WWE RAW Results & Videos: January 27, 2014

Fandango vs. R-Truth

Michael Cole and the commentary team introduce a video package highlighting a preview of the new Monday Night War show on the WWE Network. After that, Fandango and Summer Rae dance their way to the ring. We head to a commercial during their entrance. When we return from commercial, R-Truth is already in the ring and his music fades down.

The bell rings and Fandango vs. R-Truth is underway. Xavier Woods joins the commentary team for this match. Truth gets Fandango down immediately. Woods talks on commentary about someone stealing his number for the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Emma from NXT is shown in the crowd again. Truth hits a split-leg drop on Fandango and yells “What’s Up?!” to the fans in Cleveland. Fandango rolls out on the floor to recover. Truth runs after him. Summer jumps in front of him and screams, allowing Fandango to run in front of her and clothesline him down to the ground.

Back in the ring, Fandango continues to beat up Truth. Fandango suplexes Truth down in the ring as Woods talks about getting his PDH and looking for United States Championship gold on commentary. JBL messes with Woods a lot about educational stuff as Fandango continues beating up Truth in the ring. Truth clotheslines Fandango down to regain control of the match. He hits a suplex/neckbreaker style move for a near fall as Woods cheers him on. Fandango slows Truth down with a big kick. Truth hits his finisher on Fandango out of nowhere. 1-2-3. R-Truth wins.

Winner: R-Truth

In-Ring Segment: Randy Orton, Batista, Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman

Randy Orton is shown backstage making his way to the ring as we head to another commercial. When we return from commercial, Justin Roberts introduces us to the General Manager of RAW, Brad Maddox, who is already standing in the ring. He says it’s his pleasure to introduce to us OUR WWE World Heavyweight Champion “The Viper” Randy Orton. Orton’s music hits and out comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton gets on the mic and says “the champ is here.” The crowd is already lightly chanting “Daniel Bryan.” Orton talks about beating John Cena yet again at the Royal Rumble. Orton says the only thing that matters is that he won. He complains about finding out that in less than a month he’s got to defend his title against five other Superstars at the Elimination Chamber. As he continues to talk, he is cut off by Batista’s music.

Batista comes out to a mixed reaction as Michael Cole points out that he will be headlining WrestleMania. Batista congratulates Orton as a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out. Batista tries talking over it but the chant continues. He says he’s back to win the Rumble, headline WrestleMania and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says it’s two down and only one to go. Batista says he doesn’t care who likes it, he’s walking out of WrestleMania as the champion. Everyone boo’s. Brock Lesnar’s music hits.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out. They slowly make their way to the ring. Paul Heyman informs us once again that his name is Paul Heyman. He says he stands before us tonight as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. Heyman tells Brad Maddox, who is still in the ring, that his patience is running thin. He tells Maddox to inform The Authority that they have two choices. Option one is Orton vs. Brock Lesnar right here tonight. The second option is Lesnar against the “so-called” number one contender Batista. Heyman says he wants The Authority’s answer tonight, “or else.” Lesnar and Heyman leave.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Ziggler vs. Miz in what is being billed as “The Battle Of Cleveland” is up next. We head to commercial. When we return from commercial, Ziggler is in the middle of his entrance. He’s wearing a Cleveland Caveliers jersey. The Miz comes out next in a Cleveland Browns jersey. The bell sounds and our “Battle of Cleveland” begins.

Ziggler starts off with a side-headlock on Miz. Miz fights his way out but Ziggler shoulder-blocks him down. Miz catches Ziggler coming off the ropes with a knee to the mid-section. Miz hits Ziggler with a big clothesline in the corner and goes to the top. Miz is caught coming down by Ziggler. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but Miz avoids it. Ziggler jumps on Miz’s back and locks him in a sleeper hold.

Miz fights his way back to his feet as the crowd starts up a “Cleveland Rocks” chant. As Miz gains the upper hand on Ziggler a “Cleveland Sucks” chant breaks out. Miz locks Ziggler in a figure-four leg lock. Ziggler screams out in pain as he tries to make his way to the ropes. He finally makes it and the ref forces a break to the hold. Miz goes to lock him in it again. Ziggler reverses into a roll up attempt but Miz kicks out. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag out of nowhere. 1-2-3. Ziggler wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. The Usos

When we return from commercial Ryback and Curtis Axel are already standing in the ring. The Usos then make their way to the ring and we’re about to have another tag-team match here on RAW. The bell rings and here we go.

Ryback and Uso start things off for their respective teams. Ryback backs Uso in a corner early but Uso punches his way out. Ryback catches Uso coming off the ropes and slams him back-first into the corner. Ryback thens runs him across the ring and smashes his back into the opposite corner. And again. The “Goldberg:” chants lightly start up and Ryback tags out to Axel.

Axel comes into the ring and picks up where Ryback left off with Uso. The announcers talk about how Axel and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger look alike. Meanwhile, Axel continues his punishment on Uso in the middle of the ring. Axel stomps Uso a bit more and then tags Ryback back into the match.

Ryback comes into the ring and stomps away at Uso before scooping him up for a suplex. Ryback keeps Uso held in the air for a while before suplexing him down. Uso tries punching his way back into the match but Ryback blasts him back to the mat and tags Axel back in.

Axel takes the tag and backs Uso into a corner. He chops Uso a few times and then tags Ryback back in. Ryback grounds Uso in the center of the ring and slaps on a rear chin-lock. Ryback misses a big spear on Uso in the corner and hits his shoulder on the ring post. Uso goes for the tag but Ryback tags in Axel and Axel stops him. Seconds later, Uso does make the tag and the other Uso brother comes in with tons of energy.

Uso backs Axel into a corner and fires away with punches. Ryback makes the blind tag on Axel, which Uso didn’t see, and capitalizes. Ryback scoops Uso up but Uso makes a blind tag as well. Uso super-kicks Ryback down. Uso goes to the top rope and splashes onto Ryback. 1-2-3. The Usos win.

Winners: The Usos