WWE RAW Viewership Down 7% From Last Week

Early ratings data is in for Monday’s WWE RAW, and despite a loaded show with appearances from The Rock, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the show lost viewers from last week. The “go home” episode of WWE RAW did a 3.1 rating and averaged 4,305,000 viewers, which is down 7% (300,000 viewers) from last week.

Here are the hourly numbers:

  • Hour 1: 4.03 million
  • Hour 2: 4.48 million
  • Hour 3: 4.40 million

Overall, not a great sign of momentum headed into Sunday’s WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view.

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    WWE Raw was just awful in my estimation! Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan was a good match! I hope Wrestlemania 29 is better! In addition the crowd was split between Undertaker and CM Punk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.williams.545 Steve Williams

    People are bored of 70% drama & only 30% wrestling. About 2hours or air time, for 30mins michael cole just over brags about stupid touts & howmany people are in attendance & replays from earlier & last week. All feud results are very obvious to everyone. I am amazed people will actually spend their money to watch this garbage

    • http://www.facebook.com/tennindo.tennison Tennindo Tennison

      it should be down. They didnt do anything. Talk, talk, talk.. thats it. even I stopped watching.

    • dae

      That’s why I’m glad the baseball season has finally started… Gives me a reason to DVR Raw so I can fastforward through the crap… Three hour Raw can be watched in about an hour and a half…
      Seriously, the social media stuff has got to go! That, and they need to build their PPV matches with something other than interference. I guess the WWF/E realizes that nobody outside of the Rock, Cena, Triple H, and very few others have any mic skills because every match last night had some type of outside interference/distraction.
      Now I remember why I quit watching WCW!

  • than1nj4

    this is the first wrestlemania im not excited for

  • guest

    im not ordering this year

  • Kroton68

    Really disappointed with the build this year.

  • John Styles

    I didn’t watch raw last night. Nothing good happended?

  • fan

    over 4 million viewers is not a good sign?