WWE RAW Viewership For Last Night

Monday’s episode of WWE RAW averaged 4.153 million viewers, down 5% from the previous week.

Here’s the hourly breakdown:

  • Hour 1: 4.000 million
  • Hour 2: 4.231 million
  • Hour 3: 4.229 million

RAW ranked #3 in overall viewers on cable for the night, behind the MLB’s annual “Home Run Derby” on ESPN and “Major Crimes” on TNT.

The final rating should be out shortly.

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  • bambam’s ghost

    Good numbers for an awful show last night. It’s sad that match of the night involved the miz and sheamus. It’s embarrassing what they are doing to Sandow.

    • I have an opinion

      Not to mention all the backstage segments were written and acted soooo poorly it was hard to watch

  • Jomo

    A brawl for all like WWF 1998 would spike rating off the roof!! Who do you guys think would win? (not counting lesnar)

    • Jomo

      My pick is Rusev, dude seems like he can fight

    • brad

      Zach Ryder would definitely win bro.

    • brad

      Alright but being serious I would pick either Barrett or Del Rio considering their backgrounds. I mean Barrett was a bare knuckle fighter and Del Rio has an mma background as well as an amateur wrestling background so most likely one of them.

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        Del Rio’s mma career was a joke. My pick would be Daniel Bryan, had a lot of mma training at randy coutoures gym, solid wrestler. Better amateur wrestlers then del rio too, Ziggler and Swagger come to mind.