WWE RAW Viewership For The Post-Extreme Rules Edition Of The Show

The Monday, May 5, 2014 post-Extreme Rules edition of WWE RAW averaged 4.29 million viewers, which was down seven percent from last week’s “go-home” show.

The hourly breakdown for this week is as follows:

Hour One: 3.96
Hour Two: 4.41
Hour Three: 4.45

The final rating, which should be out soon, should fall between a 3.0 and a 3.2.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • 9 year old boy

      Raw has been extremely boring lately, it’s so hard to stay awake.

      • Daniel Bryan

        You shouldn’t be staying up that late anyway, that’s well passed your bedtime.

    • pwnez

      Each hour went up slightly…surprising. I thought people would have tuned out after that horrific Kane/Bryan segment.

      • Fantasma Del Guapo

        Well it was easy to change the channel back to Clippers vs. Thunder WHEN the horrible DB segments came on, but I still had to check back for Shield vs. Wyatts 3!

        • Shield

          Isn’t it Shield vs. Starts 4?

          • Shield