Cody Rhodes’ Wife Returns To WWE Today, WWE Signs Olympic Wrestler

– Chas Betts, who was a member of the United States Olympic team in Greco-Roman wrestling in 2012, has signed a contract with WWE. Betts officially begins his formal WWE training on Monday at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

-Brandi Runnels, the real-life wife of one-half of the current WWE Tag-Team Champions, Cody Rhodes, officially starts with WWE on Monday.

Photos From Cody & Brandi’s Wedding Last Month

Runnels, who was previously with WWE as “Eden Stiles” before ultimately quitting, will also report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Monday. Runnels will be working under the name “Brandi Rhodes” on her new run with the company.

She tweeted on Friday & Saturday:

Smokin’ Hot Photos Of Cody Rhodes Real-Life Wife, Brandi “Rhodes” Runnels — CLICK HERE!

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  • Ninjastar

    Chas Betts vs Daniel Bryan WM31

    • SOBI

      So you’re saying a new guy should get to be in the main Event at WM after just one year. And If he is not the Main event then Won’t everyone not be happy for Bryan not being in the main event,
      Also Miz ,Sheamus and ADR are great examples for what happens when you push someone too early

      • Pozessed

        I think he was attempting to make a joke, to be honest… But yeah, he shouldn’t be pushed too early, the only believable early push I think was Brock Lesnar’s but come on, that was actually believable and it just worked.

        • SOBI

          Lolx If it was joke, then I’m embarrassed. any ways
          Yeah It worked cause Lesnar is not a regular human being
          but it failed in the sense that Lesnar gained everything there is to gain for a guy in the wwe , all the major championships, a RR win and Main Eventing Mania so there was nothing left for him to do except repeat the circle,IMO that must have also been a reason for him to just plain out leave the business

          • Pozessed

            Don’t worry it weren’t Larry David humour lol, but yeah, there would be no other actual goals for him to achieve…. Unless he wanted to become a 16 time world champion or something.

  • God’s Diamond

    Just googled eden stiles. Looks like cody got some of his dad’s taste in women color wise, though brandi looks way better than sapphire hahah

  • GN-0015

    Lets see if he can be the next Kurt Angle or the next Chad Baxter.

  • Joe

    Brandi Rhodes? Please for the love of Ozzy don’t give her an Rocker gimmic

    • Puppet H

      She was in WWE NXT as an announcer so I don’t know what your insinuating.


      Looks like it’s just a coincidence that her name will be close to Randy Rhoads.

  • Sanju

    Ishant sharma > duckridi

    • SOBI

      So you don’t know about wrestling AND cricket :D

      • 8 year old boy

        ishant Sharma is a terrible bowler LOL.

        • SOBI

          Yes, yes he is

  • in my a$$

    “He’s got jungle fever” “we got jungle fever” “they got jungle fever”

  • yrabadi

    Brandi Rhodes… When Cody makes it to the World title scene, she’s def gonna come in handy to tell some compelling stories.


    Cody and Brandi vs Bryan and Brie vs Cena and Nikki HAHA!!!

  • Nick

    Triforce on her boots…..copyright infringement maybe, someone let me know if it is or not because that would suck being in a legal battle over something on your boots. Beautiful woman though, I hope she has talent to go along with her looks.

    • TyIdeas

      Cody has had the Triforce on his boots for years. The Legend of Zelda is one of his favorite games.

    • TyIdeas

      Cody has had the Triforce on his boots for years. The Legend of Zelda is one of his favorite games.

      • Nick

        Thank you for helping me on that, now I gotta look at his boots because I’ve never noticed it lol

  • G.I.R.L.

    I think I’m gonna like this story with her & Cody.

  • Aperture

    Wow Cody…Good Job.

  • Brian

    I can’t believe this dude married a sheboon.

  • WCWPunk

    She’s sexy