WWE Teases The Return Of The Undertaker For February 21

WWE aired a second vignette tonight on Raw promoting “2 21 11”.

An empty cabin was shown with flashing lights, with the door then swung open. A mysterious individual donning a black trenchcoat and boots walked into the cabin, only to quickly disappear. “2 21 11” was displayed while the Johnny Cash song “Ain’t No Grave” played.

The song was used last year to promote The Undertaker’s match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXVI.

The official website of the Save Mart Center, venue for the February 21 Raw, is advertising “The Return of The Undertaker” for the event.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • Danomonster

    Honest question: Was it planned for them to basically give it away or do they just figure everyone pretty much knows so the hell with it?

  • 13rogersc

    why is undertaker returning on RAW?

  • Jaffa

    @13rogersc: Why is everyone so hung up on that? Wrestlemania often has interpromotional matches between a SmackDown superstar and a Raw superstar. Doesn’t it stand to reason that Undertaker would show up to torment someone on Raw to lead to a Wrestlemania bout?

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was someone more unexpected than the Undertaker, but I don’t think the fact that it’s a monday rules him out.

  • voicesinmyhead

    Duh!!! It’s live tv.. Why would they want something of that magnitude on a pre taped show?…

  • Danomonster

    I’d assume it’s because Raw is their highest rated show and it will generate the most hype for Wrestlemania, but, if Undertaker is actually wrestling Wade Barret like I’ve been hearing they can hype that forever and I still won’t care.

  • DemonHiro

    Sigh, I’m disappointed.

  • DaKidRan

    agreed @danomonster, i hav no interest whatsoever in a barrett vs taker match, y doesnt the wwe jus go and say undertaker is comin back

  • 10132002

    I live in Kansas City, and SD is going to be here on March 15. Just saw a commercial that Undertaker will be there.

  • Gnyah123

    it will be taker vs. barrett just watch and see…as much as i wudnt want to see that much cuz i kno taker will win and it shud be sum1 else but it wont happen…im sure the corre will be on raw 2/21/11 to address the new nexus or sumthin and thats wen taker will come back.
    just wait n see..i bet 200 dollars that will happen

  • 91nos331gt

    if its taker then thats cool i guess. but they dont need play those vingetes or how ever its spelled lol. just say its taker and lets move on please.

  • Tito Santana

    well that stinks. I was hoping for sting. if they go with taker – barrett at WM27 – well, that would be an incredible bore.

  • 13rogersc

    if you want A good WM match have CENA VS TAKER or ORTON VS TAKER

  • Gnyah123

    its just a atomic win but who cares as long as he keeps winning at WM im happy

  • DaKidRan

    what a terrible finish to Raw, so wht now we get a cena lawler orton vs new nexus next week smh
    sn: still waitin on tht chris masters push “e”

  • The Bad Guy

    maybe there trying to throw us off maybe it’s not Taker I believe it is but I’m still hoping sting shows up

  • Gnyah123

    true..i think cena vs. taker wud be good but that won’t happen since they all have their own story lines…
    wat bout taker vs. triple H..they were talkin bout that ahile ago but i guess it died down..
    but taker vs. cena…or orton…or HHH wud be good!!
    but its all bout the story..barrett and old nexus buried him wit kane so hes going after barrett he has to..but they r both on SD…so idk…maybe he’ll challenge ryan mason lol…or shemus…sum1 on raw since its always been him vs. a Raw superstar the past like 3 years..except Kane

  • Jake Awesome

    meh i knew this would happen wwe is so bad at keeping secrets its not even funny i knew it was taker all along i mean do you really honestly think sting a man who has never worked for wwe a day in his life would start working now at the age of 51? i honestly think he is enjoying his retirement sitting in his easy chair drinking a beer and watching TNA every thursday night on spike

  • BayArea08

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still keeping my hopes up and wishing it’s still STING!!!

  • JuggaloJK

    i doubt it but wwe could be creating a big swerve. it hints underrtaker so much but it could just be a plow. who knows. im hoping its someone new even thouhg its most likely taker

  • Timmer82

    Any Idiots out there still think it’s Sting?

  • ripzta

    im an idiot, who still thinks it’s sting, …haha

  • Mr.Charisma

    I Still Have Hope Its Sting and Not The Taker God I Hope Its Sting Just Say Undertaker Will Be Back Soon.lol Thats Gonna Be Major Let Down If Its NotThe Stinger I Think Taker Dose’nt Need That Hype AnyMore He Could Draw Pretty Good For Them Still I Don’t Know Gotta Wait and See Like The Rest Of World Dose Damn..lol

  • MizfitZer0

    I think I speak for alot of people when I say, if it is infact the Undertaker after all the hype from that 1st teaser, it’s going to totally suck. Why tease a guy who returns every few months, what a total let down…

  • ripzta

    anyone put any thought into “Vampiro” maybe?
    haha, …remember, don’t shoot tha messanger, it’s just a thought

  • J.R.399

    Swerve. Taker appears and as he is cutting a promo The taker nuns appear with a casket. Taker opens it and……WHAM!!!!!!!!!!Sting connects a HR on Undertaker’s face.

  • TickleMyTaters

    Sting has been removed from the TNA roster!

  • currygoi

    honest question: has anybody REALLY believed it´l be sting??

  • TickleMyTaters

    Honestly I thought it was sting in the beginning but now all the evidence points toward taker

  • dark_enigma93

    it’s undertaker because he was buried alive at bragging rights and now the play aint no grave can keep my body down….way to give it away wwe

  • MizfitZer0

    Yes at 1st, the 1st teaser left alot of open debate with the rain and the long black coat ect.
    BUT after the 2nd promo last night…with that song played it’s obviously Undertaker now…which sucks

  • bigstupid

    wish it was sting
    though im not a sting fan more than TAKER fan but still it wud have been EPIC

  • Wh4t3v3r

    Damn Taker, can’t he just retire and leave us in peace??

  • MizfitZer0

    Hurp Durp XD

  • Valbowski

    Its Awesome Kong your all fools

  • Realone90

    wow, there’s only a few people hear who still have a fully functional brain while everyone else is either spewing hate vomit, or just kissing ass. give me a break. since its obviously gonna be Taker, then i just have a question: whats the deal with the heel boots? idk if anyone caught it, but when i saw those boots, they weren’t his traditional wrestling boots. maybe i was just seeing things, idk for sure, but i know his boots weren’t ordinary. maybe he’s doing a different approach or something. if he’s wearing em in the next 2-21 video, then he must be sorta changing up his style. not in the ABA sense, but who knows?

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t Ac1d_Chr15t

    Its Sting AND Undertaker BOTH returning and debuting that day!

  • itzurboisteven

    happy to know its undertaker coming back but i still think that sting is still showing up

  • sleepingmartyr

    Its funny, its been what, 10 years since Vince bought wcw. And back then, wwe fans mocked wcw for depending on former wwe dudes. Now, all these years later wwe fans cant bare the thought that sting might not be coming to wwe. Why does anyone want him? He is 51. Lets pride ourselves on new talents and forget about dudes who havn’t been good in 10 years.

  • iwinulose

    -@Wh4t3v3r shut up you fool!! taker is easily the one of the biggest names left in the wwe well him and triple hhh and for some reason cena is popular (mainly for being a man for the people, aka kids -_-), personally ill be glad if its taker who returns, of course if it were sting or vampiro that would be preh wicked as well.
    -the whole johnny cash song, yes it points to taker, however in wwe, it may be someone else (most likely taker)
    -@sleepingmartyr there is like no good new talent in wwe, there is sheamus and john morrison, skip sheffield (if he hadnt been with nexus and was to go alone we could have the next goldberg), and mason ryan (if he wasnt with the nexus and if his wrestling skills were more polished),and daniel bryans. all these other new guys like del rio and the guys in nexus and barret and gabriel and slater, they all (personally) suck.

  • RKOdabest

    I know taker is coming back but he not want to be on smack down and triple h, john cena, randy orton and the undertaker r the best in WWE 2day

  • dadiaz

    umm its not the undertaker!! the undertaker will never come back to raw duh?

  • RKOdabest

    How do u know that? There is a possibility that could come back to raw.