WWE Surverys Fans On What They Think About Spoilers

WWE sent out the following survey this week to the members of their WWE Fan Council mailing list, asking for feedback regarding spoiler results to their taped shows.

1) What is your Gender?

– Female

2) Which of the following statements best describes your thoughts on online “spoilers” for taped WWE TV programming (e.g., Smackdown, Main Event, etc.)?

-I frequently seek out spoilers in advance, as they help me decide whether or not to watch the show
– I frequently seek out spoilers in advance, but I still watch the shows no matter what they say
-I don’t typically seek out spoilers, but I don’t mind when the WWE reveals a rare historic moment in advance
-I don’t seek out spoilers at all. I want to be completely surprised by everything on the show

3) Should WWE.com reveal information about title changes on taped WWE TV programming before they air?

– Yes, fans should know about title changes as soon as possible
-Yes, but clearly mark it as a SPOILER, so fans can avoid it if they wish
– No, WWE.com should wait until after the shows air to reveal title changes

4) Where do you most often view “spoilers” for taped WWE TV programming (e.g., Smackdown, Main Event, etc.)?

– Bleacher Report
– WWE.com
– Social media sources
– Other online wrestling websites
– I do not read spoiler material that reveals results of WWE programming

5) If you view spoilers regarding upcoming taped WWE TV programming, are you more inclined to tune in to that program when it airs, or less inclined?

– More inclined to tune in
– Less inclined to tune in

6) Where do you most often view video highlights for all WWE programming?

– WWE’s YouTube channel
– WWE’s official app
– WWE.com
– Other sites (please specify)
– I do not watch WWE video clips online

7) When do you usually view video highlights from WWE programming?

– Immediately after the show’s airing
– The day after the show’s airing
– Within 7 days after the show’s airing

8) Where do you most often get results from WWE programming?

– WWE.com
– WWE Live Chat
– WWE’s official app
– Bleacher Report
– Social media sources
– Other online wrestling websites
– I do not seek out results from WWE programming online

9) When do you usually get results from WWE programming?

– I follow along live during shows to get the most updated
– Immediately after the show’s airing
– The day after the show’s airing

10) Where do you generally want to view exclusive post-show videos featuring WWE Superstars?

– WWE.com
– WWE’s YouTube channel
– Tout
– WWE’s official app/WWE Active
– I do not watch exclusive post-show videos

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Really?91

    I think WWE should be conducting surveys on what we think of their shitty product.

    • Sick Of Your Shit

      It doesn’t matter what some loser like you thinks. You don’t know how to run a fucking wrestling conglomerate. You are a fan. If you don’t like the product stop watching.

      • Mr Idol

        Seeing as though WWEs ratings are sinking, what we think does matter. We’re the ones tuning out because their product sucks, we’re the ones recording raw/SD so we can fast foward through most of it. Us losing interest in the WWE = WWE losing ratings and money. Believe it or not, alot of us fans could book a better show than the actual members of the creative team.

        • ICEMAN

          That is true, anybody could probably come up with stories for them. Will they be worthwhile or complete garbage/nonsense ? Their stories and creativity reflects the business as a whole. It’s pretty obvious that WWE can’t go over the top anymore because they have too many shareholders for example. So that alone will probably limit ALOT of what fans might intend to come up with. It’s not as easy as it looks. An idea from a fan could be rejected on the spot because it might be too racy or crude. And lets face it, alot of fans would probably come up with that type of material since alot of them are obsessed with raunchy programming; something that WWE doesn’t put out anymore. And this obsession that most of them have with raunchiness would probably bring about nonsensical writing. Not to mention the fact that you do in fact need work experience in this type of field. And not everybody can be creative This isn’t a talent that everybody has my friend. So to assume just anyone can work on creative control on a week to week basis is arrogance.

          And saying that fans can book a better show is also arrogant. Booking a show from top to bottom is different from writing up storylines. You need experience with that. A fan just can’t come out of nowhere and start booking shows for WWE. Not to mention the fact that ALOT of fans are extremely biased towards particular wrestlers. Their booking will affect the business side of things and if you affect the business side negatively, you’ll likely be out on your ass. Fans always think they can do the work better, it’s pure arrogance. This type of work is not exactly easy as they might think. And it’s particularly these “smark” fans with this delusional thinking. Most of these fans literally have zero experience booking anything for anyone. Zero experience owning/running a business, and zero experience writing anything at all. A newspaper, a magazine, a film, a novel.. nothing!

          A majority of them are the most arrogant pretentious people you will ever meet in your life and despite the “smart” mark title they are not very bright at all. They have an awkward biased way of thinking in terms of wrestler status, booking, and production. A large portion of this type of fanbase are the ones that think they can do a better job than the professionals. Yet their mindset is completely contrast to what large businesses need to make BIG Money! Most of them have that “indie/small time” mentality. Which is why Ring of Honor is still to this day underground and not as popular as it should be. You cannot cater to 25% of the audience and neglect the other 75% which is what alot of “smark” fans would end up doing if they were given the power of creative control.

          You need an unbiased mentality, you need to cooperate as a unit to ensure success, you need talented minds, and you also need the experience! The “smark” fanbase can cry and bitch all they want, the only thing that matters is making that $$$ and selling out arenas. All business men think alike and think in this manner. And personally I wouldn’t hire any of these types of fans off the street until they show me some serious credentials. There are too many wannabees/ fake people out there. Alot of them aren’t serious, alot of them are bullshitters. They just do alot of talking. I wouldn’t want those people on my team I’ll tell you that.

        • Stratojacker

          Do people actually come on this website just to make themselves feel powerful and important? This comment seems an awful lot like “My opinion IS important, what I think DOES matter to someone, I have control.”. Which is sad really, that this is where some people have to get that feeling from…

          • Mr Idol

            OUR opinions do matter and they should since we are the ones tuning in/out of raw and SD every week. We’re the ones who pay to see WWE so if something is happening that we don’t like, some of us will stop watching or stop going to events. It’s not sad at all, it’s just how it works.

      • Really?91

        And an idiot’s opinion like yours is anymore relevant than mine? I am a fan and that is exactly why I voice my feelings about the current product, so I take that you know something about running a wrestling business seeing you’re calling me out on what majority of fans feel about the current product? O yeah, I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

    Interesting survey. They should keep # 3 in mind because certain fans often complain about being “spoiled” , whether it’s a Wrestling fan page or WWE Facebook page doing it. If anything just don’t read the captions or try to avoid going on WWE.com

    This isn’t the first time they have revealed “Live results” during their tapings. Back when Edge defeated The Undertaker, Epico & Primo becoming Tag Team champions and recently Wade/Alberto Del Rio being crown new champions.

    It’s hard to avoid situations like this since results and spoilers are posted everywhere, but like the old saying goes ‘Curiosity kills the cat’ . So if you see a posting, up to you to read it or not.

  • Jack Mehoff

    WWE Has a web site? News to me. If I don’t read it here, I don’t read it LOL.

    • SolomonGrundy

      So unless you never watch any of the WWE programs where there’s WWE.com all over the place (ring skirts/titantron etc.), I don’t understand how you could possibly miss the fact that huge corporation like this has got a website..

      • Namww

        I’m pretty sure he was joking…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Black14th Steve James

    Doesn’t matter if they stop Spoilers or not. As long as they perform in front of a live audience, there will be those people in attendance who just have to go home and be the “FIRST!” to “report” on a storyline development.
    I usually only come here to catch up on wrestling news. If it has **SPOILER** in the title, I usually wait til after the event to click on it. I would still watch Smackdown, but if you have some half-literate (we’ve all read SEScoops articles) spoiler report running a commentary in your head while the action plays out, then it loses what remaining fun there was to have. I check PPV spoilers though, especially over tha last 400+ days, waiting for the one that says “New WWE Champion Crowned.”

  • case of fire use stairs

    Where do you most often view video highlights for all WWE programming?
    – Other sites (please specify)

    This is the only question they ask people to be specific. I’m sure any non-wwe sites people mention will get the “copyright” treatment. I hope no person is dumb enoughto mention my favorite source of watching wrestling videos and they get taken down.

    • Namww

      Very sneaky of Vince.

  • Reality

    Ahaha! Damn it did make me laugh! xD

  • http://twitter.com/zachdarrah Zach Darrah

    Shout out to Bleacher Report but not sescoops? shame

  • mike