WWE RAW Results – February 10, 2014

Backstage: Batista and HHH

As we head to another commercial, we get a tease that another WWE Hall Of Fame inductee will be revealed when we return from the break. When we return from commercial, Batista is shown walking backstage. Triple H walks up to him and says he can’t have him going off on people like he just did. A “CM Punk” chant can be heard in the arena as HHH continues to talk. He asks Batista to keep his actions in the ring. Batista tells HHH that right now Alberto Del Rio is his business. HHH says that at the Elimination Chamber, Batista can have Del Rio. HHH says he’s just looking out for him. Batista says he guesses things really have changed around here.

WWE HOF Inductee

Amy “Lita” Dumas is confirmed as the newest addition to the WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 class. A video package highlighting her career with her peers discussing her career is shown.

Backstage: Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & Betty White

Backstage, Betty White is shown with the New Age Outlaws sitting together drinking tea and sitting on couches. Road Dogg does something to her tea. Before they go to drink it, she asks for some lemon. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg argue over who get to get it for her. They both leave. White switches her cup with Gunn’s. They all drink it.

The Usos vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

When we return from commercial, Michael Cole apologizes for messing up a WWE Network free trial plug and Jerry Lawler apologizes for messing up a reference to the Betty White tea segment a moment ago. The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn join them on commentary. Curtis Axel is in the ring with Ryback. The Usos come out. Cole asks the Outlaws why they haven’t give The Usos a title shot as they have been requesting on the WWE App. Gunn is selling something being wrong with his stomach on commentary, obviously stemming from the tea stuff with Betty White earlier.

Meanwhile, Axel and Ryback double-team one of the Usos. Apparently Gunn is farting a lot as the announcers keep telling Gunn to stop it, even though he isn’t saying anything. They jokingly say that someone should turn his mic off. Axel and Ryback continue to dominate in the ring as the commentary is completing ignoring the action in the ring. Uso hits a big splash for the pin. The Usos win a match that was almost completely ignored on commentary.

Winners: The Usos

After The Match

After the match, Gunn grabs his ass and runs up the ramp. Apparently the tea has kicked in. The announcers laugh about it, blah blah blah.

U.S. Title Open Challenge: Dean Ambrose (c) vs.

Michael Cole reminds us of Dean Ambrose’s open challenge for the U.S. title from earlier in the show as we head to another break. Apparently that is up next. We head to commercial on that note.

When we return from commercial, The Shield’s music hits and Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring through the crowd. along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Ambrose waits to see who accepts his challenge, and it’s none other than Mark Henry. Henry comes out smiling as Ambrose looks nervous in the ring.

Justin Roberts does the formal introductions as Reigns and Rollins exit the ring. The bell sounds and our U.S. title match is now officially underway. Henry over-powers Ambrose with ease a few times early on. Ambrose eventually uses his speed and quickness to attack the arm of Henry, which is heavily wrapped to sell the attack from Brock Lesnar several weeks ago.

Henry’s power is too much for Ambrose’s quickness, as Henry is back on the offensive attack on the U.S. champ. Ambrose pulls the brace off of Henry’s arm and again goes to work on the injured arm of Henry. Henry ends up throwing Ambrose out to the floor. We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, Henry is down in the center of the ring as Ambrose continues to work over the arm of Henry. We see some footage of what happened during the commercial break on the WWE App. Henry ends up fighting his way back in the match after throwing Ambrose off the top rope with one arm.

Henry hits Ambrose with a couple of clotheslines and a big slam. Henry ends up hitting the World’s Strongest Slam on Ambrose, but when he goes to pin him, Rollins breaks the pin up. The ref calls for the bell and it appears as though Ambrose has been disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Mark Henry

After The Match

Henry is beating up Ambrose on the floor. Rollins tries jumping on his back to help him, but Henry manhandles him as well. Reigns up spearing him out of nowhere. The Shield’s music hits and they exit through the crowd. As they go to leave, however, The Wyatt Family cuts in. “We’re here.”

The Wyatt Family comes down to their music. When the lights come on, we see The Shield staring at them from the crowd. The hop back over the barricade and walk to the ring. The Wyatt Family approaches the ring as well. The Shield jump up on the ring apron. The Wyatt Family does the same. The crowd is popping for all of this, by the way. This looks really cool. Roman Reigns enters the ring. Bray Wyatt nearly does but decides not to. The crowd boo’s. The Wyatt Family back-peddals back up the ramp as The Shield stares them down from inside the ring. We head to commercial.

When we return from commercial,

AJ Lee, Alicia Fox & Aksana vs. Cameron & The Bella Twins

AJ Lee and Nikki Bella kick things off. Bella throws AJ down early. Nikki continues to beat up AJ, so she tags in Aksana. After working over Aksana briefly, the heel Diva takes over the offense momentum in the match.

Several tags later, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella are in the ring battling back-and-forth. Brie tags Cameron in. Cameron takes the hot tag and is flying all over the place on the heel Diva trio. We see Eva Marie checking on Nikki outside the ring. Aksana tags back in and within seconds Cameron hits a big DDT on her for the pin. 1-2-3. Cameron and The Bella’s win.

Winners: Cameron & The Bella Twins

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  • Buzzard Follower

    i used to like king but now i just want him to stfu

    • Aperture

      I didn’t hear it.

      That was a refreshing change…

      • Buzzard Follower

        he acts like we are idiots i hate the commentary team

        • Aperture

          They all do. Cole is on another level of annoying. JBL is just utter crap. Lawler is dull. They all suck on commentary. I would like Colt Cobana and Renee Young to be on commentary, but it probably won’t happen.

          • Buzzard Follower

            not in this lifetime

          • Killthecrown

            If I could pick an announce team I’d have Cabana , Steve Corino and WIlliam Regal

          • Killthecrown

            And Nigel McGuinness.

          • WarPigsLukesWall

            Now you’re talkin’.

  • Buzzard Follower


    • Jus Sayin

      True and what a pop for BETTY WHITE!

  • Guest

    spoiler dean loses title or loses by dq (late edit)

  • CM Bryan

    Mark Henry will return during the open challenge the United States Championship.

  • Buzzard Follower

    boo batista cheer the table. thank you La. not sure if i should like batista destroying del rio or boo batista for destroying del rio

  • Buzzard Follower


    • Summer Rae Dudley

      Very apparently :/

    • The Drewster

      haha I was laughing my ass off at that part. it’s like asking us if we know how to turn on a damn computer!

  • tesninja

    Roman Reigns for the US title

  • Buzzard Follower


  • Buzzard Follower

    is it me or has there been more advertisement for the wwe network and replays of cena orton than actual matches

  • scott

    I dont look for spots during matches because it ruins the matches for me but damn tonight Cena was talking about car insurance in that ring. You could clearly see it my goodness he needs to hide that better. The end was great to that match but fairly boring throughout the majority of he match. And of course the Bella twins screw up the hardy boys and litas move the night she gets inducted into the hall of fame. I mean my goodness those girls need to catch a clue

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Besides Bray Wyatt and the Shield/Wyatt standoff, a terrible terrible Raw. Just utterly pathetic. It’s like they’re on cruise control until the 24th. If you missed the show, dont bother wasting your time catching up on it; you missed nothing you haven’t really already seen before.

  • CenationPipeBomber

    Maybe Wyat’s going to attack cena in the elimination chamber before it get started then Here’s comes the pain, that’s how brock is going to be in the chamber

  • nBonThaBeat

    Mediocre show. I honestly don’t expect anything to pick up until after the EC. With Hogan returning, Sting a possibility, Taker returning, Brock coming back, will see where Bryan is gonna be at after EC either in a feud with HHH or in the title bout. Will see the Shield turmoil and how there gonna split up. Plus will finally see if this whole Punk situation is a work to build a feud with him and HHH because if it is, then they wont bring him back till after EC. So I don’t expect anything from the shows until after a couple of weeks.

  • JustAFan

    Damn tonight we saw the first double Job Ziggler for Del Rio (which is just insane but I’m not gonna go on venting anymore) then Del Rio for Batista

  • Aperture

    WWE Creative creative tonight.

  • Noah

    I’m glad Batista destroyed Alberto Del Boring.Cena/Orton match was good.I didn’t change the channel on the main event like I did last week when the Duck Dynasty reject Daniel Bryan was in the main event.

    • Captain Jeff

      You obviously have no clue what wrestling is. Orton/Cena was a solid match, I’ll give you that one. However, you are extremely lost when it comes to recognizing Daniel Bryan’s wrestling ability. He may not be the best looking or the best on the mic, but dammit he can wrestle. I agree that Del Rio has a boring character but Batista is just as bad, if not worse.

      • Noah

        I have no clue what wrestling is?.I’ve been watching wrestling since 1986 since I was 2 years old.I know Daniel Bryan is a good wrestler.I’m not a fan of his.Period!!.He’s needs to shave that alful beard and cut that hair.He should hit the gym and put on muscle.Del Boring has always had a boring character.His match at EC against Batista,I hope it’s a five second squash for Batista.Then Del Boring can get the F out of WWE.

        • Captain Jeff

          Why does he need to hit the gym and put on muscle? Who are you, Vince McMahon? Jericho, Edge, HBK, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and others have had phenomenal careers, even though being considered, “undersized.” Just because a guy doesn’t look like Hulk Hogan, doesn’t mean they can’t be great. You seem like you are still stuck in 1986 and you have no idea what makes a superstar in 2014.

          On the other hand, you are absolutely right, Del Rio is boring and his character is stale. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I was simply pointing out that Batista is not much better. The only reason Batista is even relevant again is because HHH has a hard on for him. There was a big reason why people were crapping on him at the Royal Rumble.

          • Noah

            I like Edge,HBK and Punk.Jericho is alright.Jeff Hardy is a f’n druggy.I couldn’t stand Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy.I’d rather go back to 1986.The wrestling back then is way better then today’s wrestling.I don’t care what makes a superstar in 2014.Today’s wrestling is pure garbage.It’s all for young teenie boppers.It will continue to be garbage until they get rid of the PG stuff.I still watch it cause I’m a hardcore WWE fan.Some stuff they do and some of the matches I don’t care for.I either change the channel for a bit or leave the room for a bit and I’m probly not the only one who does that.Batista is relevant again cause they needed big ratings.Same thing they did with The Rock and Brock Lesnar.I like The Shield alot.I want them to hurry up and break up so they can push Roman Reigns right to the top.I’d be pushing Roman Reigns first over anybody else.I predict Reigns will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion this year.When I say I don’t care what makes a superstar in 2014,With today’s WWE roster I don’t really have a favorite.Like I did back in the mid 80’s early 90’s with Hogan.And in the Attitude Era with Stone Cold.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Well…to address your first comment…

            “I have no clue what wrestling is?.I’ve been watching wrestling since 1986”

            Yet, in your second comment, you type:

            “I either change the channel for a bit or leave the room for a bit and I’m probly not the only one who does that.Batista is relevant again cause they needed big ratings.Same thing they did with The Rock and Brock Lesnar.”

            Yeah, no. You dont know anywhere near as much as you think you do. Those people weren’t brought in for ratings. They were brought in to sell Wrestlemania. Just because you’ve watched something for 20+ years doesn’t make you an expert. If that were the case, every man on the planet would perform like a pronstar when they lost their virginity. Or I would be able to enter the NFL draft this year and go #1 overall because I’ve watched the sport since I was still in diapers.

            Ok so you don’t LIKE Daniel Bryan. That’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. You’re in the minority on that one. The crowds love the guy. The other wrestlers love the guy. He’s the most over person on the WWE roster. Obviously, he’s doing something right. To suggest he needs to shave his beard and hit the gym is laughable. There’s this wrestler. One of the greatest of all time. Wasn’t a big dude. Had long hair. Admittedly, I didn’t really care for him but I can’t deny how great he was in the ring and how he put on some of the best matches of all time. You may have heard of him..his name is Shawn Michaels. There are others that fit that description as well and there will be others in the future. Don’t let your opinion obscure reality. Otherwise, nobody is really going to take your opinions seriously.

          • scott

            Y’all keep trashing Shawn Michaels physique. He was pretty damn buff y’all and cut. Him and edge were. I agree to an extent I would like for Daniel Bryan ytoo lose a little flob though in his stomach. He has gained muscle from when he first came in a lot as a matter of fact. But the man can wrestle though no denying that

  • Alterego894

    I missed the last hour of Raw to pick up a package at UPS and deal a with a rude lesbian who kept telling me that my package was still on the truck. It turns out that I didn’t miss a whole lot. Oh, well.

    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      So…was she butch or what?

  • 2Sweet

    After the divas match, the only thing I could think about was that hot cam shot of Nikki Bella on the ring apron…. her big thick thighs and ass. Nikki Bella!! Sweet cream on a milk toast bun. Delicious honey!

    • Noah

      I agree.John Cena is a lucky SOB.He gets to nail that sweet ass.

  • Summer Rae Dudley

    Although the Cena Orton match tonight was a lot better then the match at the Royal Rumble I still wanted the crowed to sh*t all over it :(

    Also if anyone could tell me what Frank Bullock did for the production team that would be very appreciated.

    • bambam

      he use to blow cena before each match

      • Noah

        That’s low man.Really low.You don’t say stuff about a dead person.

  • bambam


  • satishwarne708

    So Cena just talks all this sh*t and still wins clean way to go WWE a loss would made it more convenient.Wasn’t this “rivalry” supposed to end when Randal finally beat Johnathan in their “final match ever” match or something like 6-7 years a go.The new Rock and Austin my a$$.

  • NotSawft

    raw was rather lackluster, on the plus side of things you had betty white, the shield wyatt tease and orton and cena didn’t phone it in this time, on the negative no Bryan match crap commentary bautista just squashing del rio instead of wrestling and they should have went full dumb and dumber to pay off the betty white outlaws segment all that aside that sister Abigail bray hit on rey was a thing a beauty

  • Alan Lopez

    I went to raw last night and dont remember s h it i got to drunk all i remember is chanting cm punk lmao damn it

    • The Drewster

      did you chant for Justin king last night at raw? haha

  • raVen

    why no big e??

  • JA_Media

    I usually can defend RAW, but not last night. My thoughts, it sucked, but at least Antonio, Dean, and Brian are about to get pushed! I can smell it in the Air.

  • The Drewster

    RAW was in LA this week. I live 20 mins by staples center. i’m glad I didn’t go because I would of gotten pissed if I was there live. lol