WWE TLC Main Event: John Cena vs. Randy Orton (TLC Match)

It was announced on Monday’s WWE RAW from Long Island, New York that the main event of next month’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view will feature a historic Champion vs. Champion match.

WWE Champion Randy Orton will face World Heavyweight champion John Cena in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.

Although John Cena was pushing for both titles to be unified, and Stephanie McMahon did say that she and Triple H have considered the idea before – at this time, it does not appear that the two titles will be unified. WWE.com’s official preview for Champion vs. Champion match reads:

“Who will be left standing with both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships when the dust settles?”

Already, our Twitter follows are suggesting that the match will end with John Cena grabbing the WWE Championship and Randy Orton grabbing the World Heavyweight title – with the two superstars essentially swapping titles. Comment below and tell us how you think this one will pan out.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs takes place on Sunday, December 15.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Initializing….

    That really was my first thought, that they would grab a title each, God knows what WWE have planned

  • Universe

    No! No! No!

    • o yeh

      I wish there was a way to like your status more than once i strongly agree

  • Guest

    .. AWESOMEE !! ..


    .. AWESOMEEE !! .. This needs to happen !! ..

    • Bro88

      For the love of all that is still decent in wrestling, it cannot be either of them.

    • 9 year old boy

      I puked my oatmeal :(

  • DimTooC

    Is it a unification match?

    • Xyl

      Read the article in full.

    • Guest

      It’s for both titles. They’re just not unifying them together.

  • pwnez

    As long as Cena vs Orton doesn’t happen at WrestleMania 30 i’m happy. Unifying the titles before ‘Mania would be pretty cool. WWE vs WHC is fine with me.

    • Bro88

      I’d rather it not be one of the overhyped poster boys that unifies the titles.

      • Aperture

        It always ends up happening.

        • Bro88

          true but it doesn’t change that I’d rather have my teeth pulled than it be one of them

      • pwnez

        WWE wouldn’t have it any other way. I find it comical how Big Show is already out of the title picture even though WWE was so confident the fans wanted to see a ‘big’ wrestler going after the title. I guess that idea flopped.

        Although people dislike Bryan he should be the one going after the WWE title still. The fans obviously wanted to see him over Big Show and Orton. The huge ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants during the opening segment proves this.

        • Bro88

          Its Big Show, the only possible option for it was to flop. When has he been a part of a storyline in recent yrs that has ever went over well? I sure can’t think of any.

          • pwnez

            The only time Big Show was decent as a main eventer was when he was with Paul Heyman and was feuding with Lesnar in 2003. Besides that he was never over as a main eventer.

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

          The crowd would have been behind Show if it wasn’t for the fact that Show pretty much took Bryan’s spot. Fans aren’t dumb. They know when a wrestler gets screwed and it’s pretty evident that is what happened with Bryan. Had Show been wrestling HHH or heck, even The Shield at Survivor Series, the crowd would have been so much more interested.

          Doesn’t help that he’s working with Orton… A guy who is so ridiculously stale right now.

    • SOBI

      I know its off topic but I feel like
      this WM its gonna be PUNK vs BRYAN
      their team will implode near WM and this will be the best match of this WM

      • Osama Qureshi

        I dont think soooo…

    • Matt Gallagher

      The comments of the chat room>>>

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      Don’t think they’ll unify. Doubt either will win both, but if one does (Cena – of course), he may lose one prior to… Or… ugh… God forbid…

      COLE: ‘John Cena… has quite the task before him tonight John. He has to defend both titles, in two matches!’

      JBL: ‘Well if anyone can do it, it’s that John Cena. He is a superman-like specimen’

  • $42863687

    Welp, looks like TLC is doomed.

    • Dennis

      Are you stupid ? how is it doomed ? Add HHH vs show to the card and the top two matches are looking good. Not to mention the fact that there is still CM punk, Daniel bryan, the shield, wyatts, big show, mark henry, big E, Goldust rhodes etc.
      Would you rather have Cena vs del rio and orton vs some irrelevant superstar again ?knowing that cena and orton will still retain ? wwe gives you some unpredictability now and you hate .. IWC is never satisfied..

  • Kermit The Frog

    I actually am glad they are doing this now. Have the 2 people of the last era bring both world titles together then somewhere down the road Daniel Byran becomes champion at WM entering a new era…..hopefully.

    • Hunter Hearts Helmsley

      I agree, I think its time we start a new era. Why not start by unifying both the titles?

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    i have never been in favor for unification. the roster is big and you can forget guys like sandow ziggler and rhodes becoming champions anytime soon. the same main eventers are going to fight over the same championship now. i may be in the minority but now with unification one title on a big roster it will be even more difficult to make new main event talents. think about rivalries like punk and hardy with two young talents fighting over the 2nd biggest prize in a precursor to punks rise. rivalries like that will be gone becasue no unproven superstar will be allowed even a short reighn.

    • Kro

      That’s called a secondary title, which is what the IC title used to, and should be again!

  • fernandowgang

    The match is for both titles, it’s unifying..

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      Not necessarily. It could mean that champion has to defend both, no? Taking away one of those titles is a silly idea in my opinion…. But whatever. Sigh. Ah wells… Of course Cena has to be the first to do it. Yeesh.

  • Jeff

    Making the call now. Both grab the others title.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      Good thinking.

  • thurlj13

    so if both men retain or swap titles and they have a match at wrestlemania will we see a triple threat match with the royal rumble winner such as punk or bryan… or even a fatal four way

  • Noach

    If it’s not a unification match, how is it different than all the other WHC vs. WWE champo matches we saw on Raw in the last few years? They will make it for the unification after a couple weeks of storyline.

  • Rob Houston

    I have a feeling that, somehow, this match will end with Cena as WWE Champ and Orton as WHC.

  • Louis Salera

    So the winner won’t have both titles? Confused

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      I think they’re saying it’s not a unification match. There’s an opportunity for the winner to have both titles, but also one for each of them to grab their own or grab one another’s (which is what seems to be the heavy prediction).

      • Louis Salera

        O ok. In other words a way for Cena to be Wwe champion. Ughh

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi


  • J’vo

    I think there is someone who will be placed in the race for the title,
    Just as the success of the Jericho defeated Austin and The Rock 12 years ago,

    He has always been behind the shadow of the two men, and then surprisingly able to beat two men who belong to the top level wrestler at that time

  • raven

    worst part is this won’t end at TLC

  • E-Z

    I don’t know about you all but I was SHOCKED that this match is being booked this early. I forsaw with for Mania or the Rumble. I definitely think Orton will win and have The Authority have some way to screw Cena out of the win to push the story line further out.

  • Lemonz

    This could be a good thing, & a bad thing. Good thing because now we have one champion to mainly focus on and that champion will literally be the focus of the company instead of having 2. The downfall to this is, guys such as Ziggler, Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Christian (when he returns) etc.. have to wait even more back in the line. Having 2 champions could give them a better opportunity to actually have a chance to be a champion or get a shot at it. but lets see how this goes. Unless the ending of TLC is just Orton & Cena swapping titles which would be false hype, hyping up a unification when there are still 2 champions, but I have doubt for that.