thats not really a mark out moment. What im saying is we’ve seen that before. If WWE wants this macth to be special they are gonna need to have some better moments then that.

  • Joe Hundley

    Jericho is one of the few faces that gets huge pops. They really have no idea what there doing.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Yes they do Chris Jericho puts people over alot more when he is a Face if he is a Heel he can act mad about that.

      • Joe Hundley

        You have to have a few faces for people to care about right? You cant have a roster full of main event heels.

  • John Doe

    Ryback will win Money in the bank ladder match and cash it in in the future

  • John Doe

    Ryback will win Money in the bank ladder match and cash it in in the future

  • Feelmemore

    No No No! A heel turn right now would be dumb, keep him face and do something somewhat different two faces for the title.

  • Randy James Crawford

    Turn Chris Jericho Heel, Randy Orton is acting Heel so turn him, Turn CM Punk Face,

    • yrabadi

      The WWE will do what they want not what you want ok.

  • Pozessed

    Although it will never happen, imagine if WWE changed it for Ryback to win because it has been leaked?

  • Adam-Michael

    Cena is going to win? what a surprise… said no wrestling fan ever

    • neelesh

      no surprise

  • Ares

    If the WWE Turns Bryan Heel, they literally, LITERALLY, have lost their minds. They do not listen to the fans, they only listen to themselves.

    • Seachai Chan

      I wonder why they haven’t given John cena anything new for the last 8 years…No heel turns, no character change, and no new fresh directions for this guy.. SERIOUSLY!

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Punk’s debuting a new theme which suggests he’s turning face as well.

  • Hovito

    Never in a million years would this happen, but if Punk were a no-show at Payback and a couple weeks of Raw after that, you could have him turn on Heyman for “booking” a match he wanted no part of. This could do a few things, start a feud with Axel and eventually Lesnar at some point, Vince could feud with Heyman for promising Punk and not delivering etc….

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      I swear I read on here or somewhere else that they were planning a Punk/Lesnar feud…so who knows it’s a possibility it could happen…the Vince/Heyman thing I dunno…but Punk turning on Heyman and feuding with Axel and/or Lesnar…it could happen…=P

  • Derringer Duo

    Yes, the two most popular guys on the roster, let’s turn them heel. The most tired and boring guy that people chant “Same Old S***!” at? Let’s push him HARDER down people’s throats as an indestructible force.

    This surely will not hurt the ratings in any way. Pass me the alcohol. I am in no way already drunk.

    • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

      Daniel Bryan’s heel turn will be more like a babyface turn coz ppl will be behind Bryan and against Cena

  • Marshall Mathers
  • Marshall Mathers

    Suddenly, a very wild Beyonce appears!
    all the single ladies.

    <) )?oh oh oh.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    as cool as it’d be seeing Daniel Bryan as a heel again…I think they should give the heel turn to Orton since he needs it most…Daniel is extremely over with the crowd at the minute and I know cappa37 made a good point that it could make the turn more effective as it’d hit the fans more because of it…but if they were to play that card I think they should let Daniel run with the ball as a face for a bit longer…Orton however is extremely stale and people are bored of him so a heel turn would be a fresh start for him (even the man himself wants a heel turn!)…so instead of giving it to Bryan they should give it to Orton just to freshen things up a little…=)…(yeah if this shows up twice it’s because of the bloody moderation!…annoying thing is I didn’t even swear in this post even when I attempted to post it the first time!)…xS

  • ashley

    Instead of burying Ryback through the floor and countless layers of sedimental rock, they should have had Cena feud with Mark Henry. He beat Ryback at WM29 and it’d keep Ryback’s somewhat PPV record intact by having him go over on someone else. They’ve shattered Ryback now. I can see him going off television for a few months after Sunday.

    • ashley

      Fuckk the WWE.