WWE Total Divas Results (7/28): Nikki/Cena Marriage Talk, Backstage At WM29

The following is a report from the series premiere of the new weekly WWE reality series on E!, “Total Divas.”

Total Divas kicks off with introductions and back-stories on some of the key characters on the show, such as the Bella Twins, the Funkadactyls (who are going by their real names, Ariane and Trinity) and Natalya (going by the name Nattie).

The show begins in Tampa, Florida. “10 Days Until WrestleMania.”

Trinity is dating John, known to WWE fans as Jimmy Uso, one half of the tag-team known as The Usos. The two are shown training to prepare for their first WrestleMania as wrestlers.

Nattie is shown training for WrestleMania with her father, WWE legend Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart in Tampa.

Now we meet Nkki Bella’s boyfriend, John. As the show notes, you may recognize him, he’s the current WWE Champion — John Cena. Cena and Nikki are shown at Cena’s home. They show a video package on Cena.

Next up we meet Brie Bella’s boyfriend, Daniel. Again, WWE fans may reocgnize him as Daniel Bryan. Brie notes that while he’s known in WWE as Daniel Bryan, his real name is Bryan Danielson.

We get to roam around backstage at a WWE event to see how the organization is run behind-the-scenes, as well as what goes into putting on a live event and television show. At the same time, we see Nattie in her hotel room preparing to go to WrestleMania. As we head to commercial break, we find out that Nattie is not going to be on WrestleMania.


We return and we get to meet the newest addition to the WWE Diva roster, Eva Marie and Jo Jo. Nattie runs into the Bella Twins at their hotel. They show the new Divas meeting with Jane. Jane is a WWE Talent Relations official. The show how Nattie is treated backstage, which doesn’t come off well on this show.

Ariane is shown talking to her boyfriend in the hotel room. It is explained that Nattie basically has to babysit the new girls, the Funkadactyls and their boyfriends at WrestleMania, instead of getting to perform on the show.

We are backstage at a WWE event again, and ths time we see some heavy-duty drama. It is explained that Brodus Clay blew up at the Funkadactyls and other talent off-camera. Ariane ends up explaining to her boyfriend, Vincent, why she appeared to be noticably upset. Vincent, who is a pretty big guy, but not big enough, became irate. He repeatedly asks Ariane to go get Clay so he can confront him. Eventually, Nattie and Jimmy Uso have to tell Ariane that she needs to calm him down immediately. Someone also notes that Vincent would get his ass kicked.


We return to some more drama, only a very different version. We are back in the hotel room with the new girls and the Bella Twins. The Bella Twins are upset that the new girls, specifically Eva Marie, look similar to them. They inform her that she needs to dye her hair blond.

We’re two days from WrestleMania now. We see Eva Marie headed to get her hair dyed. As we head to commercial break, she talks about how she doesn’t like the blond hair look.


We’re back to find out that instead of blond hair, Eva Marie decided to dye her hair extremely red. We see her headed to see Jane, and she’s nervous about what she just did. Jane ends up liking the red hair.

We see John Cena walking the red carpet. Next the Divas are shown walking the red carpet. Nattie is on the red carpet doing interviews and pre-taped intros as it’s WrestleMania weekend kickoff time.

Back to Diva drama. We see the Bella Twins taking charge against the new Divas as it becomes more and more apparent that they don’t like the new girls.

As we head to another commercial break, we see the Bella Twins eating at a Cuban restaurant and talking. Nikki mentions how she is nervous about dating John Cena because she wants to get married and she’s afraid Cena won’t because he recently got out of a bad marriage.


We return from commercial and we see the Funkadactyls backstage talking about an accident with Brodus Clay.

We shoot to Nikki and Cena out together at dinner. Nikki asks Cena about marriage and asks if the two getting married is something he sees in their future. Cena explains how he tried the marriage thing once and she knows how that worked out. Cena tells Nikki she makes him enjoy life. She tells Cena that she wanted to know if it was an option and tells him she loves him.

We return to the live WrestleMania show and see a countdown to WrestleMania on the titantron inside the arena. They show 30 minutes until the Divas match.

We see the Bella Twins watching Daniel Bryan and Kane wrestling in the ring later on. Then we find out that the Funkadactyls are having trouble getting ready for their WrestleMania match as we head to another break.


We return and see the Funkadactyls have nothing to wear yet, as their ring outfits are still being made backstage. We see reviews of the Undertaker and CM Punk match as the girls scramble to get dressed.

As they head to the front to get ready to make their entrance, we hear John Cena’s music playing in the arena. Nattie says how they know something is wrong. We find out that their match has been cut from WrestleMania as we head to our final commercial break of the evening.


As we return for the last segment of the show, they show the Bella Twins talking about getting cut from WrestleMania.

Trinity is shown and says there is absolutely nothing worse that can happen than getting cut from a WrestleMania match.

We return backstage at WrestleMania where we see WWE Diva Layla trying to console the Funkadactyls, who were distraught at being cut from the show.

A video package airs showing highlights of what fans can expect from this season of Total Divas on E! every Sunday night, and that concludes the premiere edition of Total Divas.

Spoilers For This Season Of Total Divas + Cena/Nikki Bella Marriage Update!

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

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    This show wasn’t that bad.. but it should be a tv-14 rated all divas brand instead of a reality show. This way hot women like Kaitlyn and AJ Lee can show off some thong bikini a s s shots.

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    I actually thought it was entertaining overall. The Divas do come off as horrible human beings, but the backstage stuff makes up for it. The Bellas are going to have a hard time going back to faces after this.

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