WWE Surveys Fans About DVD Covering “Owen Hart’s Demise”

WWE issued a survey on Thursday, stating that the company is considering releasing new DVDs with more “behind the scenes” view of the WWE Universe. They asked fans to vote how likely they are to purchase DVDs in the following categories, if they were available for $29.93 in retail or online stores:

  • WWE Reveals / Investigative Documentary: In-depth look at controversial moments in WWE History in and out of the ring plus 2 bonus discs of matches.
  • Legendary Biographies: 90-120 minute documentaries on personal and professional lives of Superstars (like ESPN’s “30 for 30”) plus 2 bonus discs of matches.
  • Current Superstars Docu-Reality Series: 3-disc DVD giving an all-access look into the lives of current WWE Superstars (like “Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan” or HBO’s “24/7: Mayweather v. Pacquiao”)
  • One Man Show: Hear the personal tales, life lessons, and never before told road stories from WWE Legends in their own words in this intimate stage show on a 3-disk DVD.

The  “WWE Reveals/Investigative Documentary” category contained some very controversial topics, including “Owen Hart’s Demise” –

  • Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman
  • “The Curtain Call”
  • Mike Tyson: Pariah of the Sports World, WWE Savior
  • John Stossel Slap/Lawsuit (David “Dr. Death” Schultz)
  • Owen Hart’s Demise
  • XFL Documentary
  • Other
  • None of the above

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Matt Gallagher

    Owen Hart’s demise? More like faulty rope and unsafe working conditions kill one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time

  • Tyrant

    I don’t know about a documentary about Owen Heart. It may seem to some that the WWE is trying to profit off of one of the biggest tragedies in the history of not just wrestling but all of sports. With their recent financial woes, I really think the timing is bad for such a bluray to be sold.

    • Deleted_Account

      Very tasteless to keep a single penny from those sales, considering they were responsible to certain extent.

    • Donny Octave

      It’s nothing personal… It’s only business, my friend.

  • pwnez

    Calling it “Owen Hart’s Demise” sounds bad. Don’t include something like this on a DVD.

    • A Realist

      Well, what should they use? “The Rise and Fall of Owen Hart” is worse.

      • pwnez

        Something that doesn’t sound as bad, simple…

        • David Coates

          It is a topic. Not a suggested name of the DVD.

          • pwnez

            Topic, name of a DVD, it’s still a terrible name. What’s the demise of Owen Hart? His death? Bad choice of words.

          • Clare Boyle

            precisely… not to mention a HUGE insult to Owen’s memory.

      • Clare Boyle

        how about… Owen Hart: A Legacy
        i would say that covers everything or just about everything and it’s respectful and not in the least bit insulting even if it is slightly diminished it’s respectful and IF WWE were to do the right thing and ask Martha that would be the title i would suggest.

    • Clare Boyle

      i think this is supposed to be WWE’s version of respectful

  • Guest

    Is it true that Owen Hart didn’t enjoy wrestling? I heard that he didn’t like the sport/business like his brother or dad. If true then it just makes his death even sadder..

    • gdaddy1971

      Never heard that before. Not saying it isn’t true, but from everything I’ve heard, Owen loved the business. I do know that he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of dropping from the ceiling that night, but as for not liking wrestling, I never heard that said.

      • DJ Proper Job

        From what I read in the book by Martha Hart “The Life & Death of Owen Hart” Owen was considering making some more money before leaving wrestling to become a Fire Fighter in Calgary.

    • Zahid Zafeer

      Yes I believe there is a ring of truth around this. Wrestling wasn’t his main passion. In the Wrestling with Shadows 10th anniversary bonus DVD about Owen…this is mentioned.

  • WCWJobber

    Owen Harts demise? the definition of demise is “a person’s death” sure that makes sense but are you serious ? If i didn’t know anything about what happened I would expect this dvd to be about something like the self destruction of the ultimate warrior.

  • Buzzard Follower

    Im all for a owen hart bio but not if it resolves around his death. The matches the stories of owen i would love to see and hear but i dont need the details i already know of his death. I want to here the famous ribs and the stories of his famous matches. Highlight the best of Owen Hart not the circumstances of his death

    • memoryman00

      Totally agree.
      I really feel Owen Hart was under ratted as a wrestler, and was probably hindered somewhat by being Bret’s brother. Not hating on Bret at all.
      You always hear interesting stories from other wrestlers about him, but all that seems to be have been overshadowed by the circumstances of his death.
      And whilst they’re doing that, they should also do one on the British Bulldogs and they’re influence. Might be a bit touchy with all that happened to them in the later years

      • Buzzard Follower

        yeah i see where your coming from. I think though eventually if he had not died owen would have become a world champ and main event star

        • kwebv3

          heck yea. Triple H’s whole “the game” gimmick was meant for owen….when he passed, hhh who was close friends with owen asked for the gimmick as a tribute. Owen couldve been a great champ….bret is my all time fave, but owen killed bret on the mic. i also loved their wm10 match….that n ladder match were 2 best ones that night.

        • Clare Boyle

          Owen definitely would have been a world champion had circumstances been different.

    • Guest

      Owen has had some epic matches but I’m not buying the DVD unless i see that Nugget falling

      • guest

        You lead a sorry existence. …

      • ibeBrave

        Burn in hell

      • Donny Octave

        Screw you, rotten pest…

      • Scott Kinnard

        You. Are. An. A$$HOLE!

    • Zahid Zafeer

      Have you seen the DVD about Owen which is included in the Wrestling with Shadows 10th anniversary?

      • Buzzard Follower

        No is it good

        • Zahid Zafeer

          it is very informative…if you are after a dvd which tells stories of how owen was outside of the ring and stories about his infamous ribs, then you need to watch it.

    • Reality

      Why the heck call it “demise” then?

      • Land of the SMARKS

        I hate that working title as well. I like the idea for the other inside docs. Like many, I would love to see a full doc about the life and career of Owen.

    • ChameleonX

      WWE should be celebrating Owen’s life and career, and staying as far away as possible from his untimely death.

      • Clare Boyle

        they should talk about it but do so respectfully (and with full involvement of Bret and the others of course… even if Martha isn’t willing to appear)

    • MachoViper

      I remember the game WWF Attitude had a memorial screen about Owen Hart while the game was booting. Apparently he ribbed Bulldog pretty good during the VO work for the game.

  • Halberto1

    I think the investigative journalism thing as a whole wouldn’t end well for the WWE. It’s going to end up with Nancy Grace style tactics investigating the murder of Bruiser Brody. I feel like the old wrestling tragedies and moments of reality shouldn’t be exposed, especially something as awful as the death of Owen Hart.

  • raVen

    wow they must be money hungry.. how do they totally erase benoit but keep mentioning what happened to owen? you would think the business man that is VKM would know better..

    • ADSF

      Owen Hart didn’t murder his wife and son.

      • raVen

        correct but it’s seen by many that wwe murdered owen hart… not something to keep attention on.

        • Clare Boyle

          also Owen was friends with the man who murdered his wife and son…

          I still hold Vince Russo responsible.

    • Donny Octave

      Simple: Business. They will do whatever it takes to get that influx of cash.

  • omega riddler

    The Owen Hart documentary will never happen for the same reason he will never be in the Hall of Fame, his wife. She will block WWE from doing anything involving Owen. No matter if the rest of The Hart Family said yes, if it came down to a court battle, going up against the widow of Owen Hart will make them look bad.

    • gdaddy1971

      Exactly what I was thinking. Martha Hart will never let this happen. It is sad that we may never see Owen in the Hall of Fame because of her.

      • DJ Proper Job

        I think she has every right to block it. To say because of her makes it sound like you blame her for not allowing WWE to use Owen Harts likeness. From what I have read etc she feels very bitter towards McMahons and WWE for the way Owen’s memory was treated and the way she was treated by them I think she has every right to protect her husbands memory for her and the sake of their Children. Dont get me wrong I would love to see O H in the WWE Hall Of Fame but it will never happen.

        • gdaddy1971

          Protecting her husband’s memory would be to allow him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also, I do blame her for not allowing WWE to use Owen’s likeness, because it is all on her. WWE has never tried to disrespect Owen’s memory. She is the one trying to wring money out of every little piece of Owen she can. If anyone, she is the one disrespecting his memory. You were right…she is a bitter woman who can not give Owen his opportunity to be remembered by his fans because she wants to profit from it. Bret and the rest of the family has long ago made peace with this situation. If it were up to them, Owen would be in the HOF right now, but she is the one blocking it.

          • BDS

            Just wait til their kids are old enough to tell Momma to go f*ck herself and she’s cold in the ground, lol! Then they can give WWE permission to do so as they please! Unless she’s got them completely brainwashed with all of her bullsh*t!

            Anyone ever read her book? What a f*ckin loaded joke that was

  • Louis Salera

    How about “Vince Mcmahon killing wrestlers since 1980” dvd?

  • A Realist

    Hey, you know, this would be no different than the shoot interviews where wrestlers are asked about their thoughts on Owen’s death. This would only be on an official WWE capacity. I would love to hear everyone’s views on that night, and other moments–even the passings of Pillman, Guererro, and yes, Benoit.

  • memoryman00

    An XFL documentary would be pretty interesting to see. Not a fan of american football, but i’d love to hear the story behind the whole XFL shambles.
    And also an WBF documentary. That would be funny

  • Stephen

    The sad part is, no matter how immoral a DVD about Owen’s death would be, it would likely sell more copies than a DVD about his life and career, except in Canada.

  • fatneal

    “demise”….interesting word choice

  • Triple H’s Shovel

    Demise?? Well, I guess it’s better than a “Rise and FALL of Owen Hart” DVD…

  • bird in the rafters

    I was there when Owen slip off the harness & fell. The rest of that ppv was sad, even though Stone Cold got beat by Taker. All they ( the fans ) cared about was Owen.

  • payton

    ”A Hart of Gold”

  • Guest

    Owen has had some epic matches but I’m not buying the DVD unless the show his fall

    • visitor

      You sick b**stard

  • Guest

    WWE stocks fell faster than Owen Hart.

  • Gimmick Bag

    WWE stocks fell faster than Owen Hart

  • Zahid Zafeer

    There is already a DVD about Owen Hart, which is part of a bonus DVD which is included in the Wrestling with Shadows 10th anniversary. I do not think another DVD about Owen Hart is necesary. HIs legend will always live on.

  • brad

    I’m down for a DVD or a documentary or whatnot but they need to come out with a new title.

  • Clare Boyle

    well if you’re going to cover the topic of Owen Hart’s death in more detail WWE you might want to check that it’s ok to do so with Martha first since she is the executor of his estate… not condoning her lawsuits but asking permission first means she may not necessarily give permission but she won’t be able to sue because you asked first… yes Vince that means humbling yourself (also known as stooping to her level) if she says no you can do what you’re sooooo good at and screw her over

  • Cory Ultracosmic Stuteville

    Years ago I compiled a tape of about 20 WWF Owen matches; Lawler, Martel, Luger in 93, the King of the Ring and qualifying match, all his tag team title wins, at least 3 matches each against HBK and HHH. Without using anything with Bret, Owen still had a great career. I think he was in the first triple threat match for the IC title and he’s held the tag team title with several partners, making him a “tag team specialist”. One of his best matches though, was on an old Coliseum home video – Bret and Owen vs The Steiner Brothers !!! I can’t believe they didn’t use that match at Royal Rumble 1994. That would have been a legendary match all its own.