WWE Stars Tweet About The New WWE Championship Belt Design

Several WWE personalities have tweeted their thoughts on the new WWE Championship belt:

Jim Ross: “Everyone complaining can rejoice…@TheRock is unveiling a new championship title. #WWE Customized, no less. #controversial? Yep.”

David Otunga: “The new @WWE Championship looks like a giant Super Bowl Championship ring. Looks expensive. @WWEUniverse #RAW #RAWLafayette”

Bo Dallas: “New WWE Title I digg it #keepitclassy”

BG James: “I appreciate all the feedback about the new title, honesty is mandatory in communication and I thank you, but it’s the New Title! #OUDK”

JBL: “The unveiling of MY old championship belt! Was changed when Cena took it from me and NOW it is back-well kinda….looks great!”

NXT Diva Paige: “Now THATS a title. #NewWWETitle #WWE #RAW”

Edge: “Way better than that spinner shipwreck”

Fans can tweet their thoughts about the new belt design with the hashtag #NewWWETitle.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    I wouldn’t say way better than the spinner belt but it is an improvement, except i seriously can’t look at it anymore without seeing a ring.

  • Spike_Spiegel

    I think people need to give it some time. It start to grow on them. I remember when the spinner belt came out people thought it was pretty cool. Even myself. So im really welcoming this new title.

    • Mike

      If the belt is ugly to some people, it’s going to be ugly. It’s not going to grow on them..

  • luisd65

    its a giant WWE sign.. i mean the creativity is top notch in wwe…

    • cenasucks

      I wished that the undisputed title was brought back. Looked Awesome.

      • big dick dougley

        I know

    • partsunknownresident

      Didn’t Rick from OCC make the actual belt? I wonder if the guys from OCC had any say as to the design of it.

    • shysta smooth

      my thoughts exactly. Im trying to think of one thing that they do right now days, or what the real fan base actually wants. Why the hell do I DVR this garbage anymore? After u fast forward threw the extreme overload of commercials and fast forward thru all the replays from the first hour of raw there’s literally like 45 minutes of an actual show. And how many times do u have to show us the main event promo through out the night as well as how good your entertainment show did over a real sport the previous week?

  • chris palacios

    Lol!Please,please,please bring back the eagle winged belt! I’m literally begging out loud right now!

    • Kidd1369

      Yes bring the eagle winged belt BACK!,?

      • Johnson

        The previous one had an eagle at the top, but all these silly people were too concerned with it spinning to notice.

      • smooth

        the WWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP aka “Winged Eagle” title was the one that all the greats from Hogan, Savage, Yokozuna, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold held! – 1988-2002

    • Frank

      That title is TOO SMALL! Then again tis one is too small! BRING BACK THE WWE TITLE FROM 1998-2002! BY FAR THE BEST AND BIGGEST!

    • shystasmooth

      me too. Forreal!

  • currygoi

    I miss the undisputed championship belt

    • Shysta Smooth

      I KNO

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

    It’s hideous.

  • aj2345

    For those saying it looks like a ring, how do you know that’s not the look they were going for? And enough with asking for the fuckin’ eagles already! Stop thinking past, and start thinking future.

    • Death2A.JSaveUrSelf1

      your a complete douche. The past is what made that title mean anything. Are u on drugs or sniffin somebodies a$$ again? (What a flamer… prolly a cena fan). Anyways wack job… If it was the Winged Eagle title, or even the Attitude Era title, or yet evennnn the WWE Undisputed title, it would mean more again and represent. Just like the I.C TITLE. It didn’t mean a damn thing until somebody allowed Coty Rhodes to rock it again. Now its suddenly cool and once again prestigious and quite frankly just cool to look at. It represents something as well as stands for something. Yeah its just a look or a design, but its what people remember. If u cant remember it whats it mean… what does it stand for…what’s it worth? 10 Versions down the line will it even mean a damn thing? Long story short,.. drop the “PAST” remarks. If it wasn’t for that past you are referring too, WCW would have put the WWF/E out of business years ago. Now days they are softer than a watered down wine cooler and do the complete opposite of what ppl want or what is cool. They ain’t cutting edge or entertaining.

  • essinodub

    It’s ugly, atrocious, horrible, terrible, who thought this was cute… Could’ve just kept the old one


      I agree.

  • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

    The new title looks great IMO. The pictures don’t do it justice.

    I liked it when Punk threw the old title like the piece of garbage that it is, pointed at The Rock and said “I want that one”. Really hope they make it a triple threat at ‘Mania.

    • shysta smooth

      that was cool..a little hint of realism for once.

  • Just FYI

    Don’t expect any WWE employee to say anything negative about this ugly belt.

  • David Stephenson

    The new WWE title belt looks hideous. The spinner belt looks better than abomination. The WWE could’ve come up with a better design than this piece of trash.

  • sdelfin

    Edge’s comment on the belts is great

  • kquickstillsucks

    The belt without the bulls on the side plates does look better but idk Otunga i think is right looks like a giant SB ring. On the plus side it doesn’t spin and it’s not hideous without the bulls on it.

  • RealKRone88

    It does look like a ring, but nonetheless, any design over the spinner is better, imo.

  • Mr_DJ

    If you think the spinner belt looks better, you have no taste.

    • GrusomeTwosome

      it doesn’t look better, but show that ppl think version is wack as hell too.

  • Pozessed

    I don’t think it looks THAT bad.. But it could of been A LOT better… However, this looks more like that toy than the Spinner belt did.

  • Frank

    It ok but not great at ALL! I really hoping that was not Rock logo anyway on the belt but there is so now it rock title just the spinner is cena belt! I which that just make a new title that do not have anyting to do with somone else gimmick! I which he would got the WWE AE Belt from 1998-2002! By for was the best! And this belt has NO NAME PLATE! And I think to small for it to be a wwe champion title!

    • smith

      You’re kinda a bit of all kinds of stupid aren’t you?

      • Keith

        Fix that sentence up boy, it looks like shit.

  • Smith

    Why is everything controversial with Jim Ross? lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/tomwing77 Thomas Wing

    The only problem I have with the belt is the stupid bulls on the side plates.

  • jvitolo

    The replica WWE is selling looks MUCH better than the title they’re using. The Brahma Bull side plates screw the title up in my opinion.

  • TruthSpoken

    The brahma bulls on the side means The Rock is the WWE CHAMPION..it is due to change with every new champion..people are being ignorant..the new title is classy and looks more prestigious the the spinner obomination..it has run its course..let the new era begin..#new.wwe.CB

  • wwetnadudez

    I don’t know what older fans think but I pretty much grew up as the spinner belt being the only one I can remember, to young to remember the one before it, and compared to JUST the spinner this looks a lot better, kind of would be better without the bulls.

  • Sixxstring1

    Suprised there isn’t a TM symbol after the WW on the belt. 8 years of anticipation for a new belt.. so now it’s 8 years and 1 day of anticipation for a new belt. Personally don’t really care for it, looks like just a giant logo.

  • DEX

    The only reason why fans (more specifically iwc) are praising this ugly thing is because “anything is better than that awful spinnerbelt”… All that hate because a belt had a spin wheel, that hasn’t spun since 2007. Give me a break…. Just like a bunch of iwc geeks to make a mountain out of a mole. And that spinner was actually better looking than this one, because it had personality and didn’t look bland. Same iwc that complained of the spinner having a WWE logo in its center instead of a globe, these are the same people praising this new one which again doesn’t have a globe in its center and instead has an even bigger WWE logo. Hypocrites… this is why the iwc is full of shit and will always be full of shit.

  • omega riddler

    My only complaint. those brahma bull side plates. It also looks like wwe is getting rid of nameplates as well, i’d rather have the sideplates on the picture above

  • Jaydon

    The Undisputed belt will always be my favorite title.

  • Lone Wolf

    Yes it does look alot like a ring, though im i am glad they got rid of the spinner belt, im not really feeling this although this is better than the spinner belt. You can tell they weren’t creative at ALL with this……I seen grade schoolers come up with much more creativity then this.