WWE Stock Doubles In 2013, JBL & Cole’s Weight Loss Challenge & More

– WWE stock more than doubled in 2013, opening the year at $8.03 and closing on December 31st at $16.58.

– WWE announcers JBL and Michael Cole are starting a 250 day weight loss challenge. JBL noted that he currently weighs 278 lbs. and plans on dropping over 50 pounds by early September. After the weight loss program, they plan on climbing a mountain together.

WWE.com has published a playlist of the “10 most underrated matches of 2013” – including Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (6/10 RAW), Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (6/26 Main Event), and RVD vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian (8/2 SmackDown).

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  • Fazzax

    Then why has Stephanie been selling all her stock? Surely she had a pretty decent idea what was going to happen to the value of it?

    • Cujo999

      I believe that it’s been reported that Stephanie has been liquidating stock for more cash to build a new house with.

    • SomeInternetGuy

      Usually when a company executive sells a large amount of their stock in a short period of time it concerns investors because it gives off the impression that the executive sees the stock going lower in the near future, but Stephanie claims she just needed to gather cash to buy a new home. Steph probably wishes she waited until now to cash out instead of selling when it was at $10-13. But hell, who would’ve figured that WWE’s stock would go up so high? The company’s performance is not good but investors believe too much in the WWE Network; it’s ridiculous.

      • OnECenTX

        It’s not the WWE network that’s making their stock price go up, it’s the potential multi-billion dollar deal they’re about to get from NBC/Comcast.

    • astronautbutter

      I’m sure insider trading has a lot to do with it. Can’t imagine seeing a McMahon pull a Martha Stewart. Liquidating stock for a house is about as much as the McMahon family can do.

  • $42863687

    …And this is why the PG era will never end…

    • guest

      You mad bro?!

  • Danel James

    I would buy the stock if they bring back some of old school wrestlers as managers!