WWE Network Resolving VOD Streaming Issues, Trish Stratus On Jim Ross’ Podcast

– Jim Ross noted on Twitter that he’s interviewing Trish Stratus later today for an upcoming episode of his Ross Report podcast. He’s encouraging fans to send in questions for Trish on Twitter using the hashtag #JR.

Part 2 of his interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin premieres tomorrow (Wednesday).

– One of the main technical difficulties fans have experienced with the WWE Network has been streaming footage from the Video on Demand library. WWE is well aware of the issue and has been working with MLB Advanced Media to get the issue resolved.

WWE tweeted that the issues are only affecting 20% of WWE Network users and everything should be resolved by 6pm (Eastern) later today.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Marvin B.

    Lol watching this network and seen the little message before all the vids..damn they regard their talent as actors…kinda broke my heart inside.

  • pwnez

    On a different note, has anyone watched Legends of Wrestling on the network? It’s pretty good so far.

    • kingjake

      it was great

    • raVen

      dunno why they stopped doing that show.

  • NJfran

    This is bullshit. I still can’t get anything to play for more then a couple minutes with out it freezing. I know it’s not my internet because Netflix and redbox stream with no problem. They better get it fixed soon or the first $10 they got from me will be the last $10

    • Tom Wing

      Actually it won’t be. When you sign up for the Network you give a 6 month commitment. That meaning you commit to paying for it for 6 months regardless. If your bank account is setting on $0 they still charge you for a month and overdraft your account. You can’t cancel it for 6 months.

      • derrickc30

        Unless your under the free week trial

        • Tastetherainbow

          Everyone is under the free trial right now. Until next Monday cancel at any time and quit whining. I will be watching my crappy live stream if wrestlmania on wwe network bc I, like a moron, have dish and now can’t watch ppvs bc of the network, without the network.

      • Relic

        But the WWE also entered into a contract to provide content and if their content won’t work, they are in breach of contract and could be sued if they don’t let people cancel.

      • NJfran

        Actually smartass, I didn’t sign up for the six month commitment. Even if I did if they are not providing the service the say they will for my money then the agreement is void. Not to mention I can easily go to my bank and block them from withdrawling from my account. D-bag

        • Tom Wing

          Wow….real mature bud lol. Once they take the first $10 your stuck. You block them and they can legally sue for breaking your commitment. All they have to do is prove you watched once.

          • NJfran

            Go eff yourself asshole.

          • Tom Wing

            Sure kid.

    • kingjake

      they better have it fixed or people will be sueing the wwe

  • Shawn

    Guess I’m part of that 20 percent and what about the xbox live app issues. Telling me my password or user name is wrong but it works on everything else. Multi billion dollar company they had months prepare this and they FAILED.

  • Shawn

    6pm still no improvement

  • A Realist

    Yep….here we are a damn near half hour past 6, and I’m still getting freezing, and lagging. And it’s not my internet. Watching on my PS4.

  • derrickc30

    Horrible quality.freezing.stuttering.just garbage.if they dont fix this soon I think ill cancel my free trial.its not useable in this form which is a shame because I want the content thats there

  • Michael Jobe

    Since the problem was people complaining about just the VOD not working they decided to f#ck the live stream up as well so people would complain about it instead. SMH this what happen when you don’t have BETA testing or early sign ups. Idiots!

  • bri

    I think they mean, 20% of those that signed up haven’t complained. The other 80% are PO’d and looking to cancel.

  • Shawn

    hrm well now the paperviews dont even load AT ALL

    • Oliver_Twisted

      Nobody views papers anymore, we’re in the digital age.

      • Shawn

        Wtf you think video archive is you tardy

        • Oliver_Twisted

          Clearly the joke went way over your head Einstein. They’re called Pay Per Views not Paperviews.

          • Shawn

            Guess it did wow lol :-X I was gonna say something but when you have stupid moment like that just laugh

  • Jack
  • RealKRone88

    Everything runs smoothly except for streaming. So far I’ve managed to get a good half hour out of seeing a previous PPV, but now it’s just not going beyond the 1:15 mark. I’m not gonna complain though, I knew what I was getting into, so I’m gonna let the issue work out and come back another time.

  • Tommy

    130 here on the east coast..still on improvement.I can only get ten seconds of a ppm.then the bullshit freezing starts.im running it thru my ps3.anyone else having issues?

  • Scott Kinnard

    1:20AM and still freezing and buffering. Like others my internet it fine and Netflix is running perfectly. Highly unlikely I will keep this past the trial period. I think they rushed the launch.

  • comic_book_fan

    i can’t finish a wcw ppv without it freezing up and now most of the 90’s ppvs have been removed i hope they get everything fixed and it does not work to well on chromecast but all in all i think it’s still worth the 10 bucks a month i have been watching almost constantly since monday i really like the old raw being played in order i hope they fix the issues but still awesome.
    i would like to see some old wcw saturday nights worked into the schedule

  • raVen

    the week free wasn’t to bring in fans it was to get bugs like this resolved before people started to pay