WWE RAW 3-Hour Supershow Results (4/23)

RAW will kick off with the Extreme Rules contract signing between Brock Lesnar & John Cena. Justin Roberts introduces the former SmackDown GM, Teddy Long. Long introduces John Cena. Lesnar’s music hits and John Cena looks scared. Out walks .. John Laurinaitis, who says there the contract signing will take place when Brock Lesnar gets here – and it will be on Brock’s terms. Cena shouldn’t worry about the contract signing though, because Cena might not make it to Extreme Rules. He orders Teddy Long to make Cena leave the ring.

Long welcomes people to People Power – as … YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME … EDGE’s music hits and the Rated R Superstar comes out to a huge pop. He hits the ring and has something to say. Edge says he isn’t supposed to be here tonight and his WWE contract expires in a few days. He came to talk to Cena – but not this John Cena. He doesn’t even know who the hell this John Cena is. He came to talk to the John Cena who was his greatest rival ever. The Cena he went to war with. He understands that superstars change after losing huge matches. Andre after Hogan. Bret after the Montreal Screwjob. The Rock after Brock Lesnar. He needs the real John Cena back. He screams at Cena to WAKE UP, as Cena looks at him with a somber expression. He’s not asking Cena to beat Brock Lesnar – he’s telling him to. Edge takes off and Cena looks like the pep talk hit close to home. Commercial.

The lights go out and Chris Jericho’s music hits. Jericho comes to the ring in a new blinky jacket that’s got red and blue lights. Very trendy. Out next is his opponent – Kofi Kingston. Big pyro for Kofi as we get this one started. Solid action for the first few minutes, with Jericho in control early and Kofi getting in some offense as well. Kofi nails Jericho with a cannonball dive to the outside of the ring and connects. Kofi returns to the ring and we go to commercial with Jericho down outside of the ring. Lots of back and forth action. Kofi was heating up and gaining a lot of momentum when he went to the outside apron. He did a springboard jump off the top rope but got caught with a devastating code breaker. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho and he gets the pin. Jericho grabs the mic and says he’s going to beat Punk this Sunday at Extreme Rues. Punk knows a lot about Extreme – hes’ got an extremely alcoholic father, an extremely drug addicted sister, an extremely morally challenged mommy and he’s an extreme disappointment/failure as a champion and as a human being. In front of his home town, family and friends and wannabe fans, he’s going to give him and Extreme beating. He said he gave Punk a present earlier in the evening that’s going to help him cope with the upcoming loss of his WWE championship.

Brock Lesnar video package showing his debut match against Jeff Hardy from Backlash 2002. Lesnar destroyed Hardy – as referee Teddy Long stopped the match. The contract signing is still to come tonight. Commercial.

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