WWE Says They Will No Longer Pay For Sunny’s Rehab

Earlier this week a video was released of WWE Hall of Famer Sunny talking about her recent stints in jail and rehab. Sunny had some negative things to say about WWE, despite the fact that they sent her to an expensive drug rehabilitation facility.

Sunny accused WWE of sending her to a nice facility simply because Linda McMahon was running for Senate at the time – and then sending her to a rundown dump facility as soon as Linda’s Senate campaign was over. She was particularly upset because the company kept sending Scott Hall to expensive, high-end rehab facilities. She says that when she brought this to their attention, they told her, “You’re not Scott Hall.”

WWE issued a statement to CagesideSeats.com this week and have now publicly stated that they will no longer fund rehab for Sunny. Here is their statement:

“As part of the Former Talent Rehabilitation Program, WWE has sent Ms. Sytch to rehabilitation numerous times, with all costs covered by WWE. Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch has continued to make poor personal choices and is ultimately responsible for the consequences of these decisions. WWE has always provided rehabilitation at a certified treatment center; however, given Ms. Sytch’s inability to change her lifestyle and successfully complete treatment, WWE will no longer fund her rehabilitation.”