WWE Promotes Several Executives, Including Stephanie McMahon

WWE issued the following press release today, announcing the promotion of several top executives, including Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn. Interestingly, as part of her promotion, Stephanie will no longer serve as the Executive Vice President of Creative.


STAMFORD, Conn., December 4, 2013 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) is poised for transformative growth in important areas, including the renegotiation of its four largest television rights agreements, the potential launch of a WWE Network, expansion in key international markets, distribution of content on emerging platforms and new strategic partnerships. Michelle D. Wilson, George Barrios and Stephanie McMahon have been promoted to lead WWE in the execution of these strategic growth initiatives.

Michelle D. Wilson, formerly Chief Marketing Officer, has been promoted to Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer and will now oversee all of the company’s revenue lines and assume responsibility for WWE’s $900 million retail consumer products business. Wilson retains her current revenue generating responsibilities for Sponsorship Sales, Pay-Per-View and New Business Development and will continue to oversee all WWE Marketing and Corporate Communications. Wilson is also spearheading the company’s efforts to launch a WWE Network and will continue to report directly to WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon. Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products will report to Wilson.

George Barrios, formerly Chief Financial Officer, has been promoted to Chief Strategy and Financial Officer and will now oversee all of the company’s strategic planning processes and take over management of WWE’s day-to-day Television Operations. He will retain his management of Financial Planning and Investor Relations. With Wilson, Barrios is co-leading WWE’s television rights negotiations and will continue to report directly to WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon. Will Staeger, Executive Vice President, Television Production will report to Barrios.

Stephanie McMahon, formerly Executive Vice President, Creative, has been promoted to Chief Brand Officer and will lead WWE’s efforts to further enhance its brand reputation among key constituencies including advertisers, media, business partners and investors. McMahon will serve as the company’s brand ambassador and work with WWE’s business units to support key growth initiatives. McMahon will also lead WWE’s targeted youth and moms marketing programs and will continue to report directly to WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon.

Kevin Dunn will serve as Executive Producer of all WWE programming, including Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, WWE Main Event and Total Divas and will continue to report to Vince McMahon.

“WWE is entering a new era of unprecedented growth,” said WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Vince McMahon. “I am confident that my senior executive team is now organized more effectively to capitalize on the wealth of opportunities.”

Additionally, Perkins Miller, Executive Vice President, Digital Media will report to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon, and Eddie Feldmann, Senior Vice President, Creative Writing will report to Paul Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent and Live Events.

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  • Scott Greczkowski

    So it looks like Steph is out of the Creative process? Could there be hope for better shows in the future?

    • Bad News Buzzard Follower

      it’s because she sleeps with the coo. some guy with a shovel and hammer

      • Puppet H


        • Bad News Buzzard Follower

          you win some you lose some

          • WCWJobber

            Nice recovery

          • Bad News Buzzard Follower

            hey like i said you win some you lose some i dont care about downvotes if i wanna post something im going to do it like it or not

          • Orestis

            rep +

      • Guest

        Wtf? was that Suppose to be a joke?? damn i THOUGHT Sin cara OWNED THIS ACCOUNT BECAUSE THIS LAME JOKE Just BEEN Botched and apparently your the joke of the joke , so HE WHO laughs is the one who finish THE LAST laughs is the one Who and that’s me…. so Yeah.

        EPIC FAIL lol :D

        • Bad News Buzzard Follower

          just keep deleting your stuff and ranting some more im sure it makes you very happy.

          • Israel Collazo Jr.

            first of all idiot I keep deleting because I type fast and then I miss spell words and mess up on some words so I copy and delete and past and fix it and post it up again for your information

        • Bro88


  • SomeInternetGuy

    Just more of WWE patting itself on the back despite performing poorly in the last 4-6 months. Ratings and PPVs are going down and revenue is not impressive, yet they are so confident that everything will turn out just fine because of their upcoming “network” and TV money they think they can get next year.

    • Bro88

      You know Idk about anyone else but if the WWE network has some old school shows such as early Raws and WCW I will def be paying to watch.

      • Bad News Buzzard Follower

        me too. the main draw for me though is the ppvs even if there $#!+ not paying 44.95 or possibly screwing my computer through a stream sounds good to me. my favorite thing on classics was the monday night war wcw and raw episodes id love to see them on the network with som3 ecw too.

        • Bro88

          I dont think the ppvs will last long on there. They won’t be making as much money as they hope to and will go back to normal

          • Bad News Buzzard Follower

            maybe but one can hope. over the last few years the only ppvs i spent money on where the rumble extreme rules and mitb getting those for free (sort of) would be worth it to me

          • Bro88

            I havent paid for a single ppv in yrs. Used to go to Hooters and watch them, and the girls, while eating pretty good food. Lately I just stream online but the quality is appalling. I hope the ppvs last a while but Im not gonna hold my breath

  • Louis Salera

    A promotion for the garbage they produced? Bucky beaver n the bosses daughter

  • cm2013

    HHH in full control of Creative? Welp, as long as our favorites stay in his good graces, I think things could be looking up. If his handling of developmental is any indication… I’m somewhat optimistic.

  • heterosexual

    it looks more like they’re merging divisions rather than actually giving promotions

  • Edoggcentral666

    Blah blah blah… It’s not going to improve the onscreen, in ring product. We’ll still see early Raw segments repeatedly played to fill up space, and segments dedicated to downloading the WWE app… They’ve been sh*tting the bed since Summerslam with their continued push of Boreton, and Super-duperman Cena. They destroyed Kane, and continue to screw guys like Ziggler over. What a joke. I hope the ratings continue to plummet since they have no clue what the fans want anymore, and nor do they care.

  • tnicols

    if you want somebody in creative that has an vision; hire somebody that knows the wrestling business; Booker T or Raven aka Scott Levy; hell even Kevin Sullivan knows how to build an villian.

  • guestwho

    Just some points to ponder on the “creative” front. What could have been……. Zack Ryder, Dolph z, Kane, Kofi, Miz. Just a few true talents, with endless possibilities if they were focused on and built around. Instead, they just come out, 10 minutes of taking bumps, rolling around,and they are gone. I wish WWE would do a reality show where a fan, or group could work to develop story lines and talent over say 12 weeks time or so. I would win. period.

  • Jay Strongbow

    Whoever the guest is that can’t spell: nice double post. Shows all the changes you made and the lack of confidence in your writing abilities.